An India Man Insisted in Dig Wells, Without Understanding of Others

By Philip Perez,2016-11-20 12:01
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An India Man Insisted in Dig Wells, Without Understanding of Others

The India man is a very ordinary person, His hometown suffered a severe drought, no water wells of their family, always need to go to other ethnic groups to take water to drink, but the drought period, the various ethnic groups living are very nervous, so every time to borrow water is a very no self-esteem thing, the man angrily began to dig their own wells.

Because the man where the tribe, in the local is the lower class, wherever there to borrow water, will encounter injustice and even insult personality treatment, once, his wife after the failure of water, the man will be determined to dig their own wells.

At first he was alone to dig Wells, the process is very hard, every day in the underground digging, about whether there will be water, his heart was full of expectation but again very afraid disappointed.

Villagers thought he was mad, no one to help him, his work is the use of spare time every day for this plan, before going to work he will get up early with four hours digging a well, go home at night will fight again after a few hours.

Even his wife also don't understand his behavior, but through the efforts of more than a month later, he finally comes out of the water and his wife felt very ashamed guilty, and the people in the village began to help him work together.

Now the well has become a necessity for the life of the village people, drought is still continuing, the wells appear in good time.

Drought villagers' basic living difficulties, a lot of families is fragmented, huge arrears to the man's family face collapse, his mother can't in the face of such situation, died unexpectedly drank the poisonous pesticides.

With this well, at least, the problem of drinking water in this group has been solved, but the drought in the fields cannot be alleviated. The hard life still exists, and everyone expects it to rain as soon as possible.