Why does your mobile phone consume electricity very fast? Because of these 6 bad habits

By Philip Perez,2015-11-14 07:55
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Why does your mobile phone consume electricity very fast? Because of these 6 bad habits

When we go out, the phone can be used for a while, it will be out of power. When we were traveling abroad, we took a few pictures and saw that the cell phone was out of power. Mobile phone power consumption so fast, there may be your habits are not correct, the following 6 bad habits, to see how many you have?

The brightness of the screen is too high

The bright screen will speed up the power consumption, it is possible to darken the screen some, if the phone function allows, you can set the brightness of the screen automatically, with the surrounding environment automatically brighten or darken.

Mobile phone WIFI has long been open

When WIFI is switched on for a long time, the phone will constantly search for WIFI signals, which can consume a lot of power. If you are on the road or in a strange place, please turn off the WIFI connection. It is not only power saving, but also more secure.

Mobile phone is open long notice

Mobile phones are constantly being notified every day, and news bombing also speeds up power consumption, so some nonessential notifications are switched off in the settings notification center to ensure that only real application notifications are turned on. Not only saves electricity, but also avoids being disturbed.

The application runs in the background

Temporarily unable to use the program, it is best to turn off the background operation. Find the application in the "Settings" of the phone, click the "apply" icon, open the settings page, and click "stop". When you encounter an emergency with a low battery capacity, you might as well try this.

App automatic data synchronization

Many applications have the default to enable automatic data synchronization, such as automatically backing up photos or synchronizing applications. You might as well turn off automatic synchronization and manually synchronize the data in the application when needed.

There is a very important reason,

Many people may have overlooked it,

That is:

You play too much

Eliminate the above problems,

If your mobile phone is powered down, it's still very fast,

That might check if the cell phone battery is out of order.