The Smallest Car in the World

By Philip Perez,2012-03-27 18:46
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The Smallest Car in the World

According to "Daily Mail" reported that the world's smallest car - Pierre Trident will be auctioned, is expected to sell 80,000 pounds price. The car was manufactured by Pierre Engineering in 1962 to 1965 and produced 45 cars.

The car is 6 feet 1 inches wide, 3 feet 3 inches wide, equipped with a 49cc single cylinder engine, with a maximum output power of 4.2 horsepower and a top speed of only 38 mph.

It is reported that this car will be a public auction in the United States in August 18th in Monterrey, California.

In the BBC's auto show, the Top Gear presenter James said in a 2007 episode, "the trident" is 50, Pip-pa's successor, it is still the world's smallest car the Guinness world record holder.

Fans of Top Gear may remember that Jeremy drove a P50 in the Broadcasting British Corporation office.

In conference, he Trident system was optimistically advertised as having a "motorcycle comfort", and because of its futuristic design, it added the slogan "your tomorrow's transport". As the production data showed, the Trident system was not successful, and the car was rated one of the worst 50 cars ever.