Ability determines life-30 key abilities that change your life

By Philip Perez,2018-01-13 16:54:00
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Ability determines life-30 key abilities that change your life

"Capability has become an unabashed resource," Carnegie said. "Capability is wealth, ability is destiny." In a short life, some people achieve brilliant results and become high-profile elites; others achieve nothing, remain unknown and mediocre for a lifetime. One important reason is that the former has key competencies, while the latter lacks some key competencies and does not have the core competencies needed to succeed.

"Capability determines life:30 key ability to change your life" summarizes the planning ability, the ability to manage time, the ability to grasp opportunities, communication ability, the ability to expand contacts, the ability to seek people to do things, financial ability, ability to adjust the mentality of 30 life must have the key ability to have a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the specific role of these 30 key ability, as well as the use of these 30 key ability to solve their own problems and practical skills to do their own.


Key Competency 1: The Helmsman of Destiny: The Ability to Define the Orientation of Life

Realize that life changes because of who you are

Self-examination: the best combination of personal ability and life orientation

Cultivation: to find the most suitable orientation in life

Key Abilities 2: Treasure Your Wealth: Time Management Abilities

Realize: Time is your most valuable asset

Self-examination: Manage every minute effectively

Cultivating: The art of winning more time

Key Competency 3: Getting ahead of others: The ability to innovate

Realize: A good idea is another point in your life

Self-examination: Breaking the routine of thinking

Cultivation: How to Cultivate Creative Ability

Key competency 4: The ability to think, the ability to think

Understanding: Success comes from deep thinking

Self-examination: Ask a "why?"

Cultivate: Improve your ability to think

Key Capability 5: Seizing Opportunities for Success: The Ability to Seize Opportunities

Realize: opportunity is at your side

Self-examination: Fools wait for opportunities, wise men make them

Cultivation: skills to seize opportunities

Key Abilities 6: Inevitability in life: the ability to ask people to do things

Understanding: Taking the initiative to satisfy the wishes of others

Self-examination: Let the other person feel that you have the same interests as him, the other party will be more proactive

Cultivate: ask people to do things skillfully phrased

Key Abilities 7: Vomiting Lotus: The Power of Persuasion

Realize: a good eloquence to help you develop a successful career

Realize: a good eloquence to help you develop a successful career

Cultivate: There is a trick to persuading others

Key Capability 8: Fearless: The ability to defuse a crisis

Realize that defusing a crisis can spur you to greater heights

Self-examination: act on your timing at a crucial time

Cultivate: How to improve their ability to resolve the crisis?

Key Abilities 9: Saving Yourself by Yourself: The Ability to Help Yourself

Realize: know how to help themselves, in order to make you to the temple of success

Self-examination: It is better to ask for one's self than to ask for one's own

Cultivation: To save others is also to save ourselves

Critical competency 10: Survival of the fittest: the ability to adapt to the environment

Understanding: Adapting to a New Environment Quickly

Self-examination: Don't run away from an unfavorable environment

Cultivate: Adapt to the environment to take the initiative

Key Capability 11: The ability to turn work into work: the ability to defuse conflict with others

To express a friendly attitude in kind words

Self-examination: replacing revenge with tolerance

Cultivate: Be good at defusing hostility

Key competency 12: The ability to do just one thing in a lifetime: self-promotion Understanding: A successful life depends on your excellent sales pitch

Self-examination: Dare to show your strengths

Cultivation: Nine Tips to Sell Yourself Successfully

Key Capability 13: One Change, One Blockbuster: The Ability to Adapt

Perception: Dealing smartly with cleverness

Self-examination: learn to be flexible

Development: skills to improve resilience

Key Capability 14: Treat Failure Well: The Ability to Accept Setbacks

Realize that frustration is your ladder to success

Self-examination: Forge a strong will to be more and more brave

Cultivate: the skills to deal with setbacks correctly

Key Abilities 15: Best Interpersonal Communication: The Ability to Listen

Understanding: Listening is a great way to bring a distance closer

Self-examination: Better to speak than to listen

Cultivation: Techniques to improve listening

Key Ability 16: To Be Your Own Master: The Power of Decision

Comprehension: those who achieve great things should have the spirit of prompt decision

Self-examination: Hesitation will make you regret

Cultivation: How to Make a Wise Decision

Key Abilities 17: There is no such thing as a free lunch: the ability to resist temptation

Realize: Reject temptation and stay true to who you are

Self-examination: If you can't resist temptation, your destiny will be at the mercy of it

Cultivation: How to resist the temptation of bad

Key Abilities 18: Opening the Passage through Words: The Ability to Speak in Public

Realize: excellent speech ability is your decisive killer

Self-examination: Don't recite your speech

Cultivate: Cultivate your ability to express yourself

Key Abilities 19: Loading Sui Senses into the Box of Reason: The Ability to Control Emotions

Realize: Control your bad mood in time

Self-examination: A moment of impulse can ruin your life

Cultivation: Emotional control techniques

Key competency 20: Predictability: The ability to plan successfully

Understanding: If you want to achieve great things, you can't do without careful planning

Self-examination: good at planning, good at layout

Cultivating: How to be a successful planner

Key Capability 21: The ability to build on strengths and avoid weaknesses: the ability to overcome one's own weaknesses

Realize: Change Your Weakness

Self-examination: Face the weakness without flinching

Cultivation: How to Overcome Weaknesses

KEY CAPABILITY 22: Defending the human heart is indispensable: the ability to protect oneself

Understanding: preventing exposure of your mind

Self-examination: Secrets, don't tell a lot of people

Cultivate: Cultivate the ability to protect yourself

Key Capability 23: Insight: Careful Observation

Realize: Sharp observation is an important condition for you to seize opportunities

Self-examination: Learn to see the world through new eyes

Cultivation: Techniques to improve the ability to observe

Key Capability 24: Leveraging the East: The ability to draw on external forces

Realize that you can outperform others with the help of outside forces

Self-examination: the stone of his mountain, can take the jade

Cultivation: How to get more wealth with the help of external forces

Key Capability 25: Ability to earn, spend and arrange skillfully: Ability to invest and manage money

Understanding: Good investment and financial management skills can make you a huge fortune

Self-examination: invest when you have money, save when you don't

Cultivation: How to Manage Your Money Well

Key Abilities 26: Grow Your Eyes: The Ability to See Through Others

Understanding: learn to observe

Self-examination: Good at capturing "overtones"

Cultivation: Several Ways to Perspective Others

Key Competencies 27: Fit the right and the left: The ability to network

Realize: Good relationships are your ladder to success

Self-examination: learn to burn incense to the "Cold Temple"

Cultivate: How to maintain your network

Key Abilities 28: There are more ways than problems: the ability to solve life's problems

Understanding: Face your problems correctly

Self-examination: Every difficult problem is a challenge and a test

Cultivation: the art of solving difficult problems

Critical competency 29: Being ahead of the curve: predictive

Realize: Foresight can help you develop your career in the long run

Self-examination: being prepared for a rainy day can prevent a rainy day

Cultivation: Problems in Developing Foresight Ability

Key Competency 30: Learning Everywhere, Receiving and Processing Information

Realize: When you have information, you have wealth

Self-examination: turning a message into a golden key

Cultivation: How to get useful information from life