All Over the World Celebrate Easter in Some strange Customs

By Philip Perez,2011-10-30 18:53
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All Over the World Celebrate Easter in Some strange Customs

Easter is the most important festival of Christianity, the importance of more than Christmas, religion originated in Israel. According to the Biblical Matthew, Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after his death on the cross, thus establishing this verse. Christians around the world celebrate this festival on Easter, and some countries spend the Easter holidays in a very strange way.

French children think that they do not get gifts from Easter Bunny, but get their gifts from Easter bells.

Obviously, these girls will be treated with special privileges.

Italy: commemorating the virgin Mary march on the Easter Saturday in Canosa. 350 women dressed in black carry the statue of the virgin Mary.

Philippines: people in some villages were nailed to the crosson the day of the crucifixion of Jesus.They thought it was an atonement.

The child dresses up in a long dress and wears a headscarf as ”Påskäring”(Easter wives) and collect candy and distributes hand-painted Easter CARDS from house to house.

Corfu: Every year, local residents collect all kinds of pottery and throw it out in Easter, which is to ensure that there are plenty of crops and good harvests in the coming year.

In Australia, rabbits are considered a pest. Therefore bandicoot became the substitute for the Easter Bunny.