Unconsciously,32 Kinds of Daily Necessities Have Been Changed,Some of Them are Still Very Valuable

By Philip Perez,2013-01-16 11:09
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Unconsciously,32 Kinds of Daily Necessities Have Been Changed,Some of Them are Still Very Valuable

Sometimes we feel that human technology is moving too slowly,But turned around, we should found that many things changes in life.

Let us take a look at these changes, a few is 100 years, more just happened in recent decades.

But there are some very valuable!


The changes in recent years have been so crazy that I remember my E398 and N72, and I always wanted an apple phone.


As the history of the witness ... ... the children absolutely do not understand in order to start the DOOM generation, has been clearing the system memory, In order to hear the correct MIDI background, test I/O interrupts and ports over and over again.


When I was young, my father often assembled the TV and radio and then sold it.It's basically buying parts and installing them yourself.A few days ago, my father repaired a TV he had assembled, and the television had been working for twenty years!

Ice cream maker?It doesn't look like an ice cream maker

I've never used an ice cream maker.Meat grinder has been used several times.What is an ice cream maker?

TV reception

As can be seen from the picture, the antenna on the right is much more advanced than the one on the left.

Roller Skater

Show off, I am the school speed skating team.

Alarm Clock

I've used both of Clocks.


The bicycle on the left is not suitable for riding. ButBicycles can also be retro, for example Fixed Gear .Dad said Fixed Gear was popular when he was young.


OMG!Is it really a refrigerator on the left?


Tips: don't buy the fan on the right.The price is high, but the wind is small.


The dumbbell on the left is too rough,Even if you buy a dumbbell; I guess you will not use it.

TV remote

The left image looks very high-end.


Every family must have the cooking tool----Toaster.

Floppy Disk

I used the 5-inch floppy disk and the 3.5-inch floppy disk.


Compared to e-books, I prefer paper books.

Toilet Paper

Compared with the modern times, the ancient toilet paper is noticeably higher.


Do you still have this course in primary school?


I thought of the ford model T.BTW A man with a beard is very handsome.


I think we all used it.


I strongly recommend using an electric whisk for this.


There are so many people swimming in summer, the pool is very crowded.But there are also a lot of beautiful girl.


Is this a razor? I feel like I would scratching my face.

Eye Glasses

Seeing this pair of glasses reminded me of thediviners.


I believe we all saw this camera.


The first picture I thought it was an electric chair.

Tool set

There are several toolsets in my house.


I've already started using an electric toothbrush.


I also want a vacuum cleaner like the one in the picture.

Lawn Mower

Can you buy a mower to cut wheat in the field?


The stationery that we often use in our works and study.


There is an old ladder in the storage room of my house.


I was frightened when I saw the saw.