Female Body Organs Aging Rate Ranking (Photos)

By Philip Perez,2017-12-30 21:49:00
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Female Body Organs Aging Rate Ranking (Photos)

1st place: Gut

Did it ever occur to you that this 5- to 6-metre coiled bloke is where you start to age? Indeed, because the gut is our body's vital digestive absorption system, from which nutrients are absorbed and toxins and garbage are excreted. Medical experts point out that 90 per cent of the body's diseases are related to intestinal impurity, and one day without defecation equals three packs of smoke.

Intestinal aging brings the most direct problem is constipation, the intestinal tract can accumulate up to about 6.5 kg of stool, a large number of stool blocked in the intestinal tract, making toxins, garbage can not be discharged in time or even intestinal as "nutrition" re-absorption, resulting in dark skin, pox, bad breath smoked, not only that, due to the accumulation of too much abdominal waste oil, small "waist" fine directly into a small upgrade.

Expert advice:

1.Eat high-fiber foods 2-3 times a week. Rice bran and wheat bran contain the highest amount of dietary fiber. They promote peristalsis in the large intestine, shorten the time food stays in the large intestine and prevent constipation. On the other hand, like sponges, they can absorb toxic substances in the intestine and expel them in time, reducing the absorption of waste toxins by the intestine.

2.intestinal SPA. Also known as colon hydrotherapy, is often constipation to improve the cleanliness of intestinal space an effective way. But this method to go to a professional hospital treatment, and follow the doctor's advice.

2nd place:

Perfect, firm breasts are the hallmark of a woman's sexuality, and more than 90 percent of women are happier with men praising themselves as sexy than beautiful! At 25, the chest begins to show signs of aging and, of course, gravitational pull, slowly begins to sag, and if you don't take care of your breasts, you may develop breast hyperplasia, breast cancer, and other diseases.

Expert advice:

1.A good underwear will lift your chest up to its highest point. Generally, this should be in the middle of the shoulder to the elbow joint.

2.Always remember that breasts are the most vulnerable part of a woman, and even when it comes to mingling with her, you can't tolerate her rough treatment of your breasts.

3.Have a baby, in due course, because when you have your first child, it means you are 7% less likely to develop breast cancer and 4.3% less likely to breastfeed.

4.The use of good breasts, tightness breast cream.

3rd place: Brain

Although men's brains are 15% to 20% larger than women's, they die twice as fast as women's. At age 30, women's brains begin to age and begin to lose weight slowly from the heaviest 1600 grams, trying to maintain your status as queen of the family for a long time to come? Then you have to let the brain age a little slower!

Expert advice:

1.Eat slowly, not only to keep fit, but also to keep your brain age.When your teeth chew food 20 times, the blood flow to your brain increases significantly, ensuring that your brain supplies blood and maintains normal mental activity. 

2.Playing a musical instrument can enable the brain to control a number of muscle coordination work, is undoubtedly a brain exercise, so that a long-cherished musical instrument let him immediately pay for it! 

3.Chatting can help stimulate connections between nerve cells in the brain, promote brain thinking, and slow down the gradual aging of the brain, just like doing "health exercises" for the brain.

4th: Ovary

After the age of 35, our beauty begins to suffer from decreased ovarian secretion irregular menstruation, dull complexion, hair loss, increased wrinkles, rough skin, weak back legs, weakness, vaginal dryness, and atrophy of the breasts. Medical research shows that the ovaries are the only organs in which women secrete estrogen and progesterone, which determines a woman's youthful beauty or age.

Expert advice:

1.Find the man you love and have perfect sex with him at least three times a week.Science has proven that frequent intercourse not only keeps a woman's vagina young, it also regulates her yin and yang balance and helps energize her ovaries.

2.Beans and soy products contain an estrogen-like substance that supplements the reduction in estrogen secretion after ovarian atrophy. Although this substance works 1,000 times less than estrogen, its concentration in the blood is 1,000 times higher than estrogen. So, many health experts say soy is a woman's lover!

5th place: Hips

From the age of 40, women will find their hips aging, flabby and feel worse. At just 1.55m, Kelly Minogue has topped the list of British women's most desirable body types for two years, while The Sun lists her back and hip curves as a "human aesthetic heritage" and the media praise that her buttocks are a "beautiful peach of shape".

Expert advice:

1.Have him sit on his hands as a specialist for the detection and maintenance of your buttocks and test whether you are fat or thin based on how his hands wrap around your buttocks. Remember to let him massage you for 20 minutes a day to keep your hips flexible.

2.Back straight, full chair 2 / 3 place, will spread the power in the buttocks and thighs. This kind of sitting not only ladies, but also can effectively enhance the buttocks.

3.The choice of effective pants can effectively control the hip shape. Trousers are after delivery or shaping the body of women to restore the best help.

4.the use of orange tissue for the body cream. The shape of the buttocks and thighs are closely related to ensure that these two parts of the compact, elastic is to ensure that the buttocks curve and anti-aging prerequisites.

6th: Heart

According to the calculations of modern scientists, each of us should be able to live to 120 years of age, but the vast majority of people do not live to this age, the biggest obstacle is cardiovascular disease and cell canceration.The heart takes on the job of sending fresh blood to the body. Once the heart ages, all parts of our body become sluggish and sluggish because of insufficient blood supply, and the body naturally takes on an old look.

Expert advice:

1.Eating Only 70% Full = Heart is 10 years younger An American experiment showed that a thin person's heart is 10 to 15 years younger than a fat person's.

2.Not only do fat cells produce a lot of the hormones that cause type 2 diabetes, but they also produce a substance called protoplasm, which causes hardening of heart and brain vessels.

3.Curiosity may kill a cat, but curiosity can keep your heart young. Experts have found that people who are curious about things are less likely to be obese and less likely to indulge in bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

4.Research has found that women's hearts are more responsive to arguments, and acrimonious language and arguments with personal attacks should not be your solution. A charming look works better.

7th: Spine

After age 45, your spine and lumbar spine begin to regress. A woman's desire for an S-shaped body doesn't mean your spine is going to be an S-shaped body. A scoliosis can cause a lot of problems.Women are three times more likely than men to develop scoliosis, and women with scoliosis are particularly vulnerable, with a single motion likely to require a month of lying flat on their beds. Scoliosis can also affect cardiovascular disease and mental health.

Expert advice:

1.Erlang leg crisis! Survey found: long-term stilts Erlang leg easy to cause hunchback, resulting in uneven distribution of pressure between the lumbar spine and thoracic vertebrae, in the long run, is bound to compress spinal nerves, and Erlang leg will impede blood circulation in the legs, resulting in leg varicose veins.

2.British scientists have found that slack postures of 135 degrees are the best way to keep your spine in shape.

8th: Knee

Knee is very easy to be ignored by you, because she is unknown, it seems dispensable, but in fact, with her, your legs can be free to play the sexy charm!If the knee function is not sound enough, you think, legs stiff can not bend, but also talk about what beautiful leg temptation?"Women are two to eight times more likely than men to get a knee injury," said Edward, a professor of plastic surgery at the University of Michigan School of Medicine.

So if you don't want your knees to get old, you might have to work 2-8 times harder than him!

Expert advice:

1.although the heart has to admit that only women wearing high heels have a sexy taste, but high heels really can not often wear, its health hazards have been mentioned many times, this time also have to say, it will cause damage to your knees.

2.For women, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee is most vulnerable in the early stages of menstruation, when significant leg movements should be avoided

3.Stair-climbing has long been hailed as the most affordable exercise for weight loss, but it is the most damaging to the knee. Downstairs, to prevent excessive pressure on the knee, the forefoot first to the ground, and then over to the full foot on the ground, to cushion the pressure.

9th: Nose

The nose has a beautiful time limit, the nose is the most beautiful time 20-45 years old.After the age of 45, you wake up every morning to find your nostrils sagging, your nose changing, the bridge of your nose sagging a little, even, you can feel your nose is much bigger than before, so after the age of 45, you can't tell any lies!

This is because the nose shrinks like other soft tissues (skin, fat, and muscles). Over time, the bones shrink, and without the support of the bones, there is less support for these soft tissues.

Expert advice:

1.Pay attention to sun protection, do not smoke, began to use some of the skin care products can wake up the regeneration of cells.

2.Due to changes in blood composition during menstruation in women, immunity is relatively poor and the respiratory tract is more susceptible to infection. During this period, stay away from heavily contaminated areas, or from excessively cold and overheated environments.

3.At least 3 times a week, each half an hour of exercise, can enhance the respiratory antibacterial ability, prevent nose aging.

10th Place: Hands

If your hands are properly maintained, aging is relatively slow, and the most obvious signs of aging aren't likely to appear until after age 50, so before that, just make sure she's not dry or exposed, and she can help you keep your age secret.

Expert advice:

A British study has found that women who carefully trim their hands look younger, and the glittering ornaments on their nails, or the small rings on their fingers, distract from the wrinkles or spots on their hands.