This Should be Done After iPhone was Stolen or Lost

By Philip Perez,2015-04-18 16:26
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This Should be Done After iPhone was Stolen or Lost

What do we do when we find our iPhones are gone?

1. Find iPhone

Of course, first of all, I suggest that you first think about how it was lost or stolen, and if you have confirmed that you can't find it for the time being, do it the following way.

Enter your own Apple ID and password at

Click "find iPhone".

Find your iPhone and confirm where it is located right now

There is an error in the location, which is usually turned off, broken or in bad information.

If it is lost or stolen, you can confirm where your iPhone is located even if it is connected to the Internet.

Suggest clicking “lost mode”

What if you're worried about finding someone who doesn't know how to contact you.

You can contact your phone number by lost mode.

Next, you can enter the message that you want to display to unlock the image.

If there is no computer at hand, there are other devices that can download "find my iPhone" APP on the App store, and you can do the same!

Of course, if your friends are iPhone users, you can also borrow their phone to log on to their own Apple ID and password to search for locations, and remember to quit.

2. Prevent phishing information or mailThe equipment has a high probability of loss is to find don't come back, the subsequent will also receive fake lost center information or E-mail, inform you find equipment, must first log in some site confirmed himself, this is all want to defraud your Apple ID and password!

This is to lie to you close to find my iPhone, any link within the email or information is not the point, apple is not lost center was established in any country.

Remember that! Before you can get it back, please always keep the missing item "lost" on the iCloud, and don't remove the lost device from your own iPhone.

3. Remove the information on the device at the far end

If your password is too simple, easily solve by others, even for a long time no news, again afraid will equipment of leaked the information, that should be used immediately "remote removal equipment data function" to the entire equipment within the data back to factory defaults.

Prevent lost protection techniques:

1. Record the IMEI code.

In the case of an iPhone or iPad, check the IMEI code on the bottom left side of the shell, which will be 15 yards in total, or in the Settings - general - about the IMEI code in the machine.

Store IMEI code tips:

Save the photo to the cloud by taking a photo or screenshot.

Pick up the pen and paper and put it in the drawer.

Use the iOS built-in memo to record and open up iCloud synchronization.

The above steps is to prevent many users do not save the outer shell, buy directly threw it into the trashcan, if lost, will lead to can't query to your IMEI code of the equipment.

Because IMEI code can help you find your device.

2. Turn on find my iPhone

Set up within the account you must first login your Apple ID, may be some people in to buy a new iPhone never landed on his own up to, after which day accidentally lost the iPhone, completely unable to use find my iPhone functions to find, it had to buy again.

In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended that the landing to own up to account and enable "find my iPhone" function, it can prevent your device after the loss, are up to no good heavy brush directly, if there are open, even if the heavy brush each other when enabled iOS will need to enter your Apple ID to login successfully, when each other on the network, can know in which position, so the function is good not bad.

Click "Settings" >"your name">"iCloud". If you used iOS 10.2 or earlier, clicking "Setting">"iCloud". Then drag and drop the bottom and click "Find my iPhone". Slide open "find my iPhone" and "send the last position".

3. Start the Apple ID double authentication

Open the two-factor authentication function, is to prevent which day accidentally click to fishing information, cause your Apple ID and password is stolen, each other even if we get it, didn't also the way real log in and lifting equipment, because of the need to be certified by other way to be able to login.

4. Use Touch ID or unlock password

Although apple introduced the function of Touch ID, for us by fingerprint identification can unlock, save the time to enter the password, it is recommended that Touch ID and unlock password function to enable, avoid equipment lost after the information is to see light, this is also increase a means of security protection.