Do you know the history of the June 1 Children's Day? Children's Day is also a parent's day

By Philip Perez,2015-06-22 10:13
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Do you know the history of the June 1 Children's Day? Children's Day is also a parent's day

The origin of children's day is unfortunate; do you know that the children's day is also the parents' day? We all know that June 1st is children's day, but actually, today is also the parents' festival!

In 2012, the United Nations proclaimed June 1st every year as a global parent's day, thanks to the parents' dedication to their children. When you are a child, they hold your hand and grow up with you. No matter where you are, today, please say "I love you" to them.

The origin of children's day is not a happy story.

The establishment of the international children's day was associated with the famous slaughter of Li-dice at the time of the Second World War. On June 10, 1942, German fascists killed more than 140 men and all infants in the village of the Czech republic, and placed women and 90 children in concentration camps. Houses and buildings were burnt down in the village, and a village was destroyed by German fascists.

After the Second World War, the world economic recession, tens of thousands of workers unemployed, lived a life suffer hunger and cold. Children are in a worse position; some have contracted infectious diseases; they have died in batches; others have been forced to work as child laborers; they have been tortured, and their lives and their lives are not guaranteed.

To mourn Li-dice tragedy and all dead in the war of the world's children, against cruelty and poison children, and safeguard the rights of children, in November 1949, the international Democratic woman's Federation Council meeting in Moscow, delegates angrily revealed the imperialists and reactionaries kill and poison children's crimes.

In order to protect the world children's right to life, health right and the right to education, in order to improve children's lives, meeting decided to annual June 1 is international children's day. Many countries agreed, especially in socialist countries.