After reading no longer think of iPhones X's several Chinese phones! The domestic products can also astonish you!

By Philip Perez,2018-03-07 18:59:00
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After reading no longer think of iPhones X's several Chinese phones! The domestic products can also astonish you!

According to a report released a few days ago by a research institute, the average annual income in mainland China is 8280.09 U.S. dollars, about 5,791 yuan, and the global ranking is 73.The average monthly income is 4,565 yuan.

Is it another drag?

Of course, cities such as Northward Guangshen are dismissive of such average incomes, but most second- and third-tier cities have per capita incomes below that average, which makes the editor wonder: Will people be willing to pay so much for mobile phones?

The cheapest price for an iPhone X is 8388 yuan, about two months of net income, obviously not worth a lot of people, but according to statistics, Jingdong pre-order has more than 1.1 million, people Jingdong also put it: in Jingdong to buy iPhoneX, can not buy I lose.

It seems that or Xiaobian underestimated everyone relative to everyone's conversation how much money to buy a mobile phone, Xiaobian would like to know how often you change the phone? Relative to such an expensive price to buy a mobile phone, there is no one to choose a mid-range mobile phone?

Nokia 7

For example, the Nokia 7, which has just finished launching a new product, is equipped with a 630 chip, a 5.2-inch 1080 display, and the price of 6GB + 64GB is only 2699 yuan.

ps: It is said that the amount of the scene ~ a little sloppy, Nokia can turn over it


And as China's most advertising OPPO, this year even launched a customized version of OPPO R11 Barcelona, the back of the logo also added to the team's gold LOGO, is expected to attract a large number of fans to come to buy.

PS: With a mobile phone cover can also see what, from the small spit slot

If the team caught the hearts of the men's powder, then the TFBOYS custom-made version is definitely to seize the hearts of the vast number of women, the three spokesmen each have three versions, priced 2799 yuan.

Xiao Bian secretly said: I stand Qianqi team.

1 plus 5T

Nice try.

This is a relatively small number of mobile phones, the appearance of the most popular full-screen design, the kernel still uses the Dragon 835 + 6GB running memory and other hardware configuration. A plus 5T the biggest bright spot is the metal integration of the fuselage with curved screen design, Yan Rub UP. Although the specific release time has not been determined, but the CEO of a plus technology in the micro-blog design of the estimated countdown.

Huawei MAT TE10

High-end is high-end, but still no money to buy small

Of course, the last thing I have to mention is that just after yesterday's launch of HUAWEI mate10, the face value and strength of Qi Fei, equipped with the world's first AI chip Kirin 970, battery capacity 4500 MAO, the rear 1600 + 230 megapixel third generation Leica double camera, it is known that the high version of the price of 6GB + 256GB 556GB 556GB

So, iPod X and domestic mid-range machine which will you choose? Quick message to tell Xiao Bian