Five copies of World of Warcraft's nastiest headaches

By Philip Perez,2017-12-05 09:19:00
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Five copies of World of Warcraft's nastiest headaches

The present five copies of both structure and difficulty belong to that very casual state, despite the heroic level of the copy, today there is no need to divide the mage sheep that, the thief bored that point, are rushed up a storm hammer...

Recall that the first time to play WOW, at that time we do not quite understand, in the copy of each dozen strange, all say half a day, and then dare to open strange... with everyone on the game to improve the level of understanding, experience growth, we play the game are not the same mood, all become very impatient, others a little problem will be noisy what, good discord.

I miss the first time to play WOW, the first time to play a copy of the time, now think about it all feel good funny! A 5-person copy of the longest time I remember playing more than four hours, and finally everyone can not stand, has been dissolved! You have a similar experience, let us recall, those who played a five-person copy of the most headache.

The Easiest Copy to Get Lost-Wailing Cave

This is the broken copy, I think it is the longest copy of the World of Warcraft, rugged road, a wide variety of small strange, BOSS widely dispersed, into the copy played left to play right, you really if the first time to play this copy the best to follow the team know the road together, do not act privately, or with teammates dispersed, you are not easy to find........

You really do not believe that, right now, I believe there are many people do not understand what the Cave of Wailing looks like!

Lost Probability:★★★★★

Phantom Patrol 110-Dead Mine


This period of time practice small number of friends to death mine must be a lot of times! The number of deaths, do you remember?? Not to mention you, a friend of mine, first hit the death mine, began to know nothing, in the copy is often 110 killed, and finally left the death mine, how to walk into the death of the mine when the road remember than his home to the bus station even familiar.

Probability of death:★★★★☆

Most Unpopular Copy-Dark Abyss


Replicas are located at the intersection of the Gray Valley and the Black Coast, and are very secretive, with fewer people hitting them, but also with more copies at this level, with tribal wailing caves, Shadow Tooth castles, Union Storm City Jail below, and a lack of mission lines.

The level of secrecy:★★★★

Most Garbage Copy-Storm City Jail


Why say it is the most rubbish copy, go to know! The chief does not drop a piece of equipment... really prison ah, before entering all the property turned in!

Level of waste:★★★★★

Largest replica-Bloody Monastery


The concentration of the Blood Crusaders, in order of rank, should be second only to the hands of Tyre. The copies are divided into four areas: the Undead, the Library, the Armaments, the Church, where the Blood Commander, the Warriors, the Scholars, and the Breeders are all present, and are the favorite brushing experience shrines after the current trumpet level 20.

Area index:★★★★★

The most troublesome copy-Maraton


The copy is divided into three areas, the red door area, the purple door area, the waterfall area. The red door area is the task area, most of the tasks of the copy need to be completed in this area, the purple door is excessive, just a BOSS Sartre, drop part of the transfer rod (it seems that now the game canceled this, can be transmitted directly), transfer rod two parts are acquired, then repair can be used in the copy of the outermost of the outside of the waterfall directly using cloth.

Trouble Index:★★★★★

BOSS most copies-Blackstone Abyss

Blackstone Abyss is definitely the most existing copy of BOSS, there are probably 40-50 BOSS can be killed, if you all know the location of these BOSS, then you must be high-play, very high-end players in the 60s

Kill Index:★★★★★

Most profitable copy-Hammer of Doom


In the 1960s to fight money Holy Land, Temple, Flor's dragon-slaying technical outline is out here, at that time the dragon-slaying outline in our server can be sold to 1600G / this.

Earning Index:★★★★★

The Hardest Copy-Upper Black Stone Tower


Perhaps some players do not know that the earliest 60's, the black stone tower is a copy of the upper 15 people, 15 people hit the black hand red, Beith beast, General Dakisas exterminated the scene, it is really frightening, 60 of the most extreme a few

Degree of difficulty:★★★★★