Fifteen things that make your employees angry

By Philip Perez,2015-09-01 21:44
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Fifteen things that make your employees angry

The relationship between the boss and the staff is not necessarily hostile. You need a good boss who appreciates and respects you, but it's harder than winning the lottery. Sharing 15 kinds about the employees get angry.

1, A same project were given to two people, you try to completed the work and found that colleagues have done the same project, a waste of time.

2. Treat the boss has been flattering, but the attitude of the general staff is very bad.

3. When you get off work right away, let you help him get the job done.

4. Working together every day in the company, but cannot call your name.

5. Pretending to care about subordinates and ask about the recent status. However the next encounter and asked the same question, very annoying.

6. When you are very busy, he suddenly told you that "there is an urgent matter need to deal with," at least twice a week.

7. He did not explain clearly work, but that you work poor ability.

8. He likes to talk about "professional", but his clothes often stained with sauce, and the head is also messy.

9. Often sudden amnesia, he said the meeting next week, when you are ready, once again confirmed, he said that did not say this.

10. He said he would hire a temporary staff to alleviate the shortage of manpower, you have a glimmer of hope, and finally said the company did not budget, can only continue to work overtime.

11. At the beginning of the meeting, He always talks about something that has nothing to do with the meeting, but if you are late, even if only 1 minute, immediately be reprimanded.

12. You apply for an annual leave in advance, but he forgot to check it, after a long period of approval down, he would say: "Why not apply in advance "?

13. They lack the ability to distinguish who is working seriously and who is idler.

14. They ask your opinion, the results in the implementation, the content with your proposal is exactly the opposite.

15. After giving you a pile of urgent work, he smiled and said, "You are too hard to go home early."