An Indian Film that is Thought-provoking

By Philip Perez,2013-06-25 20:39
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An Indian Film that is Thought-provoking

Recently, A film that “reputation" and “box office” double harvest named “Dangal” became the focus of the film market. The film depicts the sports scenes vividly and vividly, showing the language features and technical level of the India film. Of course, for the public, the more intuitive is the awakening of the female consciousness in the India culture.

 The "Dangal" is an Indian biography that is directed by Nitish Tiffany and Amir Khan. The film tells the story of the Indian champion wrestler Mahavir Singh • Perth, who will train two daughters into wrestling world champions.

But the "Dangal" is it a real feminist film? In the film, living in the closed village of the two little girls, they be trained to be good wrestler in the world, through the dream to have a champion father.

Two girls with the "wrestling" full of male hormonal intervention completed the invasion of the male world and provocation, the success of such against can easily be seen as a female liberation of the image.

Net friend's question, in the film, Amir Khan's daughter's education, as well as the planning of her daughter's future, is the patriarchal or fatherly embodiment?

Was the India wrestling champion father, after forced to give up wrestling for life, I hope his son can accomplish their dreams, won the gold medal, world class competition but did not, a wife gave birth to four daughters. A chance (daughter beat boy in a fight), let father eyes bright, decide on which two daughters were wrestling and helped him realize his dream - under the modern family education context, the father can easily be called "selfish" and "vanity" hat, with their own power to change the fate of her daughter, forced her to do the things they do not love (at least in the first), it will make some father have a sense of rejection, feel the ex-wrestler, amateur wrestling coach problem.

But from the father's point of view, the father of his daughter engaged in wrestling career planning, love is indeed greater than the composition of patriarchy. The status of women in India is not high, often regarded as home accessories look, especially the marriage popular, some of the girls in enter into marriage at the age of 14, began a quick eye to the end of life. Therefore, wrestling father led her daughter into the sports industry, completely changed her fate, and turned her daughter into a modern woman with a world perspective. The stage of wrestling, the stage of social life and the life of the daughter, far more than the other India women in the wonderful aspect, is not a great expression of the father's love. Think you should care for the delicate daughter grew up in a greenhouse in concept, but more like a curse.


"Dangal" the role of father "to Amir Khan's father, the father of a patriarchal society and full of men are unreservedly portrayed in a fatherly, patriarchal fusion, based in difficult from the patriarchal father, both fine blend, it is difficult to separate regions, more difficult to talk about the opposition. If you are stuck in a sense of contradiction, you can judge the process by the outcome, or try to figure out whether the values of the movie are set up by the direct viewing experience the film brings to you.

My personal view is, "Dangal" did not care too much about the so-called "conflict between the Paternity and father love, first of all it is a smooth and enjoyable film, to be bullied by the boys from the perspective of the story, this is the Hollywood film commonly used means, to ensure the objectivity and authenticity of the story.

However, in fact, in this confrontation, two girls win has established on the basic rules for the male world: give up the girl who had been following the provisions of the way of life and began to track, fought type of strength training (between women and men to do a simple two election a choice, just is the contemporary feminist criticism of sexual repression), that girl's hair has become an obstacle to the victory: sister after keeps the hair will go into the first winless spell. More importantly, the two girls to the male world challenge on the road, from first to last cannot get away; even need to obey is another core power of male dominance symbol: the father's role and its unique rule.

In fact, if the life trajectory of two girls was substituted for the growth of two boys, the story will have the same effect: inspirational to overcome the fatigue, drowsiness, pain, failure to bring the psychological gap is completely consistent. The whole story is set up as two girls' growing up. It just adds a little special to the whole movie and the feminist color that may bring more attention and honor to it.

From the history of film development, feminist films often lay a good foundation for box office and word of mouth. Therefore, in today film market, with a little feminist background, it is undoubtedly a wise choice. But it should be noted that the real feminist film always contains an uncompromising social critical dimension, which shows the tension between discipline and provocation in the plot. This dimension or as the "Run Lola Run", although the fierce contradictory conflict, but a provocative image of women as the other eye shaped male world, or as the "boys don't cry", some people off the tolerance of hypocrisy, the problem of discrimination for ethnic minorities accentuates.

Discipline and provocation are almost the basic scripts for feminist films. Its critique expands with the expansion of the object against it: the first, perhaps the pure antagonism between men and women, and then the expansion of patriarchy, now

The core of gender issue is the integration of minority groups, marginalized people and the whole social system into the feminist discourse system. Thus, the scope of feminist films expanded. In any case, discipline and provocation are always their basic settings. Therefore, we do not rush to any of the female growth as the theme of the movie with a feminist film label, it may give it greater honor, but also may bring more criticism for its.