What is Big Data? A Classic Story of Pizza and Big Data!

By Philip Perez,2012-08-11 08:25
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What is Big Data? A Classic Story of Pizza and Big Data!

Attention, everybody, do you know what big data is?

You'll know the answer through the following dialogue, and see what inspires and helps the bosses, the leaders, or the teachers

The bell rings at Pizza x.

Customer service picked up the phone: "we are pizza x." Hello, what can I do for you?

Guest: Hello! I'd like one......

Customer service: Sir, would you please tell me your membership card number first?

Customer: 16846146***.

Customer service: Hello, Mr. Jack. You live at room 12, building 1205, XX road. Your home phone

Is the result of your company, the telephone is a result, your mobile phone is ***********.

Which pay call would you like to pay?

Guest: why do you know all my telephone numbers?

Customer service: Mr. Jack, because of our online CRM system.

Guest: I'd like a seafood pizza......

Customer service: Mr. Jack, seafood pizza is not for you.

Guest: why?

Customer service: according to your medical record, your blood pressure and cholesterol are all on the high side.

Guest: what do you recommend?

Customer service: you can try our low-fat healthy pizza.

Guest: how do you know I'll like this one?

Customer service: you borrowed a low-fat health diet at the national library last Monday.

Customer: all right. Then I'll have a family size pizza.

Customer service: Mr. Jack, the large ones are not enough.

Guest: why?

Customer service: because there are six people in your family. What about a king size one?

Guest: how much do I owe you?

Customer service: 9.9$. It's enough for your family to stutter six. But your mother should eat less,

She just underwent bypass surgery last month and is still recovering.

Customer: can I pay by credit card?

Customer service: Mr. Jack, I'm sorry. Cash, please.

Customer: can't you take credit card?

Customer service: generally yes. But your credit card has been maxed out, and you are now maxed out

You still owe the bank 4807$, and it doesn't include your mortgage interest.

Customer: then I'll draw the money from the nearest atm.

Customer service: Mr. Jack, according to your records, you have exceeded today's limit of withdrawal.

Guest: No, you send me my pizza straight away. There's cash in the house. How soon will you arrive?

Customer service: about 30 minutes. If you don't want to wait, you can pick it up yourself by motorcycle.

Guest: why?

Customer service: according to our CRM global positioning system, vehicle automatic tracking record shows,

Your registration for a number of DUMBASS-233 motorcycle, is runningon the right side of the WAL-MART mall in the eastern section of Downing currently, only 50 meters away from our store.

Guest: all right. ( head starts becoming dizzy)

Mr. Jack, I suggest you bring a small seafood pizza with you.

Guest: why? Didn't you say I couldn't eat it?

Customer service: according to our CRM communication system analysis, you call a woman with high frequency and long time. Today is February 15th. Our analysis that should be your lover, to make up for Valentine's day.

And this mobile phone user has been buying seafood pizza recently, and she should like it.

Customer: ......

Customer service: You'd better send it home now, otherwise you won't be able to come out.

Guest: why?

Customer service: according to our location system, your wife will be home in about 30 minutes.

Guest: why should I come out?

Customer service: you have made a reservation for tonight at the peak hotel. Do you think you have a date with your lover?

Guest: fainted immediately............

This is big data!

Get to know more and keep pace with the times!