50 ways a woman likes a man

By Philip Perez,2018-01-11 09:29:00
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50 ways a woman likes a man

When a woman falls in love with a person, she is usually better than a man at hiding, but love can not be hidden, as long as you are good at observation, the love signal is not difficult to be found. I wonder if she has a crush on you? The chat itself, her sight or expression, her movements, and the orientation of her body all tell you in secret whether she is interested in you or not. Women love men, although it is a difficult to decipher the code, but to find some "clues" is not on the Shu Road difficult. In fact, really love a person is not to care about, can be restless, can worry about, can love, infatuation, concentration, patience, hard to play and apply to the extreme. Of course, if the love between men and women become as simple as 1 + 1 = 2, there will not be so many emotional disputes between men and women. But if there are the following 15 kinds of emotional performance, she can have shown you love.

1. What direction does your body face when talking to you?

No matter how she smiles and speaks beautifully, to know if she is attracted to you, look at her body first.

Sitting, even if her upper body is leaning toward you, as long as her feet are pointing in the opposite direction to you, or close properly, that means her heart is not yet yours.

If you are talking standing up, observe the distance between the two. In general, within 50 centimeters, it is an intimate distance. But, wait and see if her body language is defensive? For example, is it holding an arm? If not, she is basically not wary of you.

2.Farewell performance

Is she coming back to see you after she's gone two or three paces? If she just goes off and doesn't look back, it means you're just friends.

3.eyes do not lie

Ask her the simplest questions first, what she likes to eat and what she doesn't like to eat. At this point, it's her line of sight that you observe. NLP, which studies neural language, has a set of line of sight theories that suggest that the direction of a person's eyes is unconscious, but specific, when it comes to producing feelings of like and dislike. So, know her emotional baseline, remember the "like" and "dislike" eye directions. Next, ask a question in a natural way that connects her to you. For example, if you ask her if she wants to go to a restaurant with you, is it a "like" or a "dislike" to look in the direction of her eyes? You can tell if she really wants to go out with you.

No matter what her mouth says, if the line of sight is not the "like" side, sorry, it may just be social etiquette

4.Frequency of SMS

You are still in the testing phase, try to send a mood message that has nothing to do with work or business. If you reply immediately, it means the same thing; if you reply within two or three hours, and add, "Busy at work, sorry to see just now," and so on, you can continue to pursue. Instead, suggest that you die. (The other person is not a text-messaging type, otherwise) If she often texted with you, but also like to send photos, such as now in which store, see what interesting things, etc., the good will come out.

5.for your work, study, life situation is extremely concerned about, and even your interests and hobbies are also particularly interested.

6. Offer to introduce all aspects of your situation to your family, friends and relatives, colleagues, fellow countrymen, etc., and comment on them "first hand."

7.When something happens, I will consult with you and ask for your advice. When something important happens, I will ask you to make up your mind and do something about it.

8.Make every effort to find out about your past and your family. Especially interested in your privacy.

9.When you are introduced to others, you tend to exaggerate your strengths and weaknesses, narrow down or conceal your weaknesses and mistakes, and even make your weaknesses known as strengths.

10. because of business or meetings to study, always forget to bring you some small gifts, souvenirs and things like that.

11.Remember your birthday best, and on this day will often create some festive atmosphere or surprise for you.

12.On Valentine's Day, he will send you roses and ask you out to party. If you refuse, he will be unhappy.

13.Love to see your albums, care about pictures of young people of the opposite sex on albums, and often ask quirky questions for you to answer.

14. Start paying attention to your friends and colleagues of the opposite sex and try to reach out to them and get to know them. If you fail, there will be a lot of suspicion, jealousy and even resentment.

15.Hope to hear from you every day, get your phone call, if not, he will be disappointed, restless.

16.When you quarrel with someone, he will stand by you even if you are wrong.

17. When he has achieved something, even a small improvement, he will happily report it to you first and ask you to share in the happiness.

18.When you meet with failure or frustration at work, school, or in your life, he will ask for your help.You are his first choice to talk about unspeakable privacy problems, and you will be especially respected for your opinions and suggestions.

19. If the other person is introverted, inarticulate, courteous, calm, and measured, and when you are with him you are free and careless, and there seems to be a lot of talk going on all day long, then it is a clear sign that he is deeply in love with you.

20.Always look for ways to create opportunities to meet with you and increase the number of times you meet, even if you meet for a few minutes, or you can't stand it.

21.I often borrow books from you, and sometimes the books I borrow are returned to you without even turning over, and tell you how good the book is.

22.On New Year's Day or when his family has a major happy event, take the initiative to invite you to his home to play, buy gifts most do not allow you to pay, and borrow your name.

23. Always ask questions about yourself and your family, and consciously or unconsciously "participate in politics": give advice, advice, think of ways to help, and always be generous and do your best.

24. When it comes to unimportant matters, you say East and West, often in opposition to you, in order to have fun.

25.Start paying attention to how you dress. If you are not trim, he will remind you from time to time.

26. Be direct in criticizing and sometimes interfering with your bad habits, such as smoking, drinking and gambling.

27. We will not refuse or agree to your reasonable demands, but will satisfy them in practice.

28.When you are down, he will cheer you up; if you are too crazy, he will come and pour cold water on you.

29.Letters to you are always getting longer and more numerous, and subtle changes have taken place in the way you are addressed and how much money is written in them.

30.Requests for kisses, hugs, etc., are generally not refused, and can be positively cooperative. If you do not agree, you will be given a reasonable explanation. Try not to get angry or embarrassed.

31.Buying a new outfit and doing a new hairstyle will happily report to you and most want to hear your compliments. If you are absent-minded, he will definitely be angry.

32.For your appointments, you will usually be able to keep your appointments on time. If you are unable to arrive due to special circumstances, you will be given advance notice, or you will be asked to change the time and place so as not to keep you waiting.

33.If the other party is a girl, you accept the gift of perfume, it is very eye-catching, because perfume contains a "sweet marriage Qin Xinpi" beauty.

34.On the envelope addressed to you, if the words "5A1" appear, the other person is in love with you. The code word for "5A1" is "I love you".

35. She loves you will be very long-winded, speak a little haltingly because of the shy, when you usually get along with you will always talk about the future will always talk about you, sad is 36.always talk to you, happy will share with you, that girl must be in love with you.

Watch your every move carefully, savor what you say and do, be particularly sensitive to your words and actions, and even nuanced to your little words, including caring for all your trivial and obedient to you.

37.To be alone with you is to find an excuse to be with you, and to be with you every day, if possible, is to be her greatest happiness and contentment

38.Become partial to their mobile phones. 24 hours do not want to turn off the phone, for fear of missing your bit of news, even a text message.

39. The expression changes the rich rise. When is together with you, has the inexhaustible innermost feelings, uses the inexhaustible tenderness, the old feeling and your time together too fast, hates to be able to split the second.

40.for you to pay willingly.

She knows the sea of love can drown people, listen more: what can give, what can be set up, what can be compensated, but the feelings can not compensate in, take in, once given out to accept the teaching can not come back, but the knowledge that there is a tiger in the mountains, partial tiger, willing to all the feelings to you.

41.I hope all the relatives around her like you. Whether you are handsome or not? She is willing to introduce you to her family, relatives and friends. Because she loves you, she wants her family, relatives and friends to accept you because she loves you more than anyone else.

42, with you solid, secure. Before going to bed, you are her heart's most gentle dream; wake up, you are her real reality of everything. With you around, no matter what ups and downs, she will not feel helpless, flustered and helpless.

43.Her moods fluctuate with you. She is happy because you are there; she is sad because you are gone. She will be happy and sad for your words, actions and smiles. You are a barometer of her moods.

44.No matter where you are, the one who cares for you must be her.No matter where you are or where you are, her eyes never leave you, because in her heart and eyes there is only you.

45.She only wishes you well, and it is her happiness and glory to pour forth her feelings for you in silence, preferring not to eat, not to wear, and to eat sparingly, so that her beloved may live brightly in the world.

46.Care about you very much. You can worry about you, work hard, suffer at all costs, but do not want to break the jar of vinegar and old toil, although "jealous" can test the depth of love.

47. Caring for you is better than caring for herself. She is happier than you when you are brilliant; she is sadder than you when you are lost.

48. Always worried about losing you. Loneliness, because of deep feelings; to the heart, is a kind of nostalgia, from the heart to think, love to the deep because of thinking you and lonely.

49.Your health is in her heart.When you are sick and hurt, she will drop everything to take care of you, to be considerate, to comfort you, to help you, and to be there for you in every way possible.

50.Be glad to share your joys and sorrows. If one day you are down and out, she still can not give up on you, it is true that she is in love with you, because her eyes can hold your downfall. You must cherish it, it is impossible to meet, because there is such a her in your side.