An Experienced Person Tells You How to Successfully Quit Smoking

By Philip Perez,2013-05-15 05:24
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An Experienced Person Tells You How to Successfully Quit Smoking

First of all, this person is not me, I do not intend to quit tobacco, but every time I heard that others quit smoking success, it's unbelievable. Read this article on the Internet the other day and share it with you.

As for quitting smoking, I want to say: it's very difficult.

I started smoking in the second grade and smoked for almost 17 years, basically a pack of cigarettes a day. He tried to quit twice and failed. After 8 years of work, I am determined to quit smoking again and continue to quit smoking, and share with my friends the tips of quitting smoking.

Let`s talk about the feeling of failure to quit smoking. It was also a great deal of determination at the beginning, insisting on not smoking for a day, not so bad for the first day, but just a little unaccustomed. The next day was a bit uncomfortable and always wanted to smoke. On the third day, no matter what you do, you will be smoking all the time, give yourself a reason to smoke, and finally you can't stop smoking.

Until last year, I was determined to quit smoking.

There are several reasons

One is to promise to quit smoking by the age of 30, but I was 30 last year.

Second, the price of cigarettes last year, although the price rise is not much, that feeling uncomfortable, if the future rose to 1000 a pack of cigarettes what should i do?

Third, I recently changed the large displacement of the car, fuel costs increased.

Four is the most important thing is that we are ready to have a baby.

It used to be that it was difficult to quit smoking. It's a psychological hint: you can't do it, you can't do it.

Suddenly, one day, I noticed a phenomenon: some of the old couple, husband smoke for decades, his wife also took a decades of secondhand smoke, why the wife have no desire to smoke?

So, there is no smoking addiction, only habit! Otherwise, there is no way to explain why his wife smoked for decades without desiring!

Remember, besides cravings, there is a reason for smoking:

Smoking cigarette when I was reading. I feel very strong!!

Boring time to smoke.

When you make friends, you can get close to each other by exchanging cigarettes.

These reasons are easy to solve

Now for nearly a decade, you don't need to smoke to improve your identity.

The work is very busy and there is almost no time for leisure.

I am a party A in the work; do not need to smoke to Party B.

Smoking is a variety of reasons have been rejected, since decided not to smoke, I really didn't smoke, also did not feel uncomfortable, as if never addiction.

However, there are also some "side effects" of quitting smoking. One is weight gain. The body weight increased from 120 to 140. The second is to quit smoking at the time, the impurities in the lungs is expelled, leads to increased booger, I like to pick my nose excrement, leading to frequent nosebleeds, listen to the doctor's advice, restrain themselves not to modify the nose, now leave nosebleed.

A lot of friends suffer from the habit of smoking; now write their own words, for reference only.