Do You Know the Hidden Rules for Facebook Advertising Account Being Closed?

By Philip Perez,2011-10-15 16:27
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Do You Know the Hidden Rules for Facebook Advertising Account Being Closed?

Recently many customers reflect just registered FB account was closed, some of these people even not registered, advertising account banned a lot. So, let's talk about personal accounts and advertising accounts today.

Let's talk about how to avoid Facebook's advertising account being blocked.

First of all, let's see why the recent Facebook advertising account has been banned so much.

1. Facebook announced in May there are 1 billion 900 million global users, is undoubtedly the social hegemony. Platform to maintain vitality, maintain constant user growth in order to have growing advertising revenue. Therefore, the user experience is the most important issue.

2. From the Facebook news can be seen in this enterprise style very honest: perhaps the sales figures are the first indicators of salesman, sales and integrity but when placed in front of any leadership in the Facebook, the answer is obviously.

3. China is the imitation of goods, advertising false, low-quality products and other major violations of the exporting countries, so China's newly created accounts are relatively easy to be taken seriously.

4. Chinese advertisers are not active users of FB.

Therefore, due to some of the above reasons, as well as a variety of small details do not pay attention to, the account was sealed in the cross-border electricity supplier who is very normal. Understand the reasons for being sealed so that you can better judge future trends.

The main reason for the blocked account:

When you receive this email, congratulations on winning the prize! The account is invalid.

What are the reasons for the closure of your account?

1. The information is untrue

Use your own real name, your name is best in English or Pinyin, and use your own real picture as your head.

Once the title, and upload documents when it is easy to appeal success.

2. Change IP too frequently

People often ask VPN questions, and some even ask for free VPN. To tell you the truth, if you save the dozens of dollars, you'll spend more time in the future. So spend money on a good VPN, and make sure IP is stable.

3. Payment card

Use the same credit card as your account name. Credit card should not be overdue or overdrawn. Do not change it frequently. Try to get the credit card issued at the same address as the IP address.

4. Imitation goods and fake

Sell imitation, fake, illegal products, as long as the title was found, you can give up this account.

5. 301 redirect

Account with a regular site, followed by use 301 redirect to the fake site.

6. Site positioning error

The account number is used for the A website, and the result is used to run the B website, or two sites are put into an account.

Of course, there are many reasons for being banned. We must pay attention to the rules of the platform.

How to do after the title?

1. Don't be nervous

It's normal for advertising accounts to be suspended, and that doesn't mean your account will be banned and won't come back.

2. Take the initiative to contact Facebook

The most effective way is to contact FB customers and official agents. FB customer service, I will not say more, we all understand that agents are the top tier of China's FB partners, and only they and FB have the most direct cooperation.

3. Explain the reason in detail

Facebook is allowing Chinese advertisers to run FB advertising, so VPN instability is also a reasonable reason for complaint. People are reasonable people, you direct your difficulties, and FB does not understand the needs of Chinese customers.

Routine maintenance advice

1. Regular maintenance of personal Profile

Social platforms are social oriented, of course. Personal homepage as far as possible content true, friend is true. Update your personal homepage regularly, so it won't be defined as a fake account.

2. A good credit card

The binding record of credit card, may be guilt"

PS: the main point of this article is that FB advertising accounts are blocked, not personal accounts blocked.