70 Constellation Laws: The Most Complete Constellation Ranking

By Philip Perez,2018-02-08 23:26:00
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70 Constellation Laws: The Most Complete Constellation Ranking

70 Constellation Laws: The Most Complete Constellation Ranking

1. A girl who does not rely on her boyfriend's

first Scorpio (who proves she is capable)

the second Sagittarius (Independent, competitive, and long-winded)

third Aries (impatient play not come to the little girl)

the fourth Aquarius (implicitly rely on the careful selection of boyfriend)

fifth Capricorn (self-reliance for their own savings)

2. Favorite A strong girl in

the first Sagittarius (said also useless)

the second Scorpio (must support the past)

the third Capricorn (feel ashamed to cry)

the fourth place Leo (stubborn and Brave)

the fifth Gemini (the surface does not care)

3.The person who sign the prenuptial agreement will be

the first Aquarius (some things are still clear)

the second Taurus (details are clear to enjoy again)

the third Virgo (your locomotive I also than you locomotive)

the fourth Scorpio (safeguard their rights)

the fifth Capricorn (white black words on the peace of mind)

4.The girl who will find the daddy lover

First place Cancer (just like to be a daughter)

Second place Taurus (good old man) True or False

Third Aries (Retrieve the girl's nature)

Fourth Tianping (logical dependence) Fifth Pisces (can be sincere petulance)

5. Emotionally the most adult of the boys

first Gemini (Haolaihaosan)

second Capricorn (reasonable assessment of the weight)

third Sagittarius (together or not)

fourth Aquarius (with the edge is not forced)

fifth Tianzuo (loaded to be demeanor)

6. Too soft on the feelings of the boys

first Virgo (dramatic personality agitation)

second Scorpio (try not to disappoint)

third Gemini (girls cry no rue)

fourth Leo (tough appearance, fragile heart)

fifth Scorpio (can not bear to reject others)

7. The man with the highest emotional con is

the first Pisces (now seriously unlike a cheat)

the second cancer (outside the heat of the cold in addition to what they are doing)

the third water bottle seat (to fully control the progress of Love)

fourth place Sagittarius (true or false is confusing)

fifth Aries (pretending to be innocent)

8. A guy who treats his wife like a little lover

First place Scorpio (passion not afraid of public performance)

Second place Virgo (love meat when fun)

Third place Sagittarius (generous and responsive)

Fourth place Pisces (romantic should be)

Fifth place Sagittarius (defend love mouth super sweet)

9. 12 Constellation wife most let husband headache place

Aries always come home late

Taurus doesn't make any sense.

A lot of Gemini chores.

Cancer is too careful

Leo's Never Say Never

Virgo, you can't say the same thing.

Sagittarius is a really nice guy.

Scorpio turns his face like a book

Sagittarius serious mouth knife

Capricorn's lack of interest.

Aquarius seems hard to please.

Pisces is like a housekeeper.

10. The best guy for the other half,


First Place Pisces S(Ender and Willie gave it together.)

econd place Taurus (hard and clear) It seems to be me...

Third place Leo (defend the principle very clear)


First place TaurusT(ough talk, everything.)

Second Sagittarius (exemplify cynicism)

The third Scorpio(Inquisitive.)

11. Fastest to fall in love regardless of the image of the girls

First Place Cancer (Simplicity Is Beauty)

Second Place Aries (Love Is Frankly Speaking)

Third Place Gemini (Young Pleasure)

Fourth Place Sagittarius (Face the Feelings in Good Faith)

Fifth Place Scorpio (Truthfulness Is Most Important)

12. The boy who can delay a girl's youth most

First place Capricorn (make a career and start a family)

Second place Aquarius (always on a donkey)

Third place Pisces (as if more than one object)

Fourth place Gemini (not secure to grow up)

Fifth place Cancer (can not make a decision)

13. Boys who are shy in front of the person they like

First place Aquarius (dare not face the person you like)

Second place Taurus (like a child easy to blush)

Third place Gemini (that is, will avoid the person you like)

Fourth place Cancer (a little pessimistic and shy nature)

Fifth place Leo (lose heart and let go)

14. A girl with a good reputation and no result on the way to love

1) Capricorn (always serious and difficult to approach)

2) Scorpio (no one dares to chase after)

3) Leo (aloft and lonely)

15. Single can also be very happy girls

First Place Aquarius (Stress Relief)

Second Place Cancer (Injury Prefer Independence)

Third Place Sagittarius (No Feeling Free)

Fourth Place Scorpio (Experience Yourself Difficult)

Fifth Place Capricorn (Love Is Too Hard For Work)

16. The toughest girl to fall in love with

First place Taurus (face the truth seriously) too accurate T.T.

Second place Capricorn (handle the outside world yourself)

Third place Aries (challenge everything bravely)

Fourth place Scorpio (don't want to leave a regret)

Fifth place Pisces (soft and able to endure)

17. The person with the longest relationship underground

First place Gemini (sacrifice for the one who cares)

Second place Cancer (bite your teeth if you decide)

Third place Capricorn (endurance but plan)

Fourth place Sagittarius (procrastination)

Fifth place Aquarius (focus on the other but be loyal

18. The fastest person to lose interest in the other half

First place Scorpio (no interaction, no boredom)

Second place Sagittarius (picky at close range)

Third place Gemini (nothing but emptiness after enthusiasm)

19. Beautiful, florid women in the eyes of men

First place Gemini (a good way to stand out)

Second place Aries (a good way to stand out)

Third place Sagittarius (an unpredictable personality)

Fourth place Sagittarius (a good way to discharge everywhere)

Fifth place Pisces (everyone thinks she is popular)

20. People with more secret relationships than they can imagine


First place Pisces (careful and careful surface work is good)

Second place Tianping (be kind and considerate of the image)

Third place Cancer (must not destroy the image)


First place Pisces (want to be in love all the time)

Second place Aquarius (to prove your charm)

Third place Capricorn (control but passion)

21. People who are open to old relationships

First place Scorpio (turns into a growth)

Second place Sagittarius (past reason clear)

Third place Aries (dare to admit it)

Fourth place Pisces (as long as it doesn't affect the image)

Fifth place Gemini (mind forcing yourself to be open)

22. Marry and fall in love with very different men

First place Aquarius (love heart married rigid)

second place Taurus (love romantic marriage pragmatic)

third Cancer (love small plums married grandpa)

23. The person with the biggest love nerve

First place, Aries (unless he wants to)

Second place, Taurus (living in his own world)

Third place, Cancer (feeling a little pessimistic)

Fourth place, Sagittarius (not too slender)

Fifth place, Scorpio (not feeling the electricity)

24. The person who can't forget his first love

First place Cancer (remember the feeling of first love)

Second place Aquarius (often become brand and scar)

Third place Sagittarius (is a lifetime of regret)

Fourth place Sagittarius (feel guilty)

Fifth place Capricorn (ever paid sincere)

25. The Boy Who Doesn't Make Gossip Matter

First place Cancer (great attention to image and style)

Second place Sagittarius (don't like personal issues exposed)

Third place Taurus (low-key carefully disguised)

Fourth place Capricorn (good enough image)

26. Arguing with your spouse is the worst kind of person

First place Scorpio (attack each other in every way)

Second place Leo (defend dignity must win)

Third place Cancer (step on the hood to hysteria)

Fourth place Taurus (extremely angry ridicule hurt people)

Fifth place Aries (speak out dirty words)

27. 12 Horoscope Men's Association Wants to Marry Home Wife Type

Aries will be financial girls

Taurus can get along with family and friends girls

Gemini fried rice ability class of girls

Cancer must be born and like a little girl

Leo has a mother taste of the girl

Virgo temperament pure pollution-free girls

Tianping sexy pretty girls

Scorpio can let him, listen to him, tolerate his girl

Sagittarius personality special and smart girl

Capricorn career effective good assistant girl

Aquarius family background good girl

Pisces can let him less struggle 20 years of girls

28. Girls who use their wits best with boys

First place Pisces (pretend to be pathetic) S

econd place Aquarius (pretend to be nice and make a man obey)

Third place Scorpio (mean to be deceitful but not deceitful)

29. The Deadly Defects of Men's Love in Zodiac Signs

Aries head of enthusiasm frighten people

Taurus just want to possess don't pay

Gemini can put themselves as the protagonist according to mood love

Cancer uncertain uncertainty

Leo self-esteem strong hurt jealous

Virgo indecisive

Scorpio loves stickiness

Sagittarius can never be found

Capricorn is cold to lovers but not the other half is cold he

Aquarius is too fond of controlling progress

Pisces is ambiguous to anyone

30. No regrets to help the other half of the girls

First place Scorpio (to help you but not yourself)

Second place Aries (to mind your own business)

Third place Virgo (to be willing to do anything for you)

Fourth place Cancer (to help you in any way)

Fifth place Taurus

31. Love is always a dramatic sign

First place Leo (love will be vigorous)

Second place Pisces (process is guaranteed to be bizarre)

Third place Scorpio (no beauty without tears)

Fourth place Gemini (always the wrong person to love)

Fifth place Aries (the simpler the more complicated the thought)

32. People who pass by true love easily

First place Aquarius (the more you love the more you fear)

Second place Leo (the more you love someone, the more you lose yourself)

Third place Gemini (the less you think about it)

Fourth place Taurus (the more you think about it, the more you stick to it)

Fifth place Ataurus (the more you love the game)

33. The Most Poisonous Wife Constellation

First place Sagittarius (which pot does not mention which pot)

Second place Scorpio (must make you more sad than her)

Third place Leo (self-respect injury strong counter-attack)

Fourth place Aries (have words not through the brain)

Fifth Sagittarius (cold blood old account)

34. The Horoscope of Men Who Love Bad Women

First place Gemini (born cheap and important)

Second place Capricorn (girl who likes to have ideas)

Third place Aries (feeling bad)

Fourth place Sagittarius (prefer women to be smart and not too well-behaved)

Fifth place Scorpio (make bad will add life fun)

35. People who would rather abandon love for a career

First place Aries (can only do one thing at a time)

Second place Capricorn (can't hurt big plans for small things)

Third place Aquarius (fear of indulging in feelings)

Fourth place Leo (have the money to spoil you)

Fifth place Cancer (cruel reality)

36. The Most Divergent Constellation

First place Cancer (hoping to please everyone)

Second place Horizon (hoping for peace)

Third place Virgo (will do surface work for survival)

Fourth place Sagittarius (will always be OK)

Fifth place Aquarius (will be according to their emotions)

37. Love amnesia constellation

First place Pisces (will look right and left)

Second place Scorpio (will protect himself the more mysterious the better)

Third place Sagittarius (remember the most impressive part)

Fourth place Virgo (each love is a new beginning)

Fifth place Leo (past memories are hurt)

38. Girls without a name

First place Cancer (willing to sacrifice for each other)

Second place Gemini (emphasizing the feeling of being together)

Third place Aries (believing that substance is more important than fame)

Fourth place Virgo (being deceived when falling in love with each other)

Fifth place Pisces (obsessed with fruitless love)

39. Love in the doomed others injury constellation

First place Aquarius (in his hands)

Second place Sagittarius (zealous focus makes people unwary)

Third place Sagittarius (do not know how to reject others)

Fourth place Capricorn (too rational to put the ugly word first)

Fifth place Gemini (mood swings)

40. Fancy Man Not Worth Waiting For

First place, Aries,

second place, Capricorn,

third place, Sagittarius.

41. A girl who takes her image very seriously in front of her lover

First place Scorpio (difficult and don't talk to men)

Second place Sagittarius (dress up happy don't care)

Third place Capricorn (get along unnaturally)

Fourth place Leo (dress up pure)

Fifth place Virgo (dress up noble)

42. The Unique Charm of Girls in Zodiac Signs

Aries simple lovely and elegant

Taurus personality sedate temperament elegant little

Gemini star temperament drive popular

Cancer warm cordial inspiring

Leo magnanimous generous true feelings

Virgo go go all out strict self-discipline

Scorpio Scorpio Scorpio

Sexy Mysterious Beautiful Full

Sagittarius Sweet Spicy Good Fitness

Capricorn Taste Good

Personality Serious and in charge of Aquarius

43. People who would betray their vows

First Sagittarius male (nothing can hold them)

Second Capricorn female (most practical considerations)

Third Aquarian female (do not want to be a stubborn fool)

Fourth Taurus female (the reality has its own standards)

Fifth Pisces male (Haishishanmeng is more)

44. Girls who become tigers after marriage

First place Leo,

second place Aries,

third place Scorpio, third place Pisces,

fourth place Pisces, very assertive and enterprising,

fifth place Aquarius

45. People who like to compare their other half to others

First Scorpio Man (better than others to be proud of)

Second Cancer woman (should be better than others)

Third Virgo man (hope there seems to be a way)

Fourth Scorpio woman (secretly compare)

Fifth Pisces woman (hope the other side is getting better)

46. The girl with the most tricks to please her husband

First place Pisces (to spice up life)

Second place Gemini (a bunch of cute tricks)

Third place Taurus (to play tricks by heart)

47. Guys Most Afraid of Getting Married

First place Sagittarius (not willing to give up the freedom)

Second place Pisces (not easy to accept the responsibility)

Third place Scorpio (marriage will devalue)

48. Uncontrollable Husband

First place Taurus (makes you ask for it)

Second place Leo (how can you step on his head)

Third place Aquarius (you call him yin)

Fourth place Sagittarius (doesn't believe him on purpose to anger you)

Fifth place Aries (tube also no use)

49. The most emotionally advanced men and women


First place Capricorn

Second place Sagittarius (never mature)

Third place Aries (physically precocious than mentally)


First place Virgo (fear of making mistakes so I would rather not try)

Second place Tianping (friendship and love can not be separated)

Third place Pisces (always make the same mistake)

50. The most intolerant of stupid lovers

First place Gemini (really boring with you)

Second place Sagittarius (roll away with a bad head)

Third place Capricorn (no patience to explain)

51. Good people who think only of old lovers after a breakup

First place Cancer (will only remember well)

Second place Aquarius (not to be nostalgic)

Third place Leo (to be worthy)

52. The most unsuspecting husband who has an affair

First place Cancer (You won't find out until he's dead)

Second place Taurus (Dipple three bowls)

Third place Sagittarius (no guilt and care)

53.The older the more colored the boy

First place Capricorn (money, power, love)

Second place Leo (complementary mentality)

Third place Virgo (boldness)

54. Wedding must be luxurious bride

First place Leo (Face must be enough)

Second place Virgo (Dream Century Wedding)

Third place Cancer (Be careful)

55. Constellations with high rates of early marriage and divorce

First place Sagittarius (must feel cheated)

Second place Gemini (think of marriage too simply)

Third place Aries (immature and impulsive)

56. Constellation that likes to challenge difficult lovers

First place Pisces (no one dares to chase)

Second place Aries (the more difficult the more challenging)

Third place Taurus (the more confident perseverance)

Fourth place Scorpio (do not believe their own confusion)

Fifth place Sagittarius (special taste)

57. Girl with the most daring style

First Gemini (Develop Yourself)

Second Aquarius (Unexpected Behavior)

Third Aries (Courage to Pursue Emotion)

58. The sweetest guy

First place Gemini (the dead can live)

Second place Pisces (the mouth is super sweet)

Third place Scorpio (to say it's going to be the real thing)

59. A vixen who robs other people of her boyfriend's guilt

First place Pisces (he's in love with me)

Second place Gemini (he's the one with the problem)

Third place Aquarius (feelings are free)

60.The other half is the easiest to change when you are in love

First place Scorpio (to get first change)

second place Sagittarius (to match each other's habits)

third place Scorpio (to be asked to change so)

61.Very difficult girl

First place Virgo (purposely put you to the test)

Second place Sagittarius (if there seems to be no dry brother or sister)

Third place Sagittarius (always isolated from safety observation)

62.People who talk about the lowest feelings

First place Sagittarius (what do you say about feelings)

Second place Cancer (sneak in to be more at ease)

Third place Taurus (nature is very low key)

63.See the boy whose friend is heavier than his girlfriend

First place Aries (It's good to have a girlfriend)

Second place Tianping (Relationships are about the future)

Third place Aquarius (Friends are more important than anything else)

64.Girls who associate on the premise of marriage

First place Cancer (that is, to get married)

Second place Virgo (illusion of marriage)

Third place Taurus (single-minded to get married) Years from now, maybe?

65.A man who cannot be a friend without being a lover

First place Taurus (no need to face)

Second place Pisces (fear to continue fantasizing)

Third place Scorpio (love and hate intersect)

66.People prone to foreign romances

First place Gemini (curious, vain to show off)

Second place Aquarius (try the novelty)

Third place Tianping (along with the fate of the mentality)

67.The girl who likes to challenge the impossible lover most

First place Virgo (believe it)

Second place Gemini (strong personality)

Third place Pisces (like it)

68.The girl who wants to marry into the big house most

First place Cancer (Marry well to marry)

Second place Leo (That's the beauty)

Third place Aquarius (Why don't you get into the upper class)

69.The Most Irresistible Boys

First place Leo (no one can say)

Second place Scorpio (most hate to watch flat)

Third place Taurus (more aggressive the more ignore you)

70.The girl with the most affectionate feelings

First place Aquarius (who said it is useless)

Second place Taurus (less than the Yellow River undead)

Third place Leo (helpless can not be transferred)