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Seo-Young Shin Mi-Kyung Choi Lana Chung Yoo-Sun Chung Sung-Mi Cha Seo-Young Shin Hye-Young Kim Jin-A Cha Pil-Soon Lee So-Young Lee Young-Shin Kim

    0Program Highlights-Day 1 (May 23)

    Time Program

    13:00 Registration



    13:00 APac-CHIRE Strategy Session

    | (APac-CHIRE members only)

    15:00 (Lotus Room 4)

    16:00 APTA Board Meeting

    | (Lotus Room 4)


    17:30 APac-CHIRE Board Meeting

    | (Lotus Room 4)


    19:00 Welcome Reception

    | (1 Floor Food Street )


    Program Highlights-Day 2 (May 24)

    Time Program

    8:00 Registration



    8:00 Internet Service



     Research Presentation Session (1A-1F)

     1A (Vanda Hall A)

     Theme: Hospitality & Tourism Education I

     Moderator: Caral Pido

    8:30 1. I-CHRIE Education Survey Report Kenneth Crocker

     Jay R. Schrock

    | John Walker

     2. Non-Traditional Assessment Methods for Hospitality Gröschl S. 10:10 Educators: The Student Portfolio

     3. Forecasting with X-12-Arima: International Tourist Arrivals to Parsert Chaitip

     India N. Rangaswamy



     4. An Evaluation on Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Jeou-Shyan Horng

     Education?A Transnational Comparison Study and Evaluation Chih-Ching Teng


    Model Development

     1B (Vanda Hall B)

     Theme: The gaming and casino industry in Asia

     Moderator: Xinran Y. Lehto

     1. Differentiating Between Gambling Attitude and Support for Vong Fanny

     Gaming: Case of Macau

     2. Residents’ and Tourists’ Assessment of the Legalization of Wendy Agrusa

     Casinos in Hawaii Joseph D. Lema

     Jerome Agrusa

     3. Casino Financial Analysts: Skills, Knowledge, and John Mahoney

     Responsibilities Shiang-Lih Chen

     Mccain 8:30 4. An Application of Smart-SWOT in Casino Setup Evaluation Kuo Chun-Min

     Method?As Exemplified by Penghu Pescadores, Taiwan

    | 1C (Vanda Hall C)

     Theme: Tourism/ Hospitality/ Food Service Forecasting and Economic

    10:10 Aspects of Industry

     Moderator: Shalini Singh

     1. Does Their Cultural Background Really Matter on Service Rong Huang

     Evaluation? ——An In-depth Investigation on Travel Service

     Evaluation by the Chinese International

     2. Asian Hospitality Managers’ Perceptions of Employing Yap T. H. Matthew

     Hiv-Infected Employees: An Exploratory Study Ineson M. Elizabeth

     3. Conceptualization of A Resort with Historical Coastal Defense Wilco W. Chan

     Features Barry Mak

     Ivan Cheung

     Pearl Lee

    4. Some Trends of Contemporary Tourism in Japan Asamizu Munehiko

    ——Globalization, Social Welfare and Environment

    5. Hotel Industry Development in China: A Historical Perspective Shen Han,

    Chon Kaye,

    1D (Vanda Hall D)

    Theme: Marketing and Promotion of Tourism/ Hospitality/ Foodservice ?

    Moderator: Noel Scott

    1. Thailand’s International Tourism Demand : The ARDL N. Rangaswamy

    Approach To Cointegration Chukiat


    2. An Exploratory Research of Internet Marketing Efficacy on Chang Pou-Wen

    Non-Chain Café ? A Case Study of Local Individual

    Leisure-Type Café in Taiwan

    3. Measuring Us College Students’ Organic Food Consumption Ming Liu

    Behavior: Instrument Reliability and Validity Linda C. Hoover


    Shelley S. Harp

    Leslie D. Thompson

     4. A Study on Consumption Decision of Home Meal Chi-Ting Chen

     Replacement (HMR) in Taiwan Hui-Ling Chang

     Chi-Ting Chen and Hui-Ling Chang

     5. Motivations of the Prospective Us-bound Chinese Leisure Jiang Shan

     Travelers and Its Implication Yuan Jingxue

    1E(Lotus Room 4)

    Theme: Financial Models or Econometrics of Tourism/ Hospitality/

    Foodservice ?

    Moderator: Russell Arthur Smith

    1. Development of Low-Cost Carriers in Asia-Pacific: A SWOT Pan Steve

    and Correspondence Analysis Chon Kaye 8:30

    Song Haiyan

    2. Cruise Experience: Conceptualization and Measurement Huang J. |

    Hsu Cathy H. C.

    3. Using Importance-Performance Analysis to Evaluate Service Leong Choon Chiang 10:10

    Quality: A Case of Budget Airline in Asia

    4. The Influence of Consumer Socialization Variables on Ching-Hsu Huang

    Family Consumption Patterns in Quick Service Restaurants: An

    Empirical Study

    5. Comparing the Full Service and Quick Service Restaurants: Mohhidin Othman

    A Service Quality Assessment Using Profile Accumulation Wong Kong Yew

    Technique (PAT) Tan Ai Ling

    1F(Plum Room)

    Theme: Tourism/ Hospitality/ Food Service Forecasting and Economic

    Aspects of Industry ?

    Moderator: Clark Hu

    1. Leadership Competencies Required for Future Success as a Weerakit Naree

    General Manager in Thailand Ryan Bill

    2. The Effect of Social Capital on The Start-Up Decision of Weibing Zhao

    Microentrepreneurs: Evidence From the Tourism Sector

    3. Hotel Management Students’ Perceptions of Preparedness Xiang Chengjuan

    for Hotel Careers in China Stewart Morag. I.

    Yap Matthew

    4. Destination Image of Thailand after Natural Disasters Pimtong Tavitiyaman

    Hailin Qu

    Bill Ryan

    5. The Cultural Characteristics of Indigenous Museum Tourism Janet Chang

    in Canada and Taiwan of China: A Perspective on Authenticity Y-S. Liao 10:10 Coffee Break




     Research Presentation Session (2A-2F)

     2A(Vanda Hall A)

     Theme: Human Resources Development and Educational Issues In Industry


     Moderator: Shirly Guevarra

     1. An Examination of Work-Related Determinants, Job Prateep Wetprasit

     Satisfaction, and Retention Intentions in the Thai Spa Industry Bo Hu

     2. Individual’s Perception of Career Development and Job Ya-Li Chang,

     Satisfaction: The Case of International Flight Attendants in Chu-Hui Chen


     3. The Food Choice of The Employee’s Foodservice System in Wen-Hwa Ko

     the Work-Sector Pei-Chun Hua

     Chihwei P. Chiu

     4. A Qualitative Study on the Exploring Influential Factors for Wang Yao-Fen

     the Executive’s Retention in Food and Beverage Department of Horng Jeou-Shyan

     International Tourist Hotel: An Ecological System Perspective

     2B(Vanda Hall B)

    10:30 Theme: Human Resources Development and Educational Issues in Industry

    | ?

    12:00 Moderator: Rahizan Bin Zainal

     1. The Career Commitment of Restaurant Employees in Taiwan Kay H. Chu

     Chen-Feng Kuo

     2. Study on Job Satisfaction of Hotel Non-Permanent Wang Shufang

     Employees Gu Huimin

     3. The Relationships among Psychological Contract, Job Chang Y-L

     Insecurity and Organizational Commitment-A Case Study of Li Y-C

     Tour Leaders

     4. Job Engagement and Job Burnout in Fast Food Restaurants: Hyun Jeong Kim

     The Role of Big Five Personality Dimensions Kang Hyun Shin

     Nancy Swanger

     2C(Vanda Hall C) Theme: Financial Models or Econometrics of Tourism/ Hospitality/

     Foodservice ?

     Moderator: Song Haiyan

     1. Play to Not to Play Zhang Qiu Hanqin

     An Analysis of the Mechanism of The Zero-Commission Heung Vincent

     Chinese Outbound Tours Through A Game Theory Approach Yan Qi

     2. How the SARS Outbreak in 2003 Affected International Jennifer Min Tourist Arrivals in Taiwan: An Intervention Analysis Hsien-Hung Kung Janet Chang 3. Japanese Long-Haul Travel to The Oceania ——An Lim C. Application of Time Series Models 4. Applications of Mobile Technologies to M-Tourism Martin Yongho Hyun 14

    Development Seoki Lee

    Clark Hu

    Daniel R. Fesenmaier

     2D (Vanda Hall D)

     Theme: The Convention and Exhibition Industry in Asia ?

     Moderator: Walfgang Georg Arlt

     1. Factors Influencing Liqueur Sale for Special Occasions in Huang C.Y.

     Taiwan Area Yeh Y.C.

    2. The Study of Post-Olympic Cultural Heritage Tourism Wang Xinxin

    ——The Influence and Function of Olympic Landscape

    Sculpture in Beijing Tourism

    3. A Study on Service Quality of Trade Show: 2007 ASTA Lim Ha-Jung

    Destination Expo, Jeju Hong Sung-Hwa

    2E(Lotus Room 4) 10:30

    Theme: Tourism/ Hospitality/ Food Service Forecasting and Economic

    Aspects of Industry ? |

    Moderator: Siriporn McDowall

    1. Menu Development Process of Local Food Kyung Soo Han 12:00

    Jin Lee

    2. Changing Snow to Platinum: A Comparison Study of the Binzhang Yang

    Skiing Industry in Heilongjiang, China and Sweden

     3. Puli Wine Industry and Its Wine Tourism Market Zhang Ling Hao

     Tim Lockyer

     4. Exploring Service Quality on Board the Nippon Maru: The Sirijin Wongjarupun

     Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) Ken Tsai

     Ben Goh

     2F(Plum Room)

     Theme: Community Tourism Development and Rural/Farm Tourism ?

     Moderator: Meng Fang

     1. Community Approach and Sustainable Development of Wen Zhang

     Tourist Destinations Yanyan An

     ——A Case Study of Rural Tourism Around Beijing Jumei Liu

     2. A Study on the Perceived Impacts of Historic Ancient Yingzhi Guo

     Town on Residents’ Life Quality Jingxian Jiang

     Samuel Seongseop Kim

     Xiaoshi Wang

     Lei Li

    3. Medical Tourism: Can Supply Keep Up with the Demand? Suthin K.

     Assenov I.

    Tirasatayapitak A.

    4. Community-Based Development (CBD) Zou Tongqian

    ——A New Model in Rural Tourism Development Wang Yanhua


    12:00 Buffet Lunch |

    (Bauhinia Hall) 13:00

    13:00 Go to BISU by Shuttle |

    (Meeting at Hotel Lobby, Conference Venue) 14:00

    14:00 Opening Ceremony |

    ( Mingde Hall, BISU) 15:00

    15:00 Keynote Speech | Prof. Roy Ballantyne 15:50 Post-visit Action Resourcing: Promoting and Supporting Tourist Adoption

    of Environmentally Sustainable Behavior

     (Mingde Hall, BISU) 15:50 Coffee Break |


    16?10 Keynote Speech | Ms. Penny Xiang 17?00 Deputy Director of Sports Service Division, Beijing Olympic Committee

    Service & Tourism: 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 17?00 Group Photo Taking |


    17:30 Go for Dinner by Shuttle |


    19:00 Welcome Dinner | Hosted by Beijing Tourism Administration 21:00 (Bauhinia Hall)


    Program Highlights Day-3(May 25)

    Time Program

    8:00 Registration



    8:00 Internet Service



     Research Presentation Session (3A-3F)

     3A (Vanda Hall A)

     Theme: Marketing and Promotion of Tourism/ Hospitality/ Foodservice ?

     Moderator: Chris Ryan

     1. Complaint Behavior Study: Restaurant Patrons’ Joseph S. Chen

     Expectations and Reactions Simon Yu

     2. The Effect of Destination Image on Tourists’ Satisfaction SooCheong (Shawn)

     and Loyalty Jang

     McCain Shiang-Lih

    3. The Chinese Tourist Decision-Making Choice Criteria and Sung-Soo Yang

    Satisfaction of Package Tour: Focused on Inbound Chinese Si-Sa Park

    Tourist in Jeju, Korea Hyang-Jin Huh 8:30

    4. Effects of Task-Technology Fit and Self-Efficacy on Tae Goo Kim

    Users’ Beliefs and Intention to Use Hotel Information Yong Kun Suh |

    System Byong Gil Choi


    5. Internet Use for Tourism Information Search: Discrepancy Yuhui Kim

    between Preference and Behavior Myeong-Ok Park

    Yeong-Hyeon Hwang

    3B (Vanda Hall B)

    Theme: Studies on Social, Culture, Economic and Environmental

    Sustainability ?

    Moderator: Jerome Agrusa

    1. Understanding the Impact of Food Culture on Travel Richard C.Y. Chang

    Eating Behavior Athena H.N. Mak

    2. Tourism Development and Cultural Interpretation in Ganzi Wolfgang Georg Arlt

    (China) Xu Honggang

    3. Study on China’s Tourism Trade Associations Han Yuling

    Development Mode-Take Qingdao Mode for Example Yang Yumin

    Wang Rui

    Li Shumei

    Xu Hongke

    4. Hedonic Price Model For International City Tourism Shirley W. Romano

    Based on Five Perceived Value Dimensions Philipp E.Boksberger


    5. Ecotourism Certification Practice in China and Its Zhong Lin-Sheng

    Evaluation Using SWOT Analysis Xie Ting

    Ding Pei-Yi

     3C (Vanda Hall C)

     Theme: Marketing and Promotion of Tourism/ Hospitality/ Foodservice ?

     Moderator: Cathy Hsu

     1. Motivations of Hong Kong Residents Seeking Spa Athena H.N. Mak

     Experiences When Traveling Away from Hong Kong Kevin K.F. Wong

     2. The Effects of Distance Decay on the Profile and Trip Ya Fang Bao

     Characteristics of Visitors Coming to Hong Kong Bob Mckercher

     3. Understanding the Tourists’ Attitudes toward Participating Jennifer Kimlian Chan

     Nature-based Tourism

     4. ―Why‖ Makes Travel, ―How‖ Induces Packing Takashi Oguchi

     Kaori Watanabe

     5. What Motivates Mainland Chinese Tourists to Travel to Norman Au

     Hong Kong: A Qualitative Approach Erdogan H. Ekiz

     Songshan Huang

     3D (Vanda Hall D)

     Theme: Studies on Social, Culture, Economic and Environmental

     Sustainability ?

     Moderator: Geoffrey Wall

    8:30 1. The Study of Residents’ Perception in The Possible Feng-En Lo

     Impacts Caused by Tourism Development and Their Wen-Tien Chang | Willingness to Participate the Future of Lishan, Taiwan Wan-Ting Chen

     Fu-Wei Chen 10:10 Chung-Chi Liu

     2. Hawaii Tourism Dashboard Park, S.-Y.

     Jamieson, W.

     3. The Growth and Development of Sustainable Dolphin and Gayle Mayes

     Whale Management Practices for Tour Boat Operators: A Harold Richins

     Case of Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia

     4. Benchmarking Mekong Tourism Kaosa-ard Mingsarn

     5. Celebrating the Waters, Frenzying With St. Peter and Tiatco S.A.P

     Affirming the Sacred Crocs in Apalit, Philippines: An

     Example of Ethnography for Tourism

     3E (Lotus Room 4)

     Theme: Tourism/Hospitality/Food Service Forecasting and Economic

     Aspects of Industry ?

     Moderator: Tim Lockyer

     1. An Analysis of International Tourism Development in Siriporn Mcdowall

     Thailand: 1994-2006 Youcheng Wang

     2. Tourism and Migration: Perspectives from Hainan, China Yubing Zhang


    Geoffrey Wall

     3. A Research on the Effects of the Creative Culinary Horng Jeou-Shyan

     Curricula Chen Li-Chen

    4. The Impacts of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on Beijing Gao Xiaofeng

    Residents Zhou Chao

    5. The Economic Scale of A Destination Attraction on A Yi-Yu Huang

    Local Economy: A Case Study of Janfusun Fancyworld Jing-Shoung Hou

     Ji-Ping Fang

    Lie Chiao 8:30

    3F (Plum Room)

    Theme: Operation of Tourism and Hospitality Business at Both Macro and |

    Micro Levels ?

    Moderator: Bharath M. Josiam 10:10

    1. Marketing Brisbane- The Evolution of Tourism Policy Noel Scott

    Eric Laws

    2. A Study on Measurable Evaluation Method for the Li Hong

    International Competitive Ability of Tourist Scenic Areas Zhao Xin

    3. Thinking on the Concentrated Financial Management of Han Lijun

    Tourism Enterprises Group Meng Caiying

    4. Some Critical Issues in Environmental Management for Ding Peiyi

    Australian Tourism Development Wang Zhuo

    5. The Current Issues and Prospects of Development in Fan Yezheng

    Chinas Industry Tourism Wang Zhuo

    Ding Peiyi

     Coffee Break and Poster Session

     1. An Analysis on the Appliance of Restraint of Trade in Han Yuling China Travel Enterprises Zhai Xiangkun 2. Effective Usage of School’s Multimedia Facilities to Edward Cheuk Enrich the Tourism Management Education Zhang Yuehong 10:10 3. Research on the Evaluation and Utilization of Hotel’s Weng Gang Min | Sustainable Competitiveness Zhang Xiao Na 11:00 Zhao Yuan Yuan 4. Innovation Design of the Traveling Network Zhi-Ping Zhong Advertisement Yan-Chao Sheng 5. How Small Cities Or Rural Area Compete In The Event Zhou Chao Tourism Market: Issues For China Gao Xiaofeng 6. A Pilot Study on The Relationship of Internship and Su Ching-Shu Hospitality Specialized Courses: A Student’s Perspective Ho Hsuan-Hsuan 7. A Study of Learning /Teaching Behaviors An Ju-Yu Yen Exploratory of Restaurant Lab Curriculum: Department of Food and Beverage Management, Yuanpei University in



     8. Why Studying Aboard? - The Case Of Overseas Students Silvia Wan-Ju Liang

     in Hong Kong Sammy Cheuk Hon Li

     Donald Yang Qin

     Doris Jang

     Rob Law

9. An Inquiry into Service Quality within the Differences of Yu-Chin Pai

    Expectations and Perceptions in Facility Management Shu-Chuan Liu

    Chung-Hao Chen

    10. Analysis of Students’ Satisfaction and Operational Won Sun Im

    Dimensions For Developing the Effective Cost Control Lee Jinmee

    Model at the University Union Foodservice in Korea

    11. An Examination of Hospitality Real Estate Valuation Hyunjoon Kim


    12. Development of Product of Gochujang, Korean Hot Kyung Soo Han 10:10

    Pepper Paste as a Western-Style Menu Hyun A Lee

    Seong Il Lim |

    13. Assessment Method for Hotel Classification in Japan Y. Oyanagi

    A. Ohuchi 11:00

    14. Soban, Korea Traditional Dining Tablein Old Dynasty Myung-Hee Han 15. Analytical Model of a Tourism Destination Beyond Abhijit Ghosh Tourist Statistics Terence L Mcveigh 16. The Importance of Studying Children’s Play in Quick Ching-Hsu Huang Service Restaurants Yu-Chuan Huang

    Hui-Hua Fan 17. Research on Development System of Sanya’s Resort Song Ling Hotel and the Stratagem of Upgrading The Market

    18. The Role of Culture in Service Failure and Recovery Nana Ding 19. A Preliminary Study on the Consumption Features of Jiang Jingxian Shanghai’s Meeting Tourists Yingzhi Guo

    Hailin Qu

    Yanbo Yan 20. Random Remarks on the Education in Tourism College Li Hong

    Su Xiaoguang 21. Exploring Willingness TP Pay for Hotel Rooms with Seongseop Kim Different View Using the Concept of Hedonic Pricing Kevin K. F. Wong

    Hongli Sun 22. The Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior of Health Dietary Wen-Hwa Ko for the Farm Food Making Women Ying-Chen Chen

     23. The Attractiveness of Taiwans Hot Springs Tourism Hsun-I Huang


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