Jason Mraz - Not So Unusual - LYRICS

By Tony Watson,2014-02-23 08:58
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Jason Mraz - Not So Unusual - LYRICS

    This is the most unusual story of a most unusual girl

    She\'s the paint in my picture of a most unusual world

She can crawl out a frame

    while she\'s hanging on the wall And she\'s calling my name

    she\'s not so usual

She\'s most unusual

    Shes not so usual

    She\'s so unusual

She\'s mostly a ghost

    the way she watches over me

    She complains when I smoke

    but then you do the same to me

    She\'s controlling my brain activity knowing when I go to sleep

    She\'ll catch me when I\'m falling hard she\'s so unusual

She\'s not usual

    She\'s not usual

    She\'s so unusual

She\'s not so

    hooked on the drugs like I thought she was And never suckin\' on the lime and hardly sippin\' on the wine

    And despite

    of her bi-polar roller coastering I think I can trust she\'ll keep me singing differently

And that\'s fine

    \'Cause she\'s with me now most all of the time

    Trying and savin\' the light Thinking not of her own

    And always kissing me goodnight When I just need to be alone She\'s so sweet

    So discrete

    -She\'s exactly what I need Not even make believe...

    she\'s not so usual...

She\'s so unusual

    She\'s not so usual

    So unusual

Oh, Not so usual

    and not too practual either,

    What\'s that, she\'s not so mystical

    but not too magical neither,

I said she\'s

    not so out of control and not so used to the full

    she\'s not so usual

naw shes a natural

oh she\'s not so


shes most usual

she\'s not so usual

shes so unusual

    shes gonna use me up

shes not so you

    shes not so you

    not so you

    not so"

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