Few people know that mobile phones still have so many hidden features!

By Philip Perez,2018-01-09 03:01:00
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Few people know that mobile phones still have so many hidden features!

Few people know that mobile phones still have so many hidden features!

1. When do not like others to disturb their own time and do not want to shut down to give everyone a way to make their number empty

Enter 21999999 Press the dial out button when you make a call and your number becomes empty when someone calls you.Input 21 again.PS This feature mobile company is not charged should be a loophole in the mobile phone number can be experimented on the spot if it feels good to transfer to your friend later do not want to answer that makes you sad when she or his phone used to get

2. Identify the quality of the phone

Press 06 first and a serial number will appear on your phone and you will count to the seventh and eighth.

If your seventh and eighth numbers are the two corresponding numbers below, then the quality of your phone will be determined.02 or 20 is a very poor phone

08 or 80 is a little better phone

01 or 10 is a very good phone

00 stands for the origin of the company produced is the best quality of the original mobile phone 13 stands for the production of Azerbaijan is a very, very poor mobile phone

3. Stealth backup battery

Your phone is low on battery In order for it to continue to function Press 3370 The phone will reboot When you're done, you'll find that the battery has increased by 50 This hidden backup is running out You'll have to recharge the battery When the battery is recharged The invisible backup battery will also be recharged The next time the battery is low You can use this method to know that in an emergency if the phone is running low

4. car remote control left in the carIf you leave your car in the car one day with the remote control and the backup remote is at home, you'll find there's a cell phone that's really handy for dialing your family's cell phone a foot from the door while your family is holding the remote control next to his cell phone and pressing the unlock button on the remote that works no matter how far away from home you have to open the car.

5. EmergenciesThe common emergency number that mobile phones around the world can call is 112 If you find yourself in an area with no cell phone coverage and you're in an emergency with your phone Dial 112 Yes, because then your phone will automatically search all available networks and set up emergency calls Especially interesting is that even if your phone is locked on the keyboard you can also try to dial 112

6. Cell phones stolenThere is a way to let the thief can not use Hey Hey look at the phone's serial number Just type 0 6 15 serial number will appear on the phone screen every phone in the world have a unique serial number to record and save this serial number one day if your phone was stolen Call the phone provider and provide your phone serial number they will help you shield the phone so even small stolen SIM cards still don't work Your phone is nothing to a thief If every cell phone owner in the world does that then it doesn't make sense to steal a phone In Australia police have even set up a stolen phone database that can be returned to you if your phone is foundRequired for routine maintenance

1. Do not wait until the battery is dead to chargeUsually we have an idea is the cell phone battery power to put all the recharge is better basically right because we used in the past the rechargeable battery is mostly NiMH NiH batteries and NiMH batteries have the so-called memory effect if not put complete recharge will lead to rapid reduction in battery life so we will only use the last drop of charge to start charging But now most of the mobile phones and general IA products are lithium Li battery and lithium battery, then there is no memory effect of the problem if we wait until all the battery after recharging, it will make lithium battery chemicals can not react and reduce the life of the best way is nothing to charge it at all times to maintain the best full state of the place so that your battery can be available long and long Oh this is from the manufacturer to get the message itself and after the test.

2. Do not answer the phone while the phone is chargingIn India, a 31-year-old man who worked as a business manager for an insurance company answered a call ten days ago while the phone was still plugged into a charger, and a lot of electricity went through the phone for a few seconds. The young man was thrown to the ground, his finger burned, his heart weak and unconscious, and he was rushed to the hospital, where the doctor announced that the mobile phone was the most commonly used modern invention, but we must also be aware of the danger of death.

3. Do not use when one cell phone is leftReceive full lattice compared with only one lattice emission intensity actually difference of more than 1000 times so people should pay attention to the cell phone 0 yesterday from a cell phone business to get a very important message that is when you find that the strength of the cell phone reception is only one lattice when rather hang up or switch to public phones do not continue to talk Why is it that we all know that the electromagnetic wave of mobile phones has been a cause for concern and the design of mobile phones in order to receive poor areas can still maintain a considerable quality of the call will strengthen the electromagnetic wave emission intensity of mobile phones when the reception of full grid with only one frame when compared to the emission intensity of 100com Watt 06W how strong it is I can not describe it on your head will have any adverse effects can be replaced by two examples1. speaker diameter of about 4 cm small radio volume to the maximum and then stick to the ear that noise energy is generally less than 025W 05W2. Put your finger in front of the laser light with an output of 01W, which is equivalent to the power of the fiber network's D-line, and within a few seconds you will feel a burning sensation. Can you endure these two conditions for a long time?How do you know if the 06W wave is going to stick to your ear?412593 Phone number trapDo you store the phone number of a foreign friend in the form of 17951 phone number book instead of dialing the toll com clock alone I also checked with 1860 their explanation is that if stored in the phone book system will not be recognized so can not get the tariff concessions must be on the keyboard each time directly press 12xxx Shenzhou line users so moving-zone users GSM is the same.If you are a China Mobile user, when you know that China Mobile set the following traps for you will no longer be surprised at how your phone charges will fly away like long wings with 12593 phone number can be preferential, but if you pre-12593 phone number stored in the phone book to use when you dial out and then dial out when China Mobile does not admit that you use the 12593 This preferential dialing method and in accordance with the direct dialing method billing If you are in the roaming two billing methods can be seven times the difference when I learned that such billing after I really do not know how to express my anger later played 10086 consultation if not actively ask the question of the work number of 6608 Miss simply do not tell me such billing

4. Parasites of the mobile phone feeMobile phone somehow fixed useless SMS strongly recommended that everyone look at their own have no trick the easiest way to unsubscribe every month to steal your mobile phone bill parasite China Mobile in 315 forced to launch a new business If you are a mobile phone user of China Mobile, type the number 0000 to send SMS to 10086 seconds will automatically reply to a list of SMS messages showing your phone exactly which SMS services are ordered which SMS service providers secretly deduct your mobile phone fee type the number 00000 to send SMS to 186201 can cancel all SMS services

5. Do not rush together exactly 1 minuteWhen we make a phone call, we're always glad it's over 100 years ago, but it's not like that, according to a China Mobile employee, it's already a minute since you called 055, so the call time of 055100 is actually two minutes of your money.

6. mobile phone a water please remember not to make any button action, especially shutdown a press any action water will immediately follow the circuit board flow string the correct way for the immediate opening of the outside cover directly forced to take down the battery can protect the motherboard from water invasionThis common sense is very important, so tell you to make your cell phone available for a long time to learn it later in case of emergency ah

7. How to bring your phone's battery back to lifeWill you buy another battery to replace when your cell phone battery runs out of time or ages?Next time you're in a situation like this, save your money.1 the battery with a newspaper wrapped up and then put into a plastic bag wrapped into the freezer three days of newspaper can absorb excess water

2 three days after taking out the room temperature put two days

3 two days after the battery charge is full packed for mobile phone wrap test estimate can be saved 80-90This message by the well-known battery manufacturer engineers revealed that according to the friends tested pointed out that the effect is quite effectiveWell, the battery's going to be dead anyway, and everyone in the fridge has friends.

8. Make a CPR for your phoneWhether the cell phone is often out of power or obviously full of power before long and no power

must have suspected is the end of the life of the cell phone

do not worry about it is just a heartbeat to stop as long as a small eraser can revive the deadTake out the battery, wipe the contacts with an eraser, put the brass flakes back on the phone, and you'll see it's amazing, it's alive and it's like a new one.It's really useful.

9. Teach you how to remove phone screen scratchesDo you often encounter mobile phone screen scratches and do not know how to deal with the situation

tell you a useful secret recipe the other day saw on the television Squeeze the right amount of toothpaste onto the wet cloth and apply it to the front and back of the scratches on the screen of the mobile phone.You'll find it amazing how the scratches on your phone's screen disappear.What's even more amazing is that your phone's screen gets brighter when you wipe it off with a clean cloth or toilet paper.Professor of Chemistry at National Taiwan University says the principle is toothpaste, which is just an accessory for brushing teeth, has a friction repair effect and removes plaque, cleans and polishes the tooth surface, so it has the same effect when used on a mobile phone screen.