The Low Cost Solution: Vitrima VR lets GOPRO Take 3D Video

By Philip Perez,2011-11-24 06:45
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The Low Cost Solution: Vitrima VR lets GOPRO Take 3D Video

VR (Virtual Reality) in the mobile phone is popular recently, many mobile phone manufacturers for its newest flagship phone to join the exclusive VR glasses, consumer regardless of VR games on cell phones, or see films has a better experience of the first one. However, every time there is a new image technology popular, the theory with the most inadequate, often not peripheral accessories, but is "the source".

Most especially VR’s sources being the first in a perspective of POV experience, and has been a photography "rising star" the movement of the camera just solve the problem about, therefore have photographic accessories manufacturer intends to GOPRO production about VR 3D shooting accessories. Called Vitrima VR lens is on the above-mentioned situation, this size is 3.7 "x 2.3" x 3.7 ", and a half pounds Vitrima VR lens looks very much like you see past the lens 3D shooting device.

Vitrima VR shell using aluminum alloy manufacture, appearance is hard and waterproof effect, can be directly installed on the GOPRO standards to protect shell, solved the feeder, or buy expensive adapter ring problem to another. Technical level, Vitrima VR through the lens to image in two, to build around the typical three-dimensional perspective experience, let users do not need to buy the second GOPRO can make a simple VR film.

But the Vitrima VR camera, which will go on sale in mid-june, is not without its drawbacks. Vitrima VR lens can reduce the cost, but the lens need to install on the main lens of GOPRO, disguised by Vitrima VR external camera film can only be taken 3D VR the purpose of the film, the user may not be cut into left and right sides of 3D image restoration as a 2D film!