Encyclopedic knowledge: the best in the world

By Philip Perez,2017-12-08 13:39:00
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Encyclopedic knowledge: the best in the world

1. The largest glacier in the world is in Antarctica.

2. The largest freshwater lake in the world is Lake Superior.

3. The largest square in the world is Tiananmen Square in China.

4. The largest seated Buddha in the world is located in Sichuan, China.

5. The largest palace in the world is the Forbidden City.

6. The world's largest and most expensive diamond is hidden in the British royal family.

7. The world's largest encyclopedia is the Yongle Code.

8. Europe's largest island is Great Britain.

9. Europe's largest peninsula is Northern Europe.

10. China's largest commercial bank is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

11. The grotto of our country's largest library of classical art is the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, Gansu Province.

12. The largest commercial soybean and soybean export production base in our country is the Northeast.

13. The largest freshwater lake in our country is Poyang Lake.

14. The largest collection of poetry in our country is Quan Tang Poetry, which contains more than 48,000 poems of the Tang Dynasty.

15. The largest inland saltwater lake in the country is Qinghai Lake.

16.The largest lake in our country is Qinghai Lake.

17. The largest desert in our country is the Taklamakan Desert.

18. The largest producer of diamonds is Zaire.

19. The largest lake on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is the Dianchi Lake.

20. The largest transportation system in the city of Moscow is the metro.

21. Among mammals, the largest is the blue whale.

22. The most northerly capital in the world is Reykjavik.

23.The longest mountain range in the world is the Andes.

24. The longest narrative poem in the world is The Story of King Gesar.

25. The best coffee in the world is produced in Jamaica.

26. The largest corn producer in the world is the United States.

27. The most windy place in the world is Antarctica.

28. The river that flows through the most countries in the world is the Danube.

29. The shortest published record in the world is a collection of poems published by a French publishing house, which lasts approximately eight hours.

30.The country with the largest oil production in Africa is Nigeria.

31. At present, the element with the highest content of space in the universe is hydrogen.

32. The world's first Mahjong Museum is located in Japan.

33. The first written constitution in the world was the Constitution of the United States.

34. The first Limited Liability Company Act in the world was enacted by Germany.

35. The name of the first atomic bomb to explode in the world was Skinny.

36. The world's first national pharmacopoeia appeared in the Tang Dynasty of China.

37. The world's first international film festival was the Venice Film Festival.

38. The world's first proletarian regime was established in France.

39. The first proletarian party in the world was the German Social Democratic Labour Party.

40. The first international convention on air crime in the world was the Treaty of Tokyo.

41. The first unequal treaty signed by China was the Treaty of Nanjing.

42. The first stamp in the world appeared in England.

43. The first stamp in the world was issued in 1840.

44. The world's first triangular stamp, regarded as a rarity by collectors, was issued by the Cape of Good Hope, which was discovered by Diaz.

45. The first Christmas card in the world appeared in England.

46. The first set of commemorative stamps of New China was to celebrate the first plenary session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

47. The first cinema in China was the Shanghai Hongkou Cinema.

48. The world's first subway was built in London in 1863.

49. The world's first motorcycle was made mainly of wood.

50. The country that launched the first artificial satellite was the former Soviet Union.

51. The first university of higher learning in the history of the United States was Harvard University.

52. The first geothermal power station in our country was Yangbajing

53. The first nuclear power station in our country, which was designed and built by ourselves, was the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant.

54. China's first privately-run institution of higher education was established in 1982.

55. The abbreviation for the first provisional constitution of New China is the Common Programme.

56. China's first poetry collection is the Book of Songs.

57. The first television series in our country was Eighteen Years of the Enemy Battalion.

58. The first long satirical novel in the history of our fiction is the history of Confucianism.

59. The first color feature film in China was Blessings.

60. The Yangtze River, our country's largest river, is 6,300km.

61. The deepest depression in the world is the Dead Sea.

62. The deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal in Russia.

63. The deepest trench in the world is in the Pacific Ocean.

64. The first country in the world to grow cotton was India.

65. The first public telephone booth in the world was in the telephone company.

66. The world's first armoured vehicles were wheeled.

67. The world's first newspapers were in China.

68. The earliest paper money originated in China.

The earliest school songs appeared in Japan.

70. The first ballet appeared in the court. For the purpose of performance, the ballet shoes had a small piece of wood tucked into the tip of the shoe.

71. The first raw material for the manufacture of perfume bottles was glass.

72. The first fuel for a four-stroke internal combustion engine was gas.

73. The first man to be able to make tools was called an energy man.

74. The reason why the first sewing machines were not put into production was that they did not want to put the seamstress out of job.

75. The first zippers were invented as a substitute for lacing shoes.

76. The earliest lottery tickets were the imperial examination lists.

77. The earliest spring couplets were carved on wood.

78. The earliest compasses were two sticks at each end of the noose.

79. The earliest denture gums were made of gold.

80. The earliest ice hockey was made of wood chips.

81. The earliest Chinese medical monograph was the Huang Di Nei Jing.

82. The earliest Buddhist temple in China was the White Horse Temple in Luoyang.

83. The first Antarctic scientific station in China was the Great Wall Station.

84. The first person in China to propose the creation of a prison was Gaotao.

85. The earliest geologist in our country was Li Daoyuan.

86. The earliest museum in our country was Nantong Museum.

87. The earliest performing art in our country was acrobatics.

88. The first agricultural product cultivated in China was Chinese cabbage.

89. The earliest Chinese literary novel is The Book of Soshen.

90. The earliest Chinese narrative poem is The Peacock Flying Southeast.

91. The earliest educational publication in China was The World of Education.

92. Chinese nuns first appeared in the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

93. The earliest sperm bank of mankind was built for the soldiers who fought in the war.

94. The earliest record of Haleys comet was left by the Chinese.

95. The largest and most widely used battery in the world today is the zinc-manganese dry battery.

96. The largest volume of alcohol sold in the world is beer.

97. The lowest-lying country in the world is the Netherlands.

98. The most important IT high-tech industrial base in the world is Silicon Valley.

99. The only region in the world where there are no indigenous people living is Antarctica.

100. The furthest bird in the world is the Arctic Tern.

101. The longest river in Europe is the Volga River.

102. The hottest place in China is the Turpan Basin.

103. The most organisms in the sea are plankton.

104. The most commonly used photographic material is visible light.

105. The most sun-resistant fabric is acrylic.

106. The cleanest energy source is solar.

107. The most primitive mammal is the platypus.

108. The first Opium War took place in June 1840.

109. The first sphygmomanometers were used to measure the blood pressure of horses.

110. The first International Collegiate Debate was held in Singapore.

111. The largest organ of the human body is the skin.

112. The largest cell in the human body is the egg cell.

113. The hardest part of the human body is the tooth.

114. The largest detoxifying organ in the human body is the liver.

115. The thymus is the first organ in the human body to age.

116. The part of the human body most likely to be obese is the stomach.

117. The longest organ in the human digestive tract is the small intestine.

118. The organ with the highest percentage of water content in the human body is the eyeball. 119. The hardest substance known in nature is diamond.

120. The softest stone known to man at present is talc.

121. The largest planet in the solar system is Jupiter.

The highest existing palace in China is the Potala Palace.

The earliest existing wooden building complex in China built on the cliffs is the Hanging Temple.

124. The earliest and best preserved stone arch bridge in China is the Zhaozhou Bridge.

125. The highest mountain range is the Himalayas.

126. The largest library is the Beijing Library.

127. The earliest military work is The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

128. The largest Buddha statue is the Leshan Giant Buddha in Sichuan.

129. The earliest collection of poems is The Book of Songs.

130. The tallest preserved wooden building in China is the Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County, Shanxi Province.

131. The most complete and imposing imperial mausoleum is the Qianling Tomb in Tang Dynasty. 132. The largest nature reserve is the Aljinshan National Nature Reserve.

133. The largest city in China is Chongqing Municipality.

134. The longest underground river in China is Karewell.

135. The most populous provincial administrative unit in China is Henan Province.

136. The least populous provincial-level administrative unit in China is the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

137. The smallest provincial-level administrative unit in China is the Macao Special Administrative Region.

138. The most densely populated provincial-level administrative unit in China is the Macao Special Administrative Region.

139. The administrative unit at the provincial level with the longest border is the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

140. The county with the largest land area in China is Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang.

141. The city with the longest life expectancy in China is Shanghai.

142. The largest mountain town in China is Chongqing.

143. The northernmost village is Mohe.

144. The first ethnic autonomous region was the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

145. The provincial administrative unit with the highest per capita water resources in the country is the Tibet Autonomous Region.

146. The provincial administrative unit with the lowest per capita water resources in the country is Tianjin.

147. The province with the most abundant coal resources in China is Shanxi.

148. The region with the highest production of camphor is Taiwan.

149. The most tortuous administrative unit at the provincial level along China's coastline is Fujian Province.

150. The largest fishing ground in the country is Zhoushan.

151. The easternmost point of the country is the intersection of the Heilongjiang River in Heilongjiang Province and the central line of the main waterway of the Wusuli River (135 E).


152. The southernmost point of the country is Zeng Mu Shisha (near 4 N) in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea.

153.The westernmost point of the country is the Xinjiang Pamir Plateau (73 E).

154. The northernmost point of the country is the central line of the main channel of the Heilongjiang River (53 N) north of the Mohe River in Heilongjiang Province.

155. The smallest minority in our country is the Luoba minority.

The largest minority in our country is the Zhuang minority.

157. The longest sea-crossing bridge in our country (in the world) is the Hangzhou Bay sea-crossing bridge.

158. The first Chinese athlete to participate in the Olympic Games was Liu Changchun.

159. The first Chinese athlete to win an Olympic gold medal was Xu Haifeng.

160. The first Chinese to climb Mount Qomolangma from the north slope was Wang Fuzhou, Kampot and Qu Yinhua.

161. Song Yaoru was the first Chinese to leave a footprint in the South Pole.

162. The first Chinese to visit the South Pole was Dong Zhaoqian.

163. The only language in human history that has come to this day is oracle.

164. The only unbroken civilization in human history is Chinese civilization.

165. The most populous country in the world is China.

166. The river with the largest sediment content in the world is the Yellow River.

167. The largest and heaviest bronze ware in the world is the Simu Dafang Ding.

168. The world's first porcelain was invented in China.

169. The longest defensive structure in the world is the Great Wall.

170. The earliest dictionary in the world is Shuo Wen Jie Zi.

171. The most famous monastery in the world is the Shaolin Temple.

172.The longest canals in the world are the Sui and Tang Dynasties Grand Canals and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

173.The world's first paper making, compass, movable type printing and gunpowder were invented in China.

174.Zhang Heng, a scientist of the Eastern Han Dynasty, was the first person in the world to reveal the cause of the lunar eclipse.

175. The first instrument to detect earthquakes in the world was the geodynamometer invented by Zhang Heng.

176. The first person in the world to calculate the pi accurately to seven decimal places was Zu Chongzhi, a scientist of the Southern and Northern Dynasties.

177.The first person in the world to accurately measure the length of the meridian was a group of astronomers in the Tang Dynasty.

178. The world's earliest extant time-recorded print is the Diamond Sutra.

179. The largest Buddhist cave temple in the world is the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes.

180. The first large-scale commercial city in the world was Bianjing, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty.

181. The world's oldest surviving observatory is the Dengfeng Observatory built by Yuan astronomer Guo Shoujing.

182. The largest carved stone Buddha in the world is the Leshan Giant Buddha.

183. The most difficult aqueduct to construct in the world is the Red Flag Canal.

184. The tallest statue in the world is the 106-metre-high giant statue of Emperor Yan Huang Erdi.

185. The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest.

186. The longest bridge in the world is the 36-kilometre Hangzhou Bay Bridge.

187.The largest city in the world with the largest land area is Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia.