Television was Born 91 Years Ago!

By Philip Perez,2013-11-02 20:47
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Television was Born 91 Years Ago!

Although you watch television every day, you probably don't know that about 91 years ago, the world's first television was born in the laboratory. Of course it didn't look so practical.

The birth of television

In January 27, 1926, a Scotland inventor John Baird for the first time to the Royal Academy in London academicians public display television, of course, at the time of this machine is described as "a machine capable of transmission by radio, new image". Baird, for the first time, later called his invention television".

This machine is not a traditional movie projector. It differs greatly from the existing movie projectors in terms of imaging principle and internal structure. It is a method of bombarding phosphor by electron gun and displaying the image on the screen of cathode ray tube. This kind of electronic gun is an electronic tube developed for scientific research in England.

After watching the performance of his observers also gave a rational and fair evaluation: the quality of the image better than the movie! But they also believed that this is only the initial stage of the invention. Baird thought that one day it will make every family into a small movie theater.

In this way, the most influential mass media in twentieth Century was born. And the birth of television has also resulted in countless graphics, image output technology products!