Follow me to Make Chili Sauce

By Philip Perez,2016-01-19 13:46
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Follow me to Make Chili Sauce

Chili sauce, the indispensable delicacy in life.

Many restaurants will be placed on the table two kinds of chili sauce, one is chili oil, and the other is chili sauce.

Chili oil is the use of hot oil to make dry chili spicy flavor. The sauce is preserved by the fresh chili, which is fermented to produce fresh aromas.

The Godmother chili sauce, which is essentially a hot sauce of fermented black bean sauce, is based on the spicy flavor of the first pepper oil, and it blends in with the smell of fermented bean paste.

Here we look at the ingredients table - rapeseed oil, fermented black bean (soy, water, edible salt), pepper, MSG, white sugar.

Fortunately, there is no secret recipe; ingredients are not too many types. If it is too complicated, I may have given up directly. Therefore, the delicious food production is not necessarily complicated.

Now we need to know the formula.

From the figure you can see the maximum amount of rapeseed oil, then, fermented black bean, then pepper, then MSG, and then white sugar.

I took out some godmother; wash the surface of the grease with detergent, to observe its color, raw material shape and proportion.

Through several tests, finally we finally did it.

Here, we officially produced.

Ingredients: 220 ml of rapeseed oil, 100 grams of lobster sauce, dried chili 60 grams, 35 grams of white sugar.

I'm not prepared for MSG.

I bought a home-made fermented black bean paste, a little stiff, washed over and then chopped, not too finely chopped, and steamed for 10 minutes.

Dry pepper to be made of pepper, you need to first roast roasted, this step is to dry pepper on the pan kept stir fry, mainly to use the smallest minimum fire, the temperature is slightly higher, red pepper becomes black Pepper. This process may need 10 minutes or more at least, texture brittle, darker and darker, slightly black. Note that when the fried will emit a charming fragrance, but cannot greedy suck too much, or will sneeze.

After frying, use this tool to break up the chilies and you can use the cooking machine. But you can't break it up.

This is semi-finished products.

Hot oil,150 degrees, small fire.The temperature can't go any higher.

Take pepper and fermented black beans into the pot.

You can get out of the pan in a minute.

Just fill two small bottles into the steamer and then steam for 10 minutes. The first two experiments did not steam; found that fermented black beans and chili to eat up taste too hard. Marinate for a few days, a lot of good taste.

The freshly steamed hot chili sauce is still a bit raw, and is stored for a few days with the oil and pepper and black bean paste. It tastes better.