Don't Buy Tesla Model 3. Musk Suggests You Model S

By Philip Perez,2014-08-20 16:20
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Don't Buy Tesla Model 3. Musk Suggests You Model S

Musk had previously announced that the first Tesla Model 3 will be delivered next month users, but now, in exchange with users, Musk strongly recommended that users do not buy Model 3, but to buy Tesla Model S.

Recently, there is a net friend leaving a message on Musk’s twitter, he is still in the use of the first edition of Model S, and he is waiting for Model 3. The Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied, "I strongly recommend you to buy the latest version of Model S, is currently at version fourth. Of course, if you need to a smaller, you only need to buy Model 3."

While another friend asked Musk about Tesla Model S and Model 3 which one is higher, the space is bigger, which is the bigger one? Musk told him that Model S was a bigger model.

This answer musk is still seeking truth from facts. And from the body length, 100 kilometers acceleration time and life time, Tesla Model S performance is better than Model 3.

But Musk's answer also ignores a very important question. Tesla Model 3 is cheap models, in the United States priced at only $35 thousand, hardware performance must shrink. And Model S just launched when the price is between $57 thousand and 400 to $77 thousand and 400, the minimum price is also higher than the Model 3 60%, all aspects of the performance will certainly be better. Of course, Model S is a better choice, in the case of adequate budget.