Why Does the Airs Smell a Little Different After the Rain?Is the Air Really Fresh?

By Philip Perez,2013-01-26 15:53
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Why Does the Airs Smell a Little Different After the Rain?Is the Air Really Fresh?

The answer is simple: lightning can make ozone, so it smells different after rain. But the question is, is it really fresh after the rain?

High-pressure discharge, the formation of corona field, the electric field or corona around the part of the oxygen through the electrochemical process, changes made of ozone. Currently on the market of ozone generator, are also using electrolysis, high pressure discharge made of ozone.

Ozone is a special smell of blue gas, it has the function of purifying the air, but harmful to the lungs of animals. However, the ozone layer can absorb harmful ultraviolet light on the human body, protecting the creatures on Earth. Lightning will produce tens of thousands of volts at the same time the air is ionized to produce ozone.

Is ozone really refreshing? Or polluting?

Speaking of this problem, most people's primary school textbooks talk about ozone is not only purifying the air of human health guards, but also to protect the earth, absorb most of the harmful rays of human beings! However, the fact is cruel, if at high altitude, ozone can protect the earth, if in the near ground, it will form ozone pollution!

What is the harm of ozone?

At altitude of 10-50 km, ozone can absorb ultraviolet light, protect the Earth's biological from harmful rays. But when high levels of ozone decrease, the number of skin cancer patients around the world increases significantly and the body’s immune system is weakened .Studies have shown that for every 1% decrease in altitude ozone ,the number of blindness caused by cataracts in the world will increase by 10,000-15,000.

Therefore, the ozone in the high-altitude ozone layer, is indeed a well-deserved "Earth Guard."

However, once the ozone to the ground about 10-100 meters from the ground floor, will become a "healthy killer."

It can be seen that the low ozone concentration anomaly is also harmful.