What's the difference Between VR, AR, MR, and CR?

By Philip Perez,2012-11-21 12:15
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What's the difference Between VR, AR, MR, and CR?

In recent years, VR and AR have entered the public view, and have become very popular. Science and technology is up to the people love to engage in things, VR, AR, MR, CR, although only one letter, but the technology and equipment is different, VR, AR, MR, CR of the four I seem to be ignorant, do not know whether you know. Tech lovers, let's see what they're all about. MR's brothers are VR, AR, CR, tired of looking at the names, and tech savvy can really do something. Although there is only one letter difference, they are very different in technology and equipment at present. Now let's introduce each one meaning.


Virtual reality is the use of device simulation to produce a virtual world, providing users with visual, auditory and other sensory simulation, there is "immersion" and "Tele presence". To put it simply, you put on a big pair of glasses (Note: you can't see the real world when you wear it) everything you see is computer-generated, and it's fake. The VR game experience hall is often seen in shopping malls.

VR is still in its infancy, and the problems of lack of content and application, wearing comfort and human-computer interaction are still difficult. But VR is indeed the future, set off by VR XR technology, human beings into the "three-dimensional" from the perspective of information, through XR technology, we all see the world view of digital recording, read news, watch movies, play games, beauty......

Add: interested can spend hundreds of dollars to buy an experience, not only the storm, Samsung, millet, HUAWEI and so have similar products. There is strong interest and capital, of course, to buy one machine, star machine is HTC Vive ($799, China licensed value of 6888 yuan).


Augmented Reality, augmented reality, literally means "reality" is here, but it is enhanced and enhanced by virtual information. The typical AR device is the Google Glass. After wearing Google glasses, glasses will show opposite sister to you have how much good feeling.

The iron man helmet can also be considered a AR device to aid in the identification and analysis of various objects.

A simple way to distinguish between VR and AR is:

VR need to use the headset an opaque complete virtual world immersive experience, what you see is a virtual world 100%, and AR to headset a clear view of the real world and the overlap in the above information and images in real world entities as the main body, with the help of digital technology to help consumers better to explore the real world and delivery. What is more straightforward is that the pictures shown by VR are all fakes, while the pictures shown by AR are half true and half false.


VR and AR have not reached their peak yet, but there has been a sign of convergence, and that's the hybrid reality, or MR=VR*AR. The MR definition is to blend the real world with the virtual world to generate new visualization environments that contain both physical and virtual information, and must be "real-time"". The two major representatives of MR are Hololens and Magic Leap.

How do AR and MR differentiate?

First, whether or not the relative position of the virtual object moves with the movement of the device. If so, that is the AR device; if not, it is the MR device.

Second, in the ideal state (the digital light field does not have the information loss), whether the virtual object and the real object can distinguish. AR equipment to create virtual objects, is evident is virtual, such as virtual information as you move the Google Glass project; and the MR device directly to the retinal projection of the entire 4 dimensional light field, users see the virtual objects and real objects are almost indistinguishable.

CR (to highlight the difference, we classify it as MR)

Cinematic Reality, image reality, meaning virtual scenes are as realistic as movie effects. This is the concept proposed by Google of Magic Leap investment, mainly to emphasize the difference between VR and AR technology. In fact, the idea is similar, both fuzzy physical world and virtual world is convenient, the application tasks performed, the scene, the contents provided by MR, and the products are similar, so later as their spokesman also put myself to do MR. A typical CR display, but this whale video has been proven to be a late effect...... I believe that the above explanation, enough to see the difference between the various R. The rest of the future will only be VR and MR. The former wears a helmet and enters the virtual world, which sees all kinds of virtual objects and information in the real world. I like MR, and you?