An Enjoyable Game - Elona!

By Philip Perez,2016-01-10 00:23
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An Enjoyable Game - Elona!

In this era of many games that are 10G+ in size and around 50G, do you look at the screen like I do and don't know how to choose it? If you are too, then this game is suitable for spending leisure time.


Elona is a role-playing game, the game developed by NOA, released in 2009.

The game is a Rogue like class that incorporates many elements. Elona has its unique world outlook, and there is a unique legend of heroic salvation.

Although the game is only 100+MB in size, the freedom is extremely high. From fighting, fishing, playing, mining, ranching, farm, shop, to kill the king to grab the throne, riding a girl runs on the ground and so on. For example, the player's instrument playing level is too low, will be master NPC throwing stones killed. And practice Summoning Magic in the city, accidentally calling the dragon to breathe fire, and the guards and residents in the city die a great deal. Build your own city and play with your little companion. To cultivate their own pet servant of God in the ranch, variation of these pets will bring surprise.

The game has a unique etheric disease system. Every March, June, September and December, the wind of the ether will blow up for the first 10 days. At this time, if you do not escape in the tavern shelter or your own shelter, you will get 1 symptoms of etheric disease, and a certain amount will die. Skill system all adopts proficiency setting needs the player to continue the training to be able to enhance. It is also worth mentioning that the magic system, which has limited number of spells, cannot be released for a certain number of times and is added to the magic book that is required in shops and adventures. There is also magic proficiency, the more skills put in, the higher the success rate, and the heavy equipment will be beneficial to the law. Belief system, belief God will get different without the addition of high faith will get the help of god. More exotic places need to be experienced.

Characteristic system

Ethernet system, task system, disease gambling systems, equipment system, skill system, magic system, belief systems, NPC system, system, system, and goodwill of the pet system and genetic system, life system, property system

The disadvantage is the operation of anti-human; a button case will be different functions. Novice will feel very difficult to get started, just go in, cannot find the target feeling, patience and Raiders need to boil down. (The game still has plot, but free play is the point.)

This is a special little game. It's a different world. Patience builds your own legendary journey.