15 eating habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life (146 folk recipes to treasure)

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15 eating habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life (146 folk recipes to treasure)

15 eating habits so that you benefit from life-long

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worthy of collection of folk 146 folk prescription!!!―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――15 eating habits that will benefit you for the rest of your lifeEntering a new school, changing a new job, or even changing seasons can affect your eating habits, but no matter how the environment changes, your health won't be far away as long as you stick to the following 15 small habits without a beat.1.complex vitamins to eat after breakfast.Research shows that taking a multivitamin that's right for you is good for your health. So why eat it after breakfast? It gives you the energy you need for a day at work and study, and it doesn't overburden your kidneys.2. Drink two glasses of water before each meal.Doing so keeps the body in a constant state of "water" and also controls the amount of food eaten, according to a Dutch study.Drinking two glasses ofwaterbefore meals can reduce hunger and food intake, which can help with weight loss.3. Add coffee to milk, not milk to coffee.The first thing you do when you get up early is fill your glass with skim milk. Then drink a fifth of it and fill it with coffee. That way, you'll get 25% of the vitamin D and 30% of the calcium you need every day.4. Drink a large glass of water after eating fast food.The calories and salt in fast food are generally severely exceeded, and while we can't do anything with the fat we eat into our bellies, a large glass of water can help you dilute the concentration of sodium in your body and keep you away from high blood not give up every opportunity to eat onions.A lot of people are careful to pick out onions when they eat. That's a big mistake. Onions contain a lot of heart-protecting flavonoids, so it's our responsibility to eat onions. Especially when you're eating an unhealthy food like barbecue, the onions inside are your "lifesaver."6. Make black tea with cool water if possible.A serving of black tea has been found to contain more antioxidants than greens or carrots, which can help you fight off wrinkles or cancer.Cold water can slowly dissolve the beneficial substances in the tea without being destroyed, and all you have to do is wait a little longer.7.At three o'clock in the afternoon, add meals on time.Maybe getting out of bed can be a reason to skip breakfast, but there's no excuse for adding meals at 3pm. Adding nutrients between lunch and dinner can help you get through the most tiring part of the day. Yoghurt, fruit and biscuits are all good with "white silk" to eat.Many people eat orange will peel off the "white silk" on the orange. In fact, it is rich in flavonoids, good for the body. Suffering with sweet taste, careful tasting is not bad.9.every day to order a task to drink water.A busy day at work can make you think about not drinking all morning when your mouth is dry. Prepare a large 1.5-liter bottle on your desk, pour in the water you need for the day, and make it a rule to finish before you leave the office.10.When buying fruit, make up your mind and choose the dark one.Although fruit can be quite varied in appearance, dark fruit is definitely better when measured for health because it contains more antioxidants. When you're wobbling, choose black fruits like plums and Ume.11.Rinse the meat in hot water.Spread a thick paper towel over the sliced meat to absorb the grease. If you want to go cleaner, put the cubes in the leaking spoon and rinse them with hot water. With this method, about half of the fat can be removed.12.Change the coleslaw into dipped coleslaw.Barbecued meat is not the only calorie, the same sauce will bring a lot of heat to the original health of the coleslaw. So, the sauce adjusted in a small bowl, dipped with a cut dish to eat, so that you need the sauce is only 1 / 6 of the original.13.some "vegetarian" dishes to "meat" to eat.It's not good to eat too much oil, but it's worse not to eat at all. Pumpkins and carrots contain a lot of beta-carotene, so you can't eat too lightly. Fry or cold mix with oil. If the pumpkins are used to cook porridge, then make sure there is oil in other vegetables and let them meet in the gut.14.dinner to play a good fat defense war.Some people skip fatty foods for breakfast and lunch, and think it's a mistake to eat more fatty foods for dinner.Studies have shown that blood vessel elasticity decreases and blood clotting factors rise sharply in the hours after a meal of 50-80 grams of fat, so don't try to compensate yourself at night even if you eat very light during the some high-fiber food before bed.Eating a low-calorie carbohydrate snack for half an hour before bed is good for sleep.Eating cereal is the easiest way to replenish fiber, and most people consume half as much fiber as their body needs (25-35 grams) a day, so it's advisable to grab a last minute supplement before bed.―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――Super Practical 24 Health AdviceI. Oncology experts:1.meat is best cooked to eat. High temperature roasting will make meat amino acid decomposition, and the formation of carcinogens.

2.keeping a pet. Can increase the body's endorphins and procreation hormones, and can reduce stress hormone cortisol, thereby improving human immunity.

3.lunch slowly eat. Can protect the cardiovascular system, slow aging.II. Dental specialists:1.Eat more antioxidants. Antioxidant-rich foods such as broccoli and cranberries can prevent gingivitis.

2.Eat less lemon. Lemon juice should not be consumed excessively. Acids can damage tooth enamel.

3.Use soft bristles toothbrushes. Toothbrush too hard can damage enamel and cause gum atrophy.III. Foot specialists:1.Measure your feet. Especially after pregnancy or weight change. Shoes that are too small can cause problems such as bursitis, corns and croquet toes.

2.Change shoes often. High heels and flat shoes should be worn in rotation, otherwise they will hurt your feet too much due to stress.

3. railing hurts your feet. Often barefoot or wearing flip-flops can cause heel pain.IV. Sports medicine specialists:1.sports diversification. Can avoid the muscle exercise imbalance caused by a single exercise, leading to excessive exercise or injury.

2.women should strengthen the hip exercise. The female hip and gluteus muscle is relatively weak, do not strengthen the exercise, easy to make the hip joint pressure is too large.

3.regular replacement of sports shoes. Otherwise easy to lead to sports injury.V. NERVE AND MEMORY EXPERTS:1. Puzzles, crosswords and sudoku games help protect the brain. Memory exercise can also make the brain more flexible.

2. Freezing stress. Long-term stress causes the brain's memory area to shrink and ultimately hinders learning and memory.

3. Drink red wine. Antioxidant compounds in red wine have a protective effect on memory.VI. Specialists in spinal surgery:1.Exercise your core muscle groups. Exercise your abs to reduce back pressure. Lie on your stomach and stretch your arms over your head. Then move your arms and head off the ground for a few seconds and then relax.

2.Pick things up and get closer. When you bend down to pick things up, the pressure on your spine increases four to five times, and too much movement can cause a back strain.

3.avoid sedentary. Keep a posture too long, muscle easily stiff, intervertebral disc pressure will increase. It is recommended to get up every 30 to 45 minutes to exercise.VII. Psychologists:1.Focus on yourself. Seek psychological counseling, practice meditation, write weekly notes, take time to dissect yourself and understand your worries and immediate life goals.

2.Be social. A strong social network helps promote physical and mental health.

3.Get pleasure from exercise. Exercise is a natural antidepressant for boosting your mood.VIII. Family doctors:1.Use your birthday to remind you of your health. Use your birthday as your annual health check to check if you are feeling unwell or if you need to have a related checkup.

2.Get ready before you see your doctor. Clarify the issues you want to discuss with your doctor, etc.

3.Focus on the health of your family members. The health of your parents or siblings is actually a mirror of your future because some diseases are familial.―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――Life Tips for 150 Cases1.if there is a small area of skin damage or burns, scald, put on a little toothpaste, can immediately stop the bleeding and pain, but also to prevent infection, the effect is quite good.

2.bath with toothpaste instead of bath soap scrubbing decontamination, both obvious cleansing function, but also to cool the body after the bath, but also to prevent the role of prickly shaving, toothpaste can be used instead of soap, because toothpaste does not contain free base, not only on the skin without stimulation, but also rich foam, fragrance, people have a cool and refreshing feeling.

4.summer hot weather, easy to grow prickly heat, can be used warm water will grow prickly heat parts, wash, rub a layer of toothpaste, prickly heat soon disappear.5.a small area of skin abrasion will lead to local swelling, then some toothpaste can be applied to the wound, not only with pain, hemostasis, reduce the swelling effect, but also to prevent the role of wound suppuration.6.the new bought casserole used for the first time, it is best used to boil porridge, or use it to boil a thick rice water to plug the casserole micro-pores, to prevent water seepage.7.When you cook soup or stew in a casserole, first put the casserole in a casserole, then put the casserole on the fire, first use it gently, then use it vigorously. 8. When you bring the casserole down from the fire, be sure to put it on a dry plank or straw mat, and cut it off from the tile or cement floor.8.When removing the casserole from the fire, be sure to place it on a dry plank or straw mattress and cut it out of the tile or concrete floor.9.the shrimp into a bowl, add a little salt, edible alkali powder, hand rub for a while after soaking with water, and then rinse with water, so that the fried shrimp transparent like crystal, refreshing and delicious.

10.fried fresh prawns, shrimp can be soaked with cinnamon boiling water for a while, and then fried, so fried shrimp, taste more delicious.11.If vegetables must be boiled when cooking, the best use of water for good vegetables, such as making dumplings dishes, boiled water can be placed in the meat filling in an appropriate amount, that is, to preserve nutrition, and make dumplings filling delicious soup.12.vegetables as far as possible now fried to eat, to avoid prolonged heat preservation and multiple heating. In addition, in order to make the vegetable stem easy to cook, can add a little water after frying stuffy cooked.13.When cooking vegetables, add some diamond starch to thicken the soup, which not only makes the cooked vegetables delicious, but also protects the vitamins because starch contains glutathione.

14.Many people like to eat green vegetables but do not like to drink vegetable soup. In fact, when roasting vegetables, most of the vitamins are dissolved in the soup.

15.Parsley is an umbrella-shaped plant, rich in essential oil, aroma, but sesame oil is very volatile, and can not withstand long heating, parsley is best added before consumption to retain its aroma.

16.dumplings and dumplings and flour to a slightly harder, and after a good bonnet tightly sealed, 10 to 15 minutes, such as the wheat gluten, after the formation of the full expansion of gluten gluten gluten water.

17.Add 6 egg whites to 1 kg of flour to increase the protein in the noodles, the dumplings will soon solidify and contract after the pot, dumplings from the pot after the collection of water, not easy adhesive.

18.dumplings to add enough water, water to add 2% of the salt, dissolved and then under the dumplings, can increase the toughness of gluten gluten flour, dumplings will not skin, sticky bottom, white dumplings, dumplings will stick color, dumplings, dumplings.19.boiled dumplings, dumplings and filling in the water-soluble nutrients in addition to the loss of a small part due to heat, most are dissolved in the soup, so eat dumplings had better drink the soup.20.When the dumplings are cooked, use the sirens to remove them first, then dip them in warm water and rinse them, then put them on a plate, so that the dumplings do not stick to each other.21.tofu will generally have a smell of brine. Bean curd under the pot, if the first steeped in boiling water for more than 10 minutes, you can remove the brine flavor, so that the bean curd not only taste good, but also delicious sweet.22.tofu cold, plain cold stomach, such as eating tofu after chest tightness, nausea and other phenomena, it is not appropriate to eat; easy diarrhea, abdominal distension spleen deficiency, it is not appropriate to eat tofu.23.Every morning after getting up, use a piece of tofu and place it in the palm of your hand to rub your face for a few minutes. Stick to it for a month and your face will become white and tender and moist.24.when taking tetracycline drugs, should not eat tofu, because tofu contains more calcium, gypsum made with halogen contains more magnesium, tetracycline meet calcium, magnesium will react to reduce the sterilization effect.25.eggs into the bowl, add a little warm water to stir evenly, into the frying pan, stir into the pot dripping a little wine, so scrambled eggs fluffy, tender and delicious.26.When you boil an egg, soak it in cold water for a while, then boil it in hot water so that the shell does not break and is easy to peel off.27.can not be boiled eggs with tea! Because tea contains in addition to alkaloids, there are a variety of acidifying substances, these compounds combined with the iron in eggs, the stomach has a stimulating effect, is not conducive to digestion and absorption.28.with a knife cut pine eggs, egg yolk will stick to the knife, can be used silk thread will cut loose eggs, both uniform and non-stick yolk. Scald the knife in hot water and then cut, can also be neatly beautiful.29.If the rice is mixed with raw rice, use chopsticks to put some holes into the bottom of the pot, sprinkle a little rice wine and re-stew, if only the surface of the sandwich, just turn the surface into the middle and then stew.

30.If the rice is burnt, quickly turn off the fire, put a crust over the rice, cover the pot, 5 minutes later, the crust can absorb the paste flavor.31.If rice is cooked with aged rice, after washing the rice, add 1 / 4 or 1 / 5 of beer to the rice while adding water, so the steamed rice is sweet and shiny, just like the new should not use raw water. Because tap water contains chlorine, in the cooking process, it will destroy the food contained in vitamin B1, if boiled water cooking, vitamin B1 can be protected from loss.33.fried steamed bread slice, first steamed bread slice in cold water soak about, and then into the pot, so fried steamed bread slices crisp, both delicious and fuel-efficient.

34.cooked porridge and alkaline practice is unscientific, alkaline congee although it appears viscous, slippery mouth, but the majority of some important nutrients are damaged porridge, therefore should not add alkaline congee.35.The cooking time of the pressure cooker is calculated from the first outgassing of the pressure limiting valve. Chickens can be deboned for 18 minutes with 1 kg of water, and chops can be deboned for 20 minutes with 1 kg of water.36.In a pressure cooker, 1 kilogram of beef and 2 kilogrammes of water can be boiled in 17 minutes, while 1 kilogram of rice and 1 kilogram of water can be cooked in 9 minutes.37.stew with chenpi, rich flavor; eat beef and mutton with Angelica dahurica, in addition to the smell can add fresh; homemade sausages with cinnamon, taste delicious; bacon with cloves smoked chicken, memorable.38.When cooking meat, if you want the soup to taste delicious, you should put the meat into cold water and cook it slowly; if you want the meat to taste delicious, you should cook it in hot water.39.When burning meat dishes, in addition to the drink, add a little vinegar, the dish will become fragrant and fragrant. When burning vegetable dishes such as bean sprouts, add some vinegar, taste good nutrition, because vinegar has a protective effect on the vitamin or cooking soup, if salty, can take a washed potato cut in half into soup boiled for a few minutes, so that can be salty soup.41.barbecue, can be placed in the oven with a container of water, because the oven with the temperature of the water can be turned into water vapor, to prevent roasting.

42.with fish on the smell and greasy larger, it is difficult to wash with water, you can take the fish first soaked in alkaline water, and then washed, it will be very easy to wash, and no smell.

43.When cooking ribs, put some vinegar, which can make the calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals in the ribs dissolved, conducive to absorption, higher nutritional value. In addition, vinegar can also prevent the destruction of vitamins in food.

44.When roasting sweet and sour fish pieces and other dishes that require vinegar, it is best to put vinegar in the pot when it is about to start, so as to fully maintain the taste of vinegar, if put too early, the vinegar will evaporate in the cooking process and make the vinegar taste greatly reduced45.Pack up the fish and soak them in the milk. Remove and wrap them in a layer of dry flour and fry them in a hot frying pan.46.cut fat meat, can be dipped in cold water first, and then put on the board, while cutting while sprinkling some cold water, so cut labor-saving, fat will not slide, and not easy to stick to the plate47.When cooking meatballs or pine meat dishes, as long as the ratio of 50 grams of meat, 10 grams of starch seasoning, can make loose meat crisp, the meatballs soft and tender. 48, bacon put a long time will have a spicy flavor, when cooking bacon with a white radish, and then cooking, spicy taste can be removed.48. Bacon will have a long time to put a spicy taste, cooked bacon in a white radish, and then cooked, spicy taste can be removed. If only the surface of bacon smell, wash with water and a small amount of vinegar.49. Freeze the meat in the fridge until it is completely frozen and take it out. Rub the meat with a vegetable board. You can easily rub the frozen meat into thin strips. After that, you can simply chop it with a knife.50.When rolling noodles, if you can't find a rolling pin for a while, you can use an empty glass bottle instead. Using a bottle filled with hot water to roll noodles can also soften the hard to grill fish do not break? Method 1: before roasting fish, fry the fish under the oil pot first. If roasting fish, should wrap a thin layer of starch before frying. When frying, pay attention to high oil temperature should not be to cook fish do not mince? Method 2: fish when the soup to just did not pass the fish is appropriate to wait for the soup to boil, you should use a low heat simmer stew to soup when you can, simmer stew when you want to less flip fish, you can bring up the pot gently shake.53.When cooking in a microwave oven, the ingredients must first be soaked with seasoning.This is because the microwave cooking process is fast, if not soaked through it is difficult to taste, and onions, ginger, garlic and other incense role is also difficult to play.54.Drain garlic in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes, rub with your hands, and the garlic peel will fall off. If you want to peel a lot of garlic at a time, you can spread the garlic on the board and gently tap with a knife to remove the garlic.55.the dried jujube soaked with water for 3 hours, and then put into the pot to boil, until the jujube fully bubble development fat, it will be picked up peeling, it is easy to peel off.56.alkaline water to fresh peach hair! In the water into a little edible alkali, fresh peach soak for 3 minutes, stir a few, peach hair will automatically fall off, wash a few hair on the no, very convenient!57.Wash the grapes! Add the right amount of flour to the bowl, stir with your hands a few times, then pour out the muddy flour water and rinse with clean water.58.Meat is suitable for natural thawing at room temperature, thawing in water will make the loss of nutrients; poultry should be thawed in water, but the best not to visceral natural thawing at room temperature.59.Fish should be thawed in 5% of 40 to 50 C salt water; eggs can be packed in impermeable metal containers that are dipped in 20 C water to thaw quickly.60.before eating melon and fruit, the first melon and fruit soaked in salt water for 20 to 30 minutes, can remove the epidermis of pesticide or parasite eggs, and salt water also has the role of killing some germs. the fried cucumbers, lettuce and other green vegetables, wash and cut, sprinkle a little salt mixing, pickled for a few minutes, control of water and then fried, can maintain crisp tender fresh and fresh.

62.In summer, turtles are susceptible to death from mosquito bites, but keeping them in refrigerated fruit trays prevents mosquito bites and prolongs their survival.

63. Do not dry tea leaves! Summer tea is easy to be wet, if the damped tea leaves to the sun drying will go to taste. Can be used to fry the pot slowly until the water gas disappeared, dried, sealed preservation, can maintain its original flavor

64. Immerse the remaining tea leaves in the water for a few days, poured in the roots of plants, can promote plant growth; the residual tea leaves dry, put into the toilet or ditch can eliminate mosquito-repellent odor.65.Cleaning wood and bamboo tables and chairs with residual tea leaves can make them smoother and smoother. Drying the residual tea leaves and spreading them in damp places can remove moisture. After drying, the residual tea leaves can also be put into pillowcases to act as pillowcases, which are very soft.66.Choosing tea leaves to see the evenness, the tea into the tray, the hand with the tea plate to a certain direction to rotate a number of circles, so that different shapes of tea out of the level of the middle section of the tea more, indicating better evenness.

67.Choosing tea leaves look tight, compact and solid quality of good impurities, thick and loose, fine and broken quality is poor; see clarity, there are more leaves, tea stalks, tea stalks, tea stalks, tea stem quality.68.When choosing tea, look at the color, green tea green has a good quality of light; red tea brown with oily good quality; if green tea contains more white, black tea contains more orange-yellow bud, are senior tea.69.If you only have warm water and would like to drink a strong tea, you can put a little white sugar or brown sugar in the warm water, stir dissolved, and then put into the tea, 5 minutes later, you can get what you want.

70.Bread and biscuits should not be stored together. Bread moisture content is more, biscuits are generally dry and crisp, the two if stored together, they will lose the crisp biscuits, because of moisture will become crisp.71.Tea,sugar and confectionery should not be stored together. Tea is easy to absorb moisture, but sugar and sweets are precisely water content, the two kinds of items stored together, they will make tea moldy or stale because of moisture.

72.Sun-dried sea cucumber into a double-layered food plastic bag, add a few garlic, and then tie the mouth of the bag, hanging high, will not spoil the raw insects.Store the ripe bananas in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a long time, even if the outer skin changes color, the inside is as fresh as ever.74.Dip the watermelon in 15% brine for 3 to 5 days. Drain and wipe dry, then apply the juice squeezed out from the leaves of the cucumbers. Seal it in a polyethylene plastic bag and put it in the cellar. This will keep the watermelon fresh for half a year75.Weather-softened biscuits can be put in the fridge for a few days and restored to their original condition. When slicing onions and other vegetables, peel them and store them in the freezer for a few hours before slicing them.76.After buying the new cutting board, apply cooking oil on the upper and lower sides and periphery of the cutting board. After the oil is drained, apply it three or four times. After the oil is dried, the cutting board will be durable. Soak the millet grass or chrysanthemum with water. Soak the towel in the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes, apply to the eyes for 10 to relieve fatigue, and even keep the hands soaking in hot water.77.soak medicinal millet grass or chrysanthemum with water, and then soak the towel, apply to the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes, can effectively relieve eye fatigue.78.Hot blisters can cure migraines. Immerse your hands in hot water, preferably over your wrists, and constantly heat water to keep the water warm. After half an hour, the pain will be reduced or even completely gone.79.Wasabi boiling water to wash your feet can lower blood pressure. Put 80 grams of mustard noodles in the foot wash basin, add half a basin of water to mix, boil with the fire, slightly cool after washing your feet. Once a day in the morning and evening, blood pressure can drop after 1 day.80.Pears can protect from the sun! Eating pears can keep skin elastic and wrinkle free. Pears are rich in vitamin E, which protects against the sun's rays.81.Asparagus can lose weight! Asparagus can improve the basic metabolism of the human body, promote the consumption of calories in the body, and have a strong ability to dehydrate, so eat more fresh asparagus can become slim.82.loofah cure chronic laryngitis. With loofah gouge or will loofah vine cut off, let its juice drip naturally, put into the bowl, on the pot steamed, add the right amount of ice sugar to drink, can treat chronic laryngitis effectively.83.Onions are anti-aging. Onions are good for the connective tissue and joints of the human body. Onions not only provide many of the nutrients the human body needs, but also contain trace elements selenium, so eating more onions can prevent aging.84.Hang a handful of shallots under the lamp, or wrap a few pieces of shallots in a yarn bag. All kinds of insects do not fly. Mosquitoes are most afraid of orange-red light. They put orange cellophane or silk cloth over the light bulb and the mosquitoes will not come with the grape skin is rich in antioxidants, often drink red wine in moderation, can increase good cholesterol, reduce vascular sclerosis.86.Take half a teaspoon of ginger (low-alcohol liquor) at a time to relieve the symptoms of rheumatism.87.Eating lamb helps to keep the body in shape. Mutton is an ideal source of carnitine, a substance similar to amino acids that helps cells "burn off" excess body fat.88.If you eat a large number of unprocessed or unpeeled persimmons on an empty stomach and have a high content of free acids in your stomach, they will coagulate and form persimmon stones, causing stomachaches and vomiting.89.It hurts to eat chicken with celery; it hurts to eat beef with chestnuts and vomit; it hurts to eat rabbit with celery; it hurts to eat crab with persimmon; and it hurts to eat onion with honey.90.Eat fresh yellow cauliflower! Because fresh yellow cauliflower contains colchicine toxic substances, consumption will lead to nausea, diarrhea and so on. And processed dried yellow cauliflower has been colchicine dissolved, consumption will not be poisoned.91.Grape juice delivery of antihypertensive drug effect is good! Grape juice instead of water delivery antihypertensive drugs, can make blood pressure drop smoothly, and will not appear the phenomenon of high and low blood pressure.92.Brush your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes after taking an appropriate amount of brown sugar in your mouth. Rinse your mouth. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes with saline water (50 grams of salt mixed with water and 50 grams of alkaline each). 2 times a day, after 1 week the scale can fall off.93.Drinking scalded liquor is good for the human body because the aldehydes in liquor are harmful to the human body, so long as the liquor is hot, most of the aldehydes will evaporate, so the harm to the human body will be less.94.After being bitten by mosquitoes, rub the lid of the thermos bottle (taken from the thermos at about 90 degrees) on the affected area for 2 to 3 seconds, then pick it up and the itching will disappear 2 to 3 times in a row.95.After stab the finger, apply a cold wet cloth to cool the affected area, fix the injured finger with a thick paper splint and bandage. Ordinary sprain or dislocation can restore the affected area to its original condition.96.on the way, the boat will be fresh ginger under the nostril smell at any time, so spicy inhaled in the nose, can prevent motion sickness; the ginger will be affixed to the navel, with a wet pain cream fixed, the same effect.97.the journey if the foot blister, first with hot water ironing feet for ten minutes, with a sterile needle broken foot bubble, so that the liquid bubble out, drain, and then the foot bubble site disinfection. Avoid scissors to bubble skin, in order to prevent infection.98.the journey if the calf cramps, take the sitting posture, one hand hard compression spasm of the calf muscles, one hand grasp the toe to pull back the foot, so that the foot back curl, and then activities, you can ease.99.Do not avoid boulders, cliffs or caverns during a thunderstorm on your journey. Electric currents passing through these places will generate an arc that will injure the rain absorber. If the cave is very deep, you can hide in thorn throat, you can peel orange peel, a little narrower, with a slow swallow, can defuse the fish thorn.101.Some people take medicine is always to break the pill to eat, that the pill is small to be conducive to swallowing. In fact, the pill broke into sharp, but not to swallow, but also easy to cut the esophagus, so do not break the pill to eat.102.Hair dryer to treat periarthritis of the shoulder! Use hair dryer to aim at the patient's shoulder with hot air for about 10 minutes, twice a day, for 3 weeks. Wipe the medicine wine on the patient's shoulder before blowing, the effect is better.103.When you are very thirsty and do not have cold water at home, soak the cup with hot water in cold water and sprinkle a handful of salt in the cold water to speed up the cooling of the boiled the fan on the leaves sprinkle a few drops of air oil essence, with the continuous rotation of the wind leaves, can make full room fragrance, but also has the effect of driving mosquitoes.105.bath, add a few drops of air oil essence in the water, after the bath there will be a cool and refreshing feeling, as well as prevention and control prickly heat, mosquito bites, eliminate the role of sweat odor.106.Sprinkle a few drops of oil essence on the ignited mosquito coils. The smoke from the mosquito coils will not choke, and the incense will be more effective in repelling the mosquitoes.107.Put a few boxes of open air oil, cool oil or a little mint on the wall to keep out mosquitoes. Plant a tomato or two indoors and the smell of its leaves will drive away mosquitoes.108.Do not throw away used perfume bottles, lotion bottles, etc. Open their covers and put them in the wardrobe or wardrobe.109.can be washing powder, smoking cigarette butts left together in the water, to be dissolved, to wipe the glass windows, screens, the effect is good.110.If the collar and cuffs are dirty, soak them in warm water with detergent for 15 to 20 minutes before washing them properly.111.If your clothes are not too dirty or have too much foam when you wash them, reduce the amount of detergent you use. By avoiding excessive use of detergent, you not only save money but also protect the environment and make your washing machine more durable.112.White socks, if yellow, can be washed after soaking in detergent solution for 30 minutes.For milk stains on clothes, washing powder can be used for pre-treatment of stains, and then for normal washing.113.dining, clothing if stained by grease, can be used to gently rub fresh white bread, oil stains can be eliminated.114.Small pieces of carpet at home, if dirty, can be wiped with hot bread dregs, and then hung in the shade, 24 hours later, the stain can be removed.115.Put a few slices of lemon peel and orange peel, or a few drops of vinegar, in the dishwater to get rid of odors on dishes and other utensils. At the same time, it softens hard water and increases the gloss of porcelain.116.washing flour bags do not scrub in water, you can put the bag in water bubble 1-2 days, to be fermented, the flour will automatically fall off from the bag, then rinse with water, you can clean as before.117.Jeans will fade when they are worn for a long time.After soaking the newly bought jeans in concentrated saltwater for 12 hours, rinse them with water, and wash them later without discoloration.118.frying pan used for a long time, the deposit of oil on the pot is difficult to remove, if the fresh pear skin on the pot add water to boil for a while, the oil scale is very easy to remove.119.white vest wear a long time will appear black spots, it is advisable to put fresh ginger 2 two pounded pot plus 1 jack of water to boil, after a little cool pour into the wash basin, soak white vest for 10 minutes, and then repeatedly rub a few times, black spots can be eliminated120.smoking or long use of dark nail polish will make nail discoloration, you can use half a fresh lemon wipe every day, continuous wipe on two weeks to remove stains.121.Add a small amount of soap powder to the detergent, the foam will be significantly reduced. If you wash with a washing machine, you can put a glass of vinegar in the washing tank, the detergent foam will disappear.122.When washing clothes, white pure cotton fabric is easy to be dyed by other clothes. Dyed clothes can be soaked into diluted 84 disinfectant to make use of its decolorization and return your clothes as they are.123.When writing pens, such as writing a typo, wipe some toothpaste, wipe clean. Ball refill is not fluent, the pen into the cigarette smoking filter into a turn can be.124.The rubber lids on the waste bottles are collected and, crisscrossed, hammered in rows on a rectangular piece of wood (the nails must be nailed to the notches in the lids) to make a practical washboard.125.Cleaning the wall with a waste bottle cap. Nailing a few small bottle caps to a small wooden board is a small iron brush that can be used to scrape away paper and dirt from the soles of shoes that are affixed to the wall.126.Securing the discarded rubber cover at the back of the door with double-sided adhesive can prevent the door from colliding with the wall when it is switched on and off, and can play a role in protecting the door.127.The plastic bottle cap on the bottle is sometimes too tight to open. The whole bottle can be put in the refrigerator (outside in winter), frozen for a while, and then unscrewed, easily unscrewed.128.When washing or drying clothes at high temperature, do not touch the window of the machine door to avoid burns. When taking out dry clothes, be careful about the metal parts of the clothes, such as zippers, buttons, etc., so as to avoid burns.129.Before painting, apply a layer of cream to your hands. After brushing the paint, apply the cream to the painted skin. Wipe with a dry cloth and wash with soap to remove the paint from your skin.130.Before applying nail polish, wipe your fingernails clean with cotton dip vinegar, wait until the vinegar is dry before applying nail polish, so that the nail polish will not fall off easily.131.Pour the proper amount of cleaning spirit into the toilet bowl, cover the toilet seat for a while, and then rinse with water to keep the toilet clear.132.Even if the indoor toilet is flushed clean again, it often leaves a bad smell. As long as a small cup of balsamic vinegar is placed in the toilet, the bad smell will disappear. It is valid for six or seven days and can be changed once a week.133.Mopping the floor with a mop is very heavy, and easy backache, the ground also takes a long time to talent. Wipe the floor with an old towel as a rag, clean, dry quickly, save time, use the old chemical fiber material effect is better.134.A granular substance called silica gel can be placed in a closed container together with the watch. After a few hours, the accumulated water in the watch can disappear. The silica gel can be used repeatedly.135.It is easy to find an unmagnetized iron ring, put the watch in the ring and wear it slowly. After a few minutes, the watch will demagnetize and return to its original state.136.To remove the wrinkles on a necktie, a wrinkled tie can be made both smooth and beautiful without ironing. Simply roll the tie over a beer bottle and, when reused the next day, the original wrinkles are removed.137.If the ID card is wrinkled, put the ID card on the table, cover it with one or two layers of paper, iron it with an iron separator (the temperature is not too high), iron one side and then iron the other side to make it flat.138.Adhesive paper or adhesive tape affixed to the wall, if the hard to remove, will damage the object, you can use a steam iron ironing, it can be easily removed.139.When the shoes are left moldy for a long time, wipe them with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1:1) solution, and then put them in a ventilated place to dry.140.All kinds of hair dyes lose some of their function or change their color at room temperature or in hot weather. If kept in a refrigerator, they will retain their original function for a long time and will not deteriorate.141.How to Keep Candles from Tears Birthday candles are frozen in the freezer of the fridge for 24 hours before they are used and then inserted into the cake. When lit, there is no candle oil to run down and stain the cake.142.household appliances in the gap will often accumulate a lot of dust, and with a cloth should not be wiped clean, can be used to remove waste brush in the gap in the dust, very convenient.143.The zipper should not be pulled too fast or too hard; it should not collapse too tightly; it should be kept dry to prevent contact with acid or alkali; it is hairless, can be coated with wax, and will not be astringent if pulled a few times.144.Color TV can not be connected to the ground by itself. If the ground wire, once the power plug is connected to the other side of the machine, it will make the engine and the power of the fire wire connected to the rack and other components live electricity, so there will be a risk of electric shock.145.With an iron clamp, the time is clamped to the length required for mosquito coils. When the mosquito coils are burned to the place where the clamps are placed, they will go out. This will neither affect sleep nor save the mosquito coils.146.Genuine mobile phone body number, outer packing number, the number raised from the mobile phone three consistent. Under the banknote detector, the entry permit label in the lower right corner shows CMII words.147.How do you clean a gem ring? Use a cotton swab to get wet in a mixture of magnesium oxide and ammonia, or in dew and glycerin, scrub the gem and frame, and then polish it with a flannel.148.Jewelry shall be handled lightly to avoid collision and friction; to avoid contact with high temperature and acid and alkali solutions; to be checked frequently to prevent gem from falling off; to be removed from the collection and cleaned and preserved in a timely manner.149.Put the pearl in the shade, and it sparkles with the finest pearls; the cleanliness and color of the surface determine the value of the pearl; the larger and rounder the pearl, the more valuable it is.150.Put the gem on the lining to let the sun shine. The light that penetrates the gem appears to be the real thing on the lining. In the case of a fake gem, a dark shadow appears on the lining.―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――Standard Weight Comparison ChartWomen's Standard Weight Comparison TableAge Height 152cm 156cm 160cm 162cm 164cm 166cm 168cm 170cm 172cm 176cm19  46  47  49  50  51  52  54  56  57  6021  46  47  49  50  51  52  54  56  57  6023  46  47  49  50  51  52  54  56  57  6025  46  48  49  50  51  53  55  56  57  6127  47  48  50  51  52  53  55  56  58  6129  47  49  51  52  53  54  56  58  59  6231  48  49  51  52  53  54  56  58  59  6233  48  50  51  52  53  55  57  58  59  6335  49  50  52  52  53  55  57  59  60  6337  49  51  53  53  54  56  59  60  61  6439  50  52  53  53  55  57  59  60  61  6541  51  52  54  54  55  57  59  61  62  6543  51  53  55  55  56  58  60  62  63  6645  52  53  55  55  57  58  60  62  63  6647  52  53  57  57  57  58  60  62  63  6749  52  53  56  56  57  59  60  62  63  6751  52  54  56  56  57  59  61  62  63  6753  53  54  56  56  58  59  61  62  64  6755  53  54  56  57  58  60  61  63  64  6757  53  55  56  57  58  60  61  63  64  6859  53  55  56  57  58  60  61  63  64  6861  53  54  56  56  57  59  61  63  64  6763  52  54  55  56  57  59  61  62  63  6765  52  54  55  56  57  59  61  62  63  6667  52  54  55  56  57  59  61  62  63  6669  52  54  55  56  57  59  61  62  63  66Age Height 152cm 156cm 160cm 162cm 164cm 166cm 168cm 170cm 172cm 176cmMen's Standard Weight Comparison TableAge Height 152cm 156cm 160cm 164cm 168cm 172cm 176cm 180cm 184cm 188cm19  50  52  52  54  56  58  61  64  67  7021  51  53  54  55  57  60  62  65  69  7223  52  53  55  56  58  60  63  66  70  7325  52  54  55  57  59  61  63  67  71  7427  52  54  55  57  59  61  64  67  71  7429  53  55  56  57  59  61  64  67  71  7431  53  55  56  58  60  62  65  68  72  7533  54  56  57  58  60  63  65  68  72  7535  54  56  57  59  61  63  66  69  73  7637  55  56  58  59  61  63  66  69  73  7639  55  57  58  60  61  64  66  70  74  7741  55  57  58  60  62  64  67  70  74  7743  56  57  58  60  62  64  67  70  74  7745  56  57  59  60  62  64  67  70  74  7747  56  58  59  61  63  65  67  71  75  7849  56  58  59  61  63  65  68  71  75  7851  57  58  59  61  63  65  68  71  75  7853  57  58  59  61  63  65  68  71  75  7855  56  58  59  61  63  65  68  71  75  7857  56  57  59  60  62  65  67  70  74  7759  56  57  58  60  62  64  67  70  74  7761  56  57  58  60  62  64  67  70  74  7763  56  57  58  60  62  64  67  70  74  7765  56  57  58  60  62  64  67  70  74  7767  56  57  58  60  62  64  67  70  74  7769  56  57  58  60  62  64  67  70  74  77Age Height 152cm 156cm 160cm 164cm 168cm 172cm 176cm 180cm 184cm 188cm―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――Orthopaedic Knowledge Q& A1. What is cervical spondylosis?The cervical disc degeneration itself and its secondary changes stimulate or compress adjacent tissues and cause various symptoms and / or signs.2. What is lumbar disc herniation?

As a result of lumbar disc degeneration or trauma and strain, resulting in the main structure of the disc fiber ring become weak or even broken, in the role of stress disc herniation or rupture of prolapse of the nucleus pulposus, stimulation or compression of adjacent tissues such as the spinal nerve root, cauda equina caused by lumbar pain, limb numbness, incontinence, even paraplegia and other symptoms and / signs, referred to lumbar syndrosis.3. What are the symptoms of lumbar disc herniation?Before the onset of the disease often a number of non-specific precursor symptoms, such as acute low back pain, recurrent low back pain, chronic persistent low back pain, cervical and lumbar syndrome, the onset of back pain, sciatica, lower abdomen or thigh side pain, intermittent claudication, muscle paralysis, numbness, cauda equina syndrome, cold limbs, tail pain, leg edema.4. What is the relationship between lumbar disc herniation and occupation?Previous statistics show that lumbar protrusion to manual workers, but in recent years the data found that with the exception of manual workers, the incidence of long-term sitting and motorists in the year-on-year, and the normal human autopsy statistics show that about 30% of normal people have different degrees of lumbar disc herniation, but no symptoms, may be related to the greater diameter of the vertebral canal.5. What are the causes of lumbar disc herniation?A considerable number of cases of lumbar protrusion have a history of trauma, accounting for about 59%, the other part of the patients have a history of cold, accounting for about 3%, with the degree of modernization found that long-term sitting and lack of physical exercise are also prone to induce lumbar protrusion.6. How is lumbar disc herniation diagnosed?It is not difficult to diagnose lumbar protrusion according to the typical symptoms and signs of lumbocrural pain, but in order to exclude other diseases and differential diagnosis, to identify the type of protrusion in order to select the most suitable treatment, some additional examinations such as X-ray, CT and / or MRI examination of the lumbar spine are needed.7. What is the classification of lumbar disc herniation?According to the corresponding protrusion gap can be divided into L1 ~ 2, L2 ~ 3, L3 ~ 4, L4 ~ 5, L5 ~ S1 disc herniation; according to the relationship between protrusion and nerve root and dural lumbar disc herniation is divided into lateral and central lumbar disc herniation; according to CT and MRI manifestations are divided into extrusion type, protrusion type, protrusion type and extrusion type; and some special types: children type, extreme lateral type, type, high type and high type.8. Which diseases need to be distinguished from lumbar protrusion?Lewis (1943) has listed 158 causes of lumbocrural pain need to be identified, classified as (1) spinal diseases such as occlusion and spondylolisthesis, (2) paravertebral soft tissue diseases such as lumbar muscle strain, (3) spinal diseases such as inflammation and tumors, (4) sacroiliac joint and hip diseases such as tuberculosis and pear-shaped muscle syndrome, (5) vascular and pelvic vascular diseases such as pelvic inflammatory diseases.9. What are the treatments for lumbar disc herniation?Traditional treatment methods mainly include: (1) conservative treatment such as manual traction, massage, physiotherapy, epidural closure, etc.; (2) surgical treatment.

With the development of modern medicine, treatment methods are increasingly advanced, manual traction has been computer-controlled three-dimensional quantitative tractive bed replaced; new minimally invasive interventional therapy is gradually replacing some surgical treatment, such as C-arm X-ray machine or CT-guided subcutaneous endothelial ablation, percutaneous hemolysis and endonuclesion.10. How do patients with lumbar disc herniation choose the treatment method?Because of the different types of patients with lumbar protrusion, the severity of the disease is different, and there are many treatment methods, which need to be classified and treated. Patients should be treated in a sequential manner under the guidance of an experienced specialist. Generally, the procedure is conservative, interventional and final. The vast majority of patients do not need surgical treatment.11. What are the indications for conservative treatment of lumbar protrusion?

(1) In the case of a first attack, the duration of the illness is short; (2) in the case of a long course of illness but with lighter symptoms and signs; (3) in the case of a general illness or a local skin disease, the operation cannot be performed; (4) in the case of a patient who does not consent to the operation.

12.What is the principle of traction therapy for lumbar process?

Traction is the simplest way to exert passive motion on the intervertebral disc joints, can increase the intervertebral space to produce negative pressure, tension of the posterior longitudinal ligament, is conducive to the protrusion of the nucleus pulposus is also satisfied, joint joints opened to restore the normal shape of the intervertebral foraminal foramen, so as to lift the compression of the nerve roots, especially the use of three-dimensional computer-controlled traction can quantify the different body weight patients and rotational reduction of the angle, are conducive to change the symptoms of nerve and eliminate the root.

13.What is the interventional therapy for lumbar process?

Interventional therapy of lumbar protrusion refers to the treatment of protrusion by puncture under CT or X-ray monitoring in order to get minimally invasive treatment. At present, there are mainly collagenase nucleation and percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of intervertebral disc.

14.What is the mechanism of collagenase nucleation for lumbar process?

Refers to interventional therapy in which a certain dose of collagenase is injected into the intervertebral disc or behind a protrusion with a special needle under CT or X-ray monitoring to dissolve the protrusion of the nucleus pulposus and remove the compression of nerve roots.

15.What is the mechanism of collagenase nucleation for injection?

Collagenase is a protein extracted from microbial metabolites. It is highly specific and dissolves only collagen, while it has no effect on other structures and substances, so there is no need to worry about damaging nearby nerve roots. The main components of the nucleus pulposus are protein polysaccharides and collagen. The main components in the fiber ring are collagen fibers. So the collagenase is injected into the inside or around the nerve roots of the collagen sheath.

16.What are the indications for lumbar process?Diagnosed lumbar protrusion, by conservative treatment of ineffective, are indications.17.What are the contraindications for protuberant collagenase nucleolysis?Allergic constitution, ponytail syndrome, lumbar spinal stenosis, lateral recess stenosis, calcification of protrusions, pregnant women and children under 14 years of age.18. What are the advantages of collagenase nucleolysis in the treatment of lumbar protrusion?Minimally invasive treatment without surgery, safe and effective risk of small, short course of treatment, low cost of treatment. Generally only one injection, bed rest for three days, only about 40% of the cost of surgery, to achieve the same effect of surgery.19. What is radiofrequency ablation for lumbar protrusion?Refers to the CT or C-arm X-ray machine under the supervision of a puncture needle inserted into the herniated disc, and then along the needle core into a special vaporization rod, connected to the radiofrequency transmitter, the herniation of the disc ablation so as to achieve therapeutic effect.20. What are the characteristics of radiofrequency ablation?Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is the most advanced minimally invasive surgery for the spine. It does not alter the mechanical structure of the spine, but is equivalent to performing a puncture with a diameter of only one millimetre at the patient's site. It has the advantages of simple operation, safe and effective operation, short course of treatment, quick effect and low cost.―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――One hundred and forty-six folk remedies worth treasuring!!!Note:1.the use of drugs, mainly food, absolutely order to make the reader understand, dosage units are used in the old system, such as: jin, two, money, etc., some with a bowl, refers to the general bowl.3.the use of drugs marked with * general can be bought to the pharmacy, pharmacies have.4.paste said in the vinegar, is the general use of vinegar, if the use of white vinegar, will have another note.5.The liquor mentioned in the paste refers to the liquor with more than 50 degrees. 6. Some diseases need to be contraindicated during treatment, which means that if there is no contraindication during the medication period, the curative effect will be affected.6.some diseases during the treatment of contraindications, refers to the use of drugs during such as non-contraindications, it will affect the efficacy.Combining with the traditional secret recipes that have been circulating among the ancient people for a long time, it gathers together many ancient and modern recipes, wonderful recipes and secret techniques, which can not only bring convenience to the people, but also a treasure book for every family, and is also of great reference value to some doctors specializing in Chinese and Western medicine.I. Internal Medicine1.the first cold: Scallion white (even the beard), ginger slices 5 money, a bowl of water fried open, add the right amount of red pond said hot once take (Scallion ginger without taking), and immediately go to bed, sweating that the more.2.multi-day cold: daytime usage with the first, in addition, before going to bed at night, with garlic mashed into a paste, compress the two feet of the heart (spring point, each foot of the heart can be filled with beans can be large), wrapped with cloth, the next morning off, even use 2 to 3 days that the recovery.3.headache (all kinds of headaches can be): raw radish juice, each drop nostril two drops (both nostrils are dripping), twice a day, for 4 to 5 days, in addition to root. Do not eat pepper, pepper.4.dizziness (dizziness, dizziness): a duck egg, red beans 20, stir well steamed, empty clothes in the morning, this day, for 7 days have special effects. Avoid eating wine, spicy.5.insomnia, dream: half a basin of hot water before going to bed, add a couple of feet of vinegar soak 20 minutes, and eat green onion white 1 ~ 2.6.dry cough (cold or other causes can be): raw black sesame 3 money (about a spoonful), ice sugar appropriate, a total of mashed boiled water washed in the morning empty service, 3 days to heal, eat less fish.7.there is sputum cough (including acute bronchitis, bronchitis, childhood bronchitis): turnip 22, pear 22, together chopped and boiled in a bowl of water plus appropriate amount of ice sugar to eat, two times a day for 3 days. Qingre phlegm. Can be used with Article 9.8.old tracheitis (chronic tracheitis): take winter frost after loofah rattan * a two, licorice * a money, water a bowl of fried soup once served, two times a day, continuous use of half a month to 20 days, can be radical treatment.9.long-term cough (emphysema and tracheitis caused by cough): alum or two, developed into powder with vinegar into a paste, every night before going to bed to take a large group of yellow beans to apply the heart (Chung Chuen points, both feet are covered), wrapped with cloth, the next morning off, even with 7 days have special effects.10.asthma (children with asthma): dry earthworm * half a catty, fried yellow grind into powder, with sugar water, a 2 money (about half spoon powder) two times a day, serving that the more.11.stomach pain, acid vomiting, stomach sag, stomach sinusitis: garlic for the first time a peel scorched, and then add a bowl of water to boil, add the right amount of sugar fasting food, two times a day, with 7 days can be radical cure.12.stomach, 12 fat intestines ulcer:30 fried chicken eggshell char grind powder, wheat flour half a catty fried char, shake together, sooner or later before the meal with. Boiling water, 2 yuan a time (about half spoon), two times a day, the general one payment of medicine can be cured, serious illness need to pay two.13. high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia: celery seed * one or two, wrapped with gauze, put 10 jin water fried soup, early, medium and late drink 1 cup.14.heart disease, coronary heart disease: peanut shell once or two, mung bean 5 money, fried a bowl of soup to take, two times a day, take half a month.15.Gastroenteritis, diarrhea: each time with wheat flour half two fry coke, add the right amount of sugar with boiling water, before meals, two times a day, 2-3 days have special effects. Avoid eating persimmons, bananas, greasy.16.indigestion (children indigestion with): chicken doze skin 4 two fried yellow grind into powder, before meals with sugar water, two times a day, two money (about half a spoonful), children halved, a dose can be taken, avoid eating snail.17.chest gas bloating: white radish seed * 5 money, fried a bowl of soup service, three times a day, three days with the effect of anti-accumulation of qi.18, nerve fading: pig brain 1 two, add honey a spoon, steamed to eat, once a day, eat 5 to 10 days.19.anemia: killing chickens, ducks, the blood will flow on a clean white paper, dried and kneaded into powder, with wine dressing, a half spoon powder, two times a day, even take half a month.bogey kelp.20.internal heat dry mouth: Aloe *, mung beans 5 money each, add a bowl of water to boil, add the right amount of ice sugar, go to Aloe root to eat beans to drink soup, take two times a day, even take 3 days.21.chronic hepatitis: each time with white thatched root * two, burning a bowl of water to take soup, three times a day, the general need to take half a month, bogey spicy.22.gallbladder, kidney, urethra stones: with chicken gold, corn should be 50 grams, fried a bowl of soup to take one time, 2 to 3 times a day, continuous service 10 days. Do not eat liver, fat, egg yolk.23.urgent, chronic nephritis:4 about two heavy black fish, descaling, intestines, green tea 2 money, wrapped into the fish belly with wire bundled, add a bowl of water cooked, eat fish to drink soup, one dose a day, even eat 10 to 15 days. Contraindications, salt, bananas, sex.24.cholecystitis: winter melon seeds, mung beans 5 each fried a bowl of soup, take it three times a day, for 10 days.25. diabetes: a pig pancreas, winter melon skin 1 two, boiled, add less oil, salt and seasoning (do not add wine, sugar) to eat, one dose a day, eat 20 days.26.poor memory: goose eggs a, into the bowl with the right amount of sugar stir well, steamed in the morning empty service, even eat 5 days, there is Qingnao puzzle function, to enhance memory has special effect, avoid eating kelp, pepper, animal blood, wine, mung bean.27.impassable: willow leaves 1 two, fried a bowl of soup to take one time, two times a day, 2 to 3 days can be open urine.28.Urinary incontinence (urinary urgency, uncontrollable): Chicken intestine a pay, wash and dry, fry yellow grind into powder, with yellow wine delivery service, 1 money each time, three times a day, the more after serving.29.frequency (urination frequency many times): Raw leek seed * 3 two, ground into powder, each time 2 money with boiled water delivery service, two times a day, generally need to take 2 to 10 days. Avoid thick tea, milk.30.constipation (stool drying knot, defecation difficulties): with cooked pumpkin a bowl, add lard 5 money and the right amount of salt to eat, once a day, once effect, 3 days can be cured.31.dysentery, diarrhea: each time with two ends of garlic, even skin burning and then cook a bowl of water empty service soup, two times a day, even with 3 days can be anti-inflammatory detoxification, anti-diarrhea is particularly effective.32.snoring: pepper 5 to 10 tablets, with a cup of water before going to bed, to be cool after taking (pepper disobedient), continuous service 5 days, never snore again.33.Hiccup: Burn and smell with a small strip of fingernail.34.motion sickness: car cut a ginger containing mouth, or paste a plaster on the navel (this article is prohibited for pregnant women), for carsickness teach serious, both sides can be used, have special effects.35.Stroke: Drink 1 or 2 raw celery juices a day, take half a month for the sick, take a month for the seriously ill, avoid eating mutton, duck blood.36.neuropathy (also known as epilepsy, sheep epilepsy, crazy disease, fox daxian): dry peach * 3 two, with a knife cut into fine end, divided into ten parts, one at a time, when the onset of alum water delivery service, two times a day, a 5-day course of treatment, with 3 courses.37.Hyperthyroidism: Huang Yaozi * 9 to 12 grams, with three bowls of water into a bowl, once a day; another 50 grams can be used to bubble 1 catty liquor, a day to take 12, 5 to 8 weeks significantly reduced metabolic rate.38, chronic enteritis:1 egg white, liquor half two, mix, take every night before bed.II. Paediatrics39.children cold (including infants): ginger 5 money, half a bowl of water fried open to add Hongtang to take, two times a day, 2 days to heal.40.Pertussis (and baby wheezing): garlic a head, peeled and pounded with sugar 3 money, more than half an hour later with boiling water or two, two days can treat children cough, infant asthma, have special effects.41.Pediatric enuresis: a green onion white, pounded, every night before going to bed to apply navel, wrapped with cloth, the next morning to remove the morning, even with 3 to 5 days, can be cured.42.night crying: adults with a small handful of green tea chewed inside the mouth, every night before bed on the navel of children, wrapped with cloth, the next morning to remove, for three days.43.infant diarrhea, abdominal distension: garlic a head, even skin scorched, and half a bowl of water boil, add the right amount of sugar to take soup, once a day, generally two or three days to eliminate food and diarrhea.44.night sweat (adult night sweat with): old tofu half catties, sliced into a pot of barbecue, add a bowl of water, sugar amount, broiled soup even with the bar to eat, every night before bed, 3 days to heal.45.hit roundworm: raw pumpkin seeds 20, to shell empty before meals, once eat, the next day the worm can be excreted with stool.46. often itching: a wet ointment, every night before going to bed on the anus, the next morning to remove, continuous use for three days.47. anorexia in children (do not think to eat): Hawthorn * 3 money, chicken skin 1 money, add half a bowl of water cooked rice before eating, two times a day, even eat three days, appetizers, digestive effects.48.Abdominal Pain (Adult Abdominal Pain): Apply an orange peel to your navel. Heat with half a catty of salt (not too hot) and apply to the orange peel for immediate relief.49.eating clutter: leek half catties, not chopped, fried more add some lard, eat up at a time, debris can be discharged with the stool.50.Grinding teeth: every night before going to bed to eat a piece of raw orange peel, even eat 2 to 3 days, can treat children and adults sleep molars.51. drooling (adults, the elderly sleep drooling method with): loach half catties, to visceral drying, fried yellow grind into powder, with yellow wine wash, once two money, once a day, served up.52.children lack of calcium: each time with shrimp peel 5 money, kelp 1 two, together with the soup, refueling salt consumption, once a day for half a month.53.mumps: vinegar and ink according to 1:1 match, dip this with a brush, apply to the affected area, 5 to 6 times a day, usually two or three days swelling of the parotid self-elimination.54. small intestine gas: raw ginger juice 5 money, first give children a bath, to sweat all over the body, with ginger rub the affected part, two times a day, with three or four days, no recurrence later.55.The examination room sedation good prescription: The student enters the examination room like the battlefield, often because of the excessive tension, causes oneself to have the fluster, the stage fright phenomenon, thus cannot play normally but falls short of fame. Now introduces one kind of unilateral: the jujube kernel *, the green bean each one two, cooks one bowl soup to eat, one day two times, the second party must before the examination two days begin to take, until the examination ends, has the sedation, has the sedation effect.III. Surgery56.arthritis, periarthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis):1 catty salt, fry in the pan, add onion, ginger 3 money each, wrapped together with cloth, while hot compress the affected areas to salt cool; once a day, for a week, has the effect of chasing the wind dampness.57.strain back pain: Ai Ye * a two, fried yellow crab shell a two, dip liquor a catty, three days later with wine coated waist, 2 to 3 times a day, 7 to 10 days, can be treated for many years back pain.58.Kidney deficiency back pain: silk melon seeds half a catty, fried yellow grind into powder. Liquor delivery, 1 money each time, two times a day, the more after serving. This side can also treat women giving birth back pain.59.sciatica: eat a catty of fine salt, add Ai Ye * or two after stir-frying, cover the affected area with a cloth to salt cool, once a day, for 5 to 10 days. (Salt can be used repeatedly every day).60.cervical pain: sheep bones (raw, cooked can be) 22, smash fried yellow, soak liquor 1 jin, after three days to wipe the neck, three times a day, but generally 15 days, can be radical cure.61.bone spines (bone hyperplasia): dog bones in twos, smash fried yellow soaked liquor 1 jin, after three days with wine to wipe the affected area (preferably with a cup of this wine), three times a day, with half a month can be healed.62.leg cramps: mulberry fruit * one or two, fried a bowl of soup once to drink, two times a day, 5 days to heal.63.Limb numbness: old gourd gluten * one or two, fried a bowl of soup to take once, two times a day, continuous service for a week, there are special effects.64.inside, outside hemorrhoids: big field snail a day, will remove the cover. Add ice piece * 1 money, 5 minutes later take the field snail water coated anus, 2 times a day, 7 days to heal, avoid eating wine, spicy food. 65, needle caking: cut potatoes into half centimeters thick thin, apply to the affected area, and then use a hot towel, two times a day, 20 minutes odor: pepper, pepper 50 each, ground into powder, and then add ice flakes * 2 money, blended with medical alcohol, daily take a small group of coated with adhesive tape, a day for a day, with half a month can be eradicated.67. Crooked Eye (Facial Nerve Paralysis): The eel blood-coated face, to the left side, and palms from left to right repeatedly wipe, 2 minutes each time, two times a day, to the right crooked is reversed, with three or four days that is correct.68.take off the anus (solve stool when the anus off): each time with leek half catties, water 2 catties fry open wash anus, two times a day, wash three days.69.Pillow (neck pain caused by discomfort in the pillow or posture while sleeping): Leek juice is heated to rub the neck seven or eight times a day. It can be cured in two or three days.70.Quit smoking: Dried pumpkin rattan * one or two, fried a bowl of Tonga amount of brown sugar once service, three times a day, 7 days later never want to smoke.71.alcohol: a live eel, put a bottle of liquor soaked in two days after the wine, 1 time 1 to 2 two, three times a day, will drink after the end never want to drink a drop of wine.72.drink alcohol not drunk: Gegen * 1 money, drink a glass of boiling water before drinking, alcohol can be deconstructed, so people will not be drunk.73. scabies (old rotten feet): bean curd fry, apply to the affected area, wrapped with cloth, once a day for a long time, can cure rotten feet do not close.74. Lymphatic tuberculosis: Stir fry yellow conch shell into powder, apply to affected area with sesame oil, change once a day, use for 7 ~ 10 days continuously.75. longevity health medicine wine: magnet, polygonum *, jujube, walnut, medlar * one or two, dip liquor or rice wine two catties, two days later according to the daily amount of alcohol to eat this wine, as usual drink can make the elderly facial rosy, enhance disease resistance, have delayed aging effect.IV. itching: fresh leeks, rice water, according to 1:10 weight match, first soak two hours and then even with leek boil, go to leek with water or bath, once effect, wash not with water over, once a day, wash three days never itch.77.psoriasis, psoriasis (psoriasis): lateral cypress *, leaves *, each 200 grams, terrestris * 40 grams, a total of grind coarse end, packed in a cloth bag, boiling water 6 catties after cooking small fire for 30 minutes, painting the affected area, three times a day.78.Neurodermatitis (or allergies, or seasonal occurrence): Lao Tofu three, four or two fried coke, sesame oil mixed with the affected area, 3 times a day, three or four days have special effects.79. eczema (red spots on the skin, blisters, itching): with mung bean 3 two fried char grind powder, with vinegar mix spread the affected area, twice a day, even coated a week can be radical treatment.80. rubella, prickly heat: fresh leek juice applied to the affected area every day, once that is obviously effective, three times a day, two to three days that the more.81. vitiligo: Ume * 30 to 50 grams soaked in 95% alcohol in 100 ml, 2 weeks after filtration and then add two meta alum * 5 ml, rub the affected area 3 times a day, each time vigorously wipe for 5 minutes.82.Hand gas, foot gas: raw garlic head two, peeled into half a catty vinegar soak for 3 days, then garlic head rub the affected area, 3 times a day. Consecutive use of 7 to 10 days, anti-inflammatory and kill bacteria effect.83.hand sweat, foot sweat too much: alum * 5 money, hot water 2 kg, together with the melting soaked hands and feet, once 10 minutes, after soaking let its natural dry, once a day, five days after the hands and feet sweat normal.84.Broken hands and feet, rough: Pig oil two, add sugar 1 money. Mash hands and feet evenly, 2 to 3 times a day. General 7 days to heal, wipe a few days later never recurrence.85.frostbite unbroken: sharp pepper 5 money, liquor or alcohol half a catty together into the bottle soaked 3 days later, in the beginning of frostbite, skin redness and heat when the affected area, five times a day, with special effects, continuous recovery with 10 days to half a month root, never again in the coming year.86. frostbite has been broken: old cotton (the older the better) burned into ash, sesame oil mixed with the affected areas, three times a day.87.goose palms wind, gray nails: vinegar 1 catty boil to half catty, add peeled garlic head, two days later with vinegar dipping hands twice a day, once 10 minutes, soaked and then washed with water, 7 days can be.88. sores, boils, boils: pounded with raw potatoes, coated with cloth wrapped around the affected area, for a day, generally 5 days.89. Chicken eye, Hou Zi: First remove the old skin outside the affected area, and then coated with cool oil, smoked with cigarette fire, until the pain after a little adhere to remove fireworks, two times a day, five days can fall off without hair.90.scald: can choose egg white, sugar water, vinegar, honey, in the scald immediately coated injury, it will not blister and easy.91. flow fire, Dan poison (more affected in the lower limbs, skin red, swelling, heat pain and accompanied by chills, high fever, headache): fresh loofah leaf juice mixed golden powder * into paste, coated outside the affected, take Sanmiao pill * Chinese patent medicine has a wonderful effect.92. mosquito bites (red, itchy): can choose garlic, ginger rub or vinegar, toothpaste, salt water, cigarette ash mixed with water, can be immediately effective antipruritic, detoxification detumescence.V. Department of Gynaecology and Male Medicine93.Woman leucorrhea (leucorrhea, smell): raw eggs one, knock a small hole from a head, will be 7 white pepper into the egg, with paper sealed good steamed, to pepper to eat eggs, one a day, even eat a week, avoid eating pig's blood, green beans.94.irregular menstruation (come in advance or delayed are more than 7 days): dry lotus root festival half catties, fried yellow grind into powder, liquor delivery service, three times a day, one time 2 money, after serving can come through each month.95.blood (menstrual volume is too much): black fungus 3 two, fried dried into powder, Hongtang water delivery service, a 3 money, two times a day.96.Menopause (adolescent 18 years of age and non-pregnant women do not menstruate in February or more): dried aubergine slices, fried yellow grind powder. Yellow wine delivery service, two times a day, five dollars a time, ten days can be healed.97.Through the meridian (abdominal pain when coming to menstruation): Use loofah sinews one or two times at a time, burn a bowl of soup service, two times a day, and heal in seven days.98.external itching: green onion and white even the root of one or two, pepper 10, together with a bowl of fried water, wash the vagina, two times a day, a total of three days.99.postpartum lack of milk: lettuce seed * 5 money, fried soup a bowl, add sugar once taken, two times a day, five days after milk sufficient.100.prenatal knowledge of men and women: the first morning of pregnant women dripping two drops of medical alcohol, reddened for men, no change for women.101.Female infertility: raw eggs one open a small hole, put saffron * 0. 5 money or so, and then steamed eat eggs, one a day, even eat a month, (to start after menstruation is clean).102.uterus, ovarian tumor: safflower 6 grams, 30 grams of black beans, water decoction, to eat black beans and soup safflower, 2 times a day.103.male infertility: a sparrow a day, remove the hair and internal organs, the dodder seed * 2 money into the sparrow belly, wrapped well steamed after eating sparrows, continuous use of half a month, can cure the man married long childlessness.104.impotence (male impotence can not ): magnet (magnet) 5 money, rooster testicles 5, soak liquor a catty, three days after the usual daily amount of wine, generally need to eat half to one month. (magnet can be used repeatedly). If not eat wine, the daily fried two rooster testicles to eat, even eat half a month to one month, fully restore sexual function.105.spermatozoon (sleep dream stream essence): a pig waist, cut into leek seeds * 2 money, steamed with thread tied, and then chopped refueling salt to eat, one a day, even eat four or five kidneys.106.Premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation of men during sexual intercourse): leek seed * half a catty of hot yellow, served with yellow wine, 2 money at a time, three times a day, served to heal.107.small intestine gas: salt half catty fried, add pepper 20, wrapped with cloth, apply to the affected area to salt cool, once a day, it is best to use before bed, even with 4, 5 days have special's sexual dysfunction (does not belong to impotence, but sexual dysfunction force is not the center of gravity, more common in the elderly and infirm, but also caused by excessive sexual intercourse): live prawns or white shrimp one or two, liquor 1 catty, immersion 5 days after the amount of wine will be fried shrimp to eat.109.prostatitis: musk 0. 5 grams, 7 white pepper, ground into fine powder, bottled spare. Wash the umbilical cord with alcohol, put musk into the navel, and then the pepper cover in the top, a round white paper cover, with adhesive tape affixed every 7 to 10 days 1 time, 10 times for a course of treatment.110.prostate hypertrophy: winter papaya seed * 30 grams, black fungus 15 grams, Qin Pi * 15 grams, fried clothes, 2 times a day.VI. five senses111. toothache (neurotic, allergic, tooth decay can be): pepper 10, liquor or two, the pepper soaked in wine, after 10 minutes with wine mouth containing, minutes effective, twice a day every 10 minutes, 3 to 4 days recovery.112.periodontitis, gingivitis: with a chicken egg white and the same amount of liquor to stir a drink, including the mouth, 5 minutes after vomiting, twice a day (one egg a day), 2 to 3 days anti-inflammatory pain.113.tooth bleeding (often caused by bleeding or brushing): pepper 10, vinegar, soaked 2 days after mouth containing, once 3 minutes, twice a day, for 5 days with special effects.114.electro-optic red eye disease: human milk dripping into the eye, closed the eyes for 10 minutes, twice a day, two drops a time, with special effects, avoid spicy.115.conjunctivitis (non-electric red eye disease): with green tea water, eyewash 3 to 5 times a day, generally 2 to 3 days have anti-inflammatory antibacterial effect.116.Tear eye, trachoma: dry mulberry leaves * 1 two, add a bowl of water to boil, wash your eyes 3 to 5 times a day, for a week.117.Eyesight decline (old light, old flowers, sight unclear): chrysanthemum * 2 money, wolfberry * 2 money, daily with open blisters drink (a dose can be soaked three times), even drink half to a month, the effect of clear eyes. Avoid eating spicy food, kelp.118.steal needle eye: with needle needle needle nose ministry repeatedly rub affected place, and a little force extrusion, 2 ~ 3 times a day, not more than two days can be cured.119.Cataracts (cloudy crystalline form, impaired vision): Tribulus terrestris * 250 g, sheep liver 250 grams, 200 grams of sugar, study for the end, 15 grams each time, 2 times daily, 8 weeks effect.

120. glaucoma (eyeball pressure is too high, corneal edema or was foggy, vision loss): a pay pig's eye, add mung bean or two cooked, refueling, salt appropriate amount, a daily dose, even eat half a month, can make eye relaxed, eyes bright.121. otitis media (ear long-term running water, thick, bilge pain): fresh leek juice 5 money, add alum half money, dissolved after dripping into the ear, 1 to 2 drops a day, 2 times a day, for 5 days.122.tinnitus, deafness: Angelica * 15 money, black beans 30 grams, Hongtang 30 grams, fried clothes, 2 times a day, 2 weeks effect. Chrysanthemum * 30 grams, root * 30 grams, winter melon skin * 30 grams, fried clothes, 2 times a day, 2 weeks effect.123.Insect into the ear: with a drop of cat urine, dripping into the ear, the bug will automatically come out. (Extract cat urine: with a large clove of garlic head, peel the nose of the cat, the cat that urinates).124.mouth sores (also called sheep-sore, in the mouth called oral ulcer): vinegar, distilled water, such as mixing, spread the affected area, 5 times a day, continuous use of 2 to 3 days, can be anti-inflammatory pain, excellent results.125.sore throat (throat dry pain, foreign body sensation, acute, chronic can be): green tea to make strong tea about 2 two water, add half two honey mix, daily several times gargle throat and slow pharynx, a daily dose, with 3 to 5 days, anti-inflammatory, analgesic throat, treat acute, chronic pharyngitis, eat tobacco, alcohol, all excitant food.126.tonsillitis (throat launched on the two sides of red, pain, usually more than after the cold): black fungus one or two, fried dry ground powder, each time with half a spoon powder and honey mix oral, two times a day and never re-hair (this side in tonsillitis is attack).127.The voice is hoarse (coughs, speech too much, sings, the internal fire and so on the reason causes the sound is hoarse): The egg one, breaks into the bowl, adds the vinegar one soup, stirs up the steamed cooked edible, a day one dose, eats 2 to 3 days continuously, the voice is loud.128. halitosis: aloe root * (fresh, dry can be) a two, fried soup a bowl with ice sugar appropriate internal service, once a day, in the morning empty service, continuous service for a week.129. fish thorn throat: lighter person with good vinegar to drink a sip. If not, can use duck saliva a spoon to drink, fish thorn can be automated off. (Duck saliva method: with a piece of ginger, into the duck mouth, and then the duck upside down, ducks that drooling).130. rhinitis (including allergic, atrophic and sinusitis, some flow of pus, nasal mucus, some smell is not sensitive): a yellow brick, set fire to burn hot, take off, will be a spoon of vinegar poured on the hot brick, at this time there is a large number of hot nose, the second time a day, continuous use 7 days, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, detoxification, disinfection, special treatment.131. nosebleed: lotus root *, aloe root *, etc., together chopped, fried a bowl of water once to drink, two times a day, with 5 days, heat to stop bleeding, never relapse.VII.Beauty132. in addition to facial wrinkles: fresh cucumber juice two spoonfuls, add the same amount of egg white (about an egg) stir well, every night before going to bed first wash your face, and then smear facial wrinkles, the next morning with warm water wash, even for half to a month, can make the skin gradually shrink, eliminate wrinkles have special rough black: rely on cosmetics whitening the skin, can only temporarily cover up, the cure is not the root cause, now you are introduced to a cure can make the skin whitening and white elixir, both simple and special effects: with white glycerin according to 5:1 mix, often rub the skin (two or three times a day) can make the skin moist, reduce melanin the skin after a month that is fine and smooth, the skin is full of delicate sense of beauty.134.except freckles: almonds * 5 money, grind into fine powder, with egg white blended, every night before going to bed to apply the face, the next morning with warm water to wash away, once a day, 10-15 days effect, after not hair.135.yellow brown class butterfly spot: winter melon juice white vinegar equal amount, mix evenly spread the face, 2 ~ 3 times a day, after 10 minutes wash away. Even with half a month can be addition to facial pigmentation spots: fresh tomato juice honey, according to 5:1 mix, apply to the face, after 10 minutes wash, with 10 to 15 days, can make melanin decomposition, the skin becomes white and addition to acne (acne acne acne): fresh cucumber juice white vinegar equal mix, first with hot water after face painting, three times a day, after 10 minutes with warm water to wash away, even with half a month can heal, after not old.138.except the black mole: peanut kernels burned and mashed, blended with alcohol, painted on the mole, every night before bed coated and wrapped, the next morning wash away, even with half a month can be removed, (big mole to be coated in January) loss dandruff itchy: every time with mulberry root * 4 money, water two jin, boil shampoo, once a day, after washing do not use water too repeatedly for 5 days, can promote scalp blood circulation, has the effect of fixing hair, and treat dandruff itchy, renewable hair.140.Bald patches: Press 134 to use, and wipe the scalp with old ginger 3 to 5 times a day, with 134 for half a month, after a month or two will grow a thick hair again.141.Brighten your hair: Mix the beer vinegar in 2:1. Moisten your hair with a towel once a day for half a month.142.white black hair: He Shouwu * black sesame three or two, fried together and grated, with sugar water, 3 money each time, once a day, continuous service for half a month, can be kidney Jianfa. Broad bean bogey.143.weight loss: dry lotus leaf * dry winter melon skin * according to 1:2 match good, daily with one or two soak about a pound of hot water to drink, there is to the effect of greasy scraper oil hands, bogey fat.144.thin people gain weight: eggs two, beat in a bowl, add raw tomato juice a spoon and a moderate amount of sugar, with the same amount of boiling water into a semi-cooked consumption, once a day, the morning empty clothes (can also eat eggs) even eat for a month, will gradually become fat later.145.teeth whitening: salt baking soda with the same amount, add into toothpaste shape, brush your teeth once a day, 3 to 4 days can be removed from the surface of all teeth spots, so that teeth white.146.except the hair beard (hairy): the old battery powder powder equal amount, with medical alcohol blended, after 5 minutes can be automatically washed away, once a day, 5-7 days after the hair can be automatically depilated beard, will not be re-hair, this side of the skin without allergies, no irritation, no side effects.