The Science Fiction Film 10 Influence the Development of Human Beings

By Philip Perez,2012-04-08 22:33
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The Science Fiction Film 10 Influence the Development of Human Beings

From ancient times to the present, human beings never stopped exploring the future, the universe and themselves. This spirit embodied in many excellent science fiction movies. Today, I have selected 10 science fiction movies that fans of science fiction love to share with you.

"Space Odyssey 2001" 1968

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Starring: Kyle Dula / Gary Lockwood / William Sylvester

Milestones in modern science fiction movies

A grand and profound space epic, is also one of the history of the most difficult to understand, most of the works set people thinking.

The film has a profound insight into the origins, history, and future of mankind.

Although critics think the film is stiff and big leaps.

But Kubrick's prediction of the future, the interpretation of theology, science and philosophy, will not shock us.

The American Film Institute rated the film as a sci-fi film in history NO.1.

"Blade Runner" 1982

Director: Ridley Scott

Starring: Harrison Ford / Rutgers Hall / Sean young

The most controversial sci-fi classics on the list

"Blade Runner" in 80s is the most outstanding and most representative of the science fiction film.

It tells the life and death game between man and the clone in Los Angeles in 2019.

At that time, the future of the most classic scenes from the lustrous and dazzling, and hand-painted art model.

It's a science fiction movie, but it's far more than a science fiction movie.

Full of imagination, full of longing for life and thinking about human nature, it is worth repeating watch.

"source code" 2011

Director: Duncan Jones

Starring: Jack Gyllenhaal / Vera Micha method

The infinite possibilities of a parallel world

Directed by Duncan Jones, director of the classic sci-fi thriller, the moon.

The film tells the story of the heroine of the eight chances to find the murderer, in eight minutes to remove the bomb, save Chicago.

The story all the way, mix story, suspense, science fiction has no urine point strike a deep chord.

"moving souls city" 1998

Starring: Alex Proyas

Starring: Rufus Sewell / William / Keifer / Sutherland

The most underrated Science Fiction Classics

The film takes place in a Gothic city that is always in the night, starting with a lost observer who has been forsaken here.

As a science fiction film, it has more suspense and more twists and turns, as well as a strong philosophical flavor.

Although the way the characters fight between them seems too retarded.

But the imagination of the film and the integrity of the story, make it a classic. And it has affected the "matrix" and other works.

"gravity" 2013

Director: Alfonso Caron

Starring: Sandra Bullock / George Clunie / Ed Harris

New heights of computer effects

If any movie would be regrettable, without going to the cinema, "gravity" would definitely count.

The film tells of a spaceship crash, and the surviving two astronauts are struggling to survive while facing the vastness of the universe and human loneliness.

The minimalist narrative is the ultimate technique to make sense, experience, and impact reach its peak.

The movie pushed the computer special effects film to a new level. The computer production was 80%, and Avatar was only 60%.

"time to space contact" 1997

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Starring: Judy Foster / Matthew / Mcconaughey / Gina Malone

"Hard science fiction" and "soft science fiction" on top of "third science fiction""

The film tells of a conflict between religion and science, an astronomer's lonely quest.

Various fantasy elements are based on the existing scientific knowledge.

Not only to promote the development of the plot, more make rich entertainment and touching feelings.

Judy Foster in the exploration process of loneliness, stubborn, not perplexed insisted, touched many fans.

"Terminator 2: Judgement Day"1991

Director: James Cameron

Starring: Arno Schwarzenegger / Linda / Hamilton / Edward Furlong

A film legend combining sci-fi and motion

Cameron's real sense of "full debut", "terminator" pioneer, originality and pioneering are obvious to all.

Among them, Terminator 2 is the most classic of the trilogy.

The film tells the story of two from the future through life and death struggle between good and evil robot in 90s.

The film shows the true essence of a science fiction entertainment.

Seemingly impossible fights, intense sense of the end, time travel, and music with a sense of metal and a sense of the future pushed the series to its peak.

"people without surnames". 2009

Director: Jacques Van Domeier

Starring: Jared Leto / Sara Polly / Krueger / Fan Lindan Diane

Split time love soft science fiction

The movie tells the story of the hero and the heroine of the three different launched a non-romantic, tragic story.

The film explores the ultimate philosophy of life through a life story about a hundred year old man.

Propositions such as the time to branch, the choice, the recollection, the parallel universe, the butterfly effect, etc..

It is a fantasy diary which combines the wise reflection of old people and the innocent reverie of children.

"different dimension hacker" 1999

Director: Joseph Rusnak

Starring: Craig Bierck / Amin Mueller - Starr

The original archetype of the matrix and inception

The film depicts the possibility that scientists find that everything around him, even himself, is nothing but the illusion of being made.

The film emphasizes the elements of adventure and action, and in those years, it has been a very shock effect, and has become one of the classics.

In addition, the fans to bring the joy of thinking, as well as the human origin of the existence of their own for a long time of doubt, let countless fans unforgettable.

"1997" at a crucial moment

Director: Andrew Nichol

Starring: Ethan Hawke / Umma Thurman / Judy Law

The double thinking of gene technology

The movie tells the future of the world, genetically modified people are the elite, while the natural conception of the crowd is considered eliminated population.

The actor in order to realize their dream of space, and attempts to exchange gene identity, get in the space station.

The film has a very successful sense of reality, and that gloomy future world seems to be in sight.

One of the reasons for the film's classic is the deep thinking of the film about its genetic skills.