How Does Smoking Slowly Destroy All of Your Organs?

By Philip Perez,2011-11-16 02:29
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How Does Smoking Slowly Destroy All of Your Organs?

May 31, 2017 is the 30th World No Tobacco Day.

Do you know about "World No Tobacco Day"?

To reduce tobacco hazards, the initial preparation of the annual April 7 for the World No Tobacco Day, 1988 began to implement. But since 1989 changed to May 31 each year, because June 1 is the International Children's Day, meaning the next generation from tobacco hazards.

Smoking is harmful to the body

The Brain

Smoking can cause a variety of brain diseases, will reduce the circulation of brain oxygen and blood, causing brain blood vessels and congestion, which led to paralysis, mental decline and stroke.


Smoking causes throat cancer, and throat cancer patient care mostly male.

Heart and blood vessels

Smoking can make the fat accumulation, vascular occlusion, lead to atherosclerosis, angina, thrombus formation and so on, which cause serious damage to cardiovascular health.

The lungs

Smoking causes a variety of respiratory diseases: lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, and so on.


Smoking increases the incidence of stomach diseases, aggravates the disease of gastritis and canker, bad for the healing of gastritis and canker.

Bone skeletons

Smoking reduces bone mineral density and reduces calcium absorption.


When smoking, the chemicals in tobacco stimulate the lining of the bronchus, would causing coughing, sore throat, sputum and chest discomfort.

The more smoking, the worse the problem, and even the chronic bronchitis, which is basically a unique disease for smokers.


Smoking will increase the burden on the liver. Frequent smoking can affect the liver's lipid metabolism, induced liver disease.


Smoking can lead to colon cancer. the chance of suffering from this cancer is proportional to the amount of tobacco intake.


Smoking causes cataracts and affects vision. Studies show that people who smoke more than one pack a day are twice as likely to have cataracts as non-smokers.

Quit smoking tips

Gargling with lemon water will help to stop smoking in the short term.

Exercise can divert attention, and it's good for quitting smoking.

Chewing gum has a certain effect on quitting.

Drink plenty of water, take a walk after meals and get rid of the habit of smoking.

Eating more vegetables and fruits can reduce your dependence on nicotine.

Early to bed and early to get up, reduce the risk of staying up can reduce your chances of smoking.