Flowers and Flowers

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Flowers and Flowers

Flower language refers to the use of flowers to express people's language, to express people's feelings and aspirations of a certain kind, under certain historical conditions gradually established, recognized by a certain range of people as a form of information exchange. Flower appreciation to understand floral language, floral forms the core of floral culture, in flower communication, although silent, but at this time, the meaning and emotional expression is more than speech.


Rose: Love, Love and Beauty, Glowing

Roses (Red): Passion, Loving You

Roses (Pink): Moved, Declaration of Love, Remembering in Heart, First Love

Roses (White): Innocent, Pure, Respect

Roses (Yellow): Unchaste, Envy

Roses (Bouquet): Love of Happiness

Roses (Bud): Beauty and Youth

Rose (Red + White): All

Roses (Red + Yellow): Happy

Tulip Flower

Tulip: Expression of Love, Honor, Blessings for Eternity

Tulip (Red): Declaration of Love, Joy, Love

Tulip (Pink): Beauty, Love, Happiness

Tulip (Yellow): Noble, Precious, Wealth

Tulip (Purple): Endless Love, Favorite

Tulip (White): Pure, Pure

Tulip (Double Color): Beautiful You, Meet

Tulip (Feather): Emotional


Lily: smooth, ideal, blessing, noble

lily (perfume): purity, wedding blessing, noble

lily (white): pure, solemn, heart-to-heart

lily (anemone): victory, honor, rich

lily (concubine): wealth, honor, pure, elegant

lily (wild): always happy

Foxtail lily: noble, thriving, outstanding

corn lily: clinging to love, bravery

ensemble lily: talent, majesty, outstanding

Christmas lily: elation, celebration, true love

narcissus lily: joy, look forward to meet

White lily: symbol of good lily, great love powder

Pink Lily: A Symbol of Purity and Elegance

yellow lily: symbol of wealth, noble

Carnation Flower Language

Carnation: Mother I Love You, Passion, Truth

Carnation (Red): Believe Your Love

Carnation (Pink): Love, Bright

Carnation (White): My Love Forever, Truth, Purity

Alice in Flower

Iris (Alice): Good News, Messenger, Miss You

German Iris: Holy

Iris: Together Against, One Mind

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise: dashing, affectionate son


Chinese Narcissus: sentimental, miss you

Western Narcissus: look forward to love, love you, pure

Narcissus: Revisiting Love

Landscape Fairy: Good Times, Prosperity

Sunflower Flower Language

Sunflower: Adoration, radiance, loyalty


Camellia: lovely, modest, ideal love, great charm

Camellia (white): innocent

Camellia (red): natural beauty

African Chrysanthemum

African Chrysanthemum (Flower): Mysterious, Excited

Daisy Flower Language

Daisies: Pleasure, Happiness, Purity, Innocence, Peace, Hope, Beauty


Pansy: Meditate, please miss me, happy

Margaret Flower

Margaret: Pride, satisfaction, joy

Peony Flower

Peony: Perfection, Passion, Richness

Autumn Peony: Life, Expectation, Light Love


Chrysanthemum: pure, high and clean, I love you, true feelings

Cuiju: chase want, reliable love, please believe me

spring chrysanthemum: Divination for love

June chrysanthemum: parting from

winter chrysanthemum: parting from

French chrysanthemum: patience

Melon leaf chrysanthemum: happy

cosmos: wild beauty

cosmos: young girl pure love

Marigold: friendship

Cornflower: slender, elegant

Chrysanthemum: Eternal Memory, Inscribed in the Heart

Flammulina: Love Forever

Hyacinth Flower Language

Hyacinth: Joy, Love, Happiness, Passion

Hyacinth (White): Tian Shi

Hyacinth (Blue): Perseverance, Chastity

Hyacinth (Violet): Sadness


Carnation: Pure Love, Talent, Bold, Feminine Beauty

Ding Carnation: Bold, Positive

Colorful Bamboo: Feminine Beauty

Carnation: Enthusiastic

Morning Glory

Petunia: love, calm, illusory

petunia: security, and you with the same heart


Lilac: first love

white lilac: youth laughter

jasmine: affable

Hemerocallis: forgotten love

Changchun: happy memories

Pearl Flower: Mediation Flower

Dandelion: Intrepid

Sunflower: Reverence Mood Black

Mulberry: Life and Death Together

White Mulberry: Wisdom Over Man

Sauce: Pure love

saffron: youth of the music

Fengling grass: steadfast gratitude

Jinzhanju: sad jealousy

mimosa: easy to move the heart

oleander: attention danger

shamrock: loyalty relaxed

dahlia: elegant noble

feather: arrogant indiscreet

goldfinch: elegant neat

The earliest flower-talk originated in ancient Greece, but at that time not only flowers, but also leaves and fruit trees had a certain meaning. The story of the creation of roses when the god of love was born was recorded in Greek mythology. Roses have been synonymous with love since that time. The real flower-talk prevailed during the French royal period.

The public's acceptance of the floral language was around 18XX, when the social atmosphere was not very open, and it was embarrassing to express love in public, so flowers given between lovers became messengers of love.

With the development of the times, flowers have become a social gift, more perfect flower language represents the intention of the giver.

I found a part of the following:

1. Wild Rose Romance

Artificial cultivated roses do not bear fruit, but wild roses produce red fruits that lust and lust. In addition to the appearance of other rose flowers than beauty, fruit can also be practical. This flower has the poetic temperament, so its floral language is-romance. The person blessed by this flower has the romantic character of Romantic, is a child who likes to dream, but is also keen in the art of handling things.

2. Laurel Bewitching

Cherry and laurel water can be extracted from the leaves of the laurel. This is a kind of perfume that can be used for perfume or pastry. However, this essence is poisonous and dangerous if used in large quantities. Laurel is a kind of plant with both charm and horror, so its floral language is-bewitching.

Blessed by this flower, people with a bright, unrestrained, dangerous charm, perhaps a lifetime there will be many love stories Oh.

3. YinLian look forward to

The Greek word for anemone is wind. Anemone is an annual herb from a height of about ten to twenty centimeters. Flowering season, lovely flowers sway in the wind, like looking forward to what, so its floral language is-look forward to. Those who are blessed by this flower, romantic, love to dream. However, have to understand that the reality is not so good!

4. Drama courage

The drab is the flower of Vicentis, dedicated to the fourth century martyr, Saint Saragossa. Even though he was grilled severely, he encouraged his companions until he died of martyrdom. So the vernacular language is courage.

Whoever is born with the blessing of this flower has the courage to stand up for what is right and to follow through. It is best for your lover to share the whole of your life with you and to support your convictions at the same time.

5. Feng Mei enthusiasm

A long, long time ago, it was used as a fascination. In other words, just let the juice of the roots to drink, you can seize the other side of the heart. Anemone is a kind of plants with special puzzling power, so its florid is-enthusiasm.

Blessed by this kind of flower, is also very enthusiastic. Once caught in love will love to death. If two people love each other, of course, no problem. But if unrequited love, pain is twice as much as others Oh, this point to pay special attention to ah!

6. Hyacinth rest

The biblical "lily of the valley" or "lily of the thorn" may be hyacinths. Native to the Middle East, they bloom everywhere in the desert and wasteland, making weary travellers feel warm and comforted. Therefore, their flowery language is-rest.

The man who is blessed with these flowers has a broad heart and can bring comfort to those who come into contact with him.Sometimes lovers need to rest on your shoulders, so please comfort him.

7. Tulip gorgeous

Flowers as showy as luxury tulips are few, perhaps? Not only are the petals bright red, but the petals have black roots and gilded edges. So its floral language is-gorgeous.

Anyone blessed with this kind of flower, no matter what they wear or do, is always the focus of attention. No?

8. Violet cool

Violet is a flower that blooms in May and June and has spiked shoes. The fragrance of this flower is compelling. Although it belongs to a wild plant, gardeners especially like to plant it under the windowsill. The main hope is to bring the fragrance into the house by means of violets. So the floral language of violets is-cool.

Anyone born with this kind of floral blessing has the characteristic of pure love to the people around you.

9. Elegant Iris

Iris, though with its thick roots and broad, knife-like leaves, has a very strong vitality. But because it is the raw material for perfume, it is quite respected and widely used. So its floral language is-graceful.

People blessed with this kind of flower have a soft and charming temperament, sociable, but not human. Isn't it possible for him to plan a life in the future?

10. Assistance from basil

Since ancient times, the leaves of basil have been regarded not only as a precious spice, but also as a sacred thing. The plant is now cultivated all over the world. A little basil spice can enhance the flavor of food when cooking food. So basil's idiom is-assistance.

The person blessed by this flower has the special function of a hero who can see through the potential of a friend, and even help a hero, who is a hero, who is a hero, who is a hero, and who is able to help a hero.

11. Little Forsythia Magic

The flower hides an uncanny magic power, and is said to dream of the future husband's face when it is pressed under the pillow while sleeping. So its name is magic. But this is not evil witchcraft, but well-meaning magic.

The person blessed with the flower has a magical and keen insight, a psychic sixth sense, and sees the object of one's affection as the companion of a life.

12. Dragon sprout coquettish

The westernflower is a plant with apricot blossoms. The fruit is covered with a layer of fluff. Anyone who passes by will get its seeds and spread them all over the place. So it breeds in a way that is dependent on others. So the flowery language of westernflower is coquetry.

People blessed by this kind of flower are particularly dependent and lack confidence.

13. Green orchid obedience

This is an interesting plant. If a blooming flower bends in one direction, the whole plant will keep growing in that way. Therefore, the flower is called "obedient grass". The floral language is submissive.

People born with the blessing of this flower like to obey others, especially their elders or superiors, and they are obedient, but once married to their superiors, they will be amazed at the appearance of submissive or submissive.

14. Shu dream

The remains of San Stafano were discovered in 1945. He spoke after the crucifixion of Jesus, only to be stoned to death by the Jews. He later told the bishop in a dream that his remains had been found. So the language of the horseradish is dream. The man who possesses such attributes is a dreamlike child, and above all imagines that his love is as exhausting as a novel.

15. Water lily enchanting

Ancient Egyptians called the water lily "the bride of the Nile" and often referred to it as a mural theme. In addition, there are "perfume lily" and "goblin flower" and other beautiful names, because its floral language is-glamorous.

Those who are blessed with this kind of flower, are born with an irresistible charm of the opposite sex, but it is difficult to get along with the same sex friends, therefore most of the resistance from the third party!

16. Peacock grass bright

Peacock Prairie, commonly known as the "sun flower", was later snatched away by sunflowers. Its flowers have the habit of sunrise blooming, sunset closed, and growing in a light way, so its floral language is-sunny weather, the introduction: bright, lively.

All people born by this kind of flower, personality never muddy, but a rare advantage!

17. Hai Zi Yuan soft

Hai Zi Yuan is very adaptable to the environment, because it can be rooted in other plants can not survive in the salty land, as well as the new land of Hai Po. Therefore, its floral language is-soft.

Blessed by this flower, the spirit and attitude of life are very flexible, regardless of each other's mood, he has the right attitude to deal with, so it is easy to make friends among these objects!

18. Lonely flower fragrance

Lone juniper will emit a strong aroma, if planted in the window on the first floor, the house will be full of sweet fragrance. So its floral language is-fragrant.

Blessed by this flower is a person of high moral character, no matter where, always appears particularly eye-catching and dazzling, so many admirers. But it is in the way of your noble temperament, and afraid to do a further expression of the best, if you can meet the opportunity.

19. Taxus haughty

yew is a plant that can grow up to fifteen meters high, even in Europe, it is rare to see such tall trees. The towering yew seems isolated and proud, therefore, its flowery language is-proud.

The person who is blessed by this flower is a person who only judges the merits of his own values and does not care what others say.

Anyone born with this kind of flower blessing has a strong sense of responsibility and works very hard. You who work hard overtime at night will be greatly admired.

Mother's Day

Pink carnation, red carnation (health and longevity), yellow carnation (gratitude), fan carnation (beautiful, young).

Father's Day

Yellow roses.


Sword orchid, rose, orchid (avoid: white, blue, yellow, fragrant), carnation, moon season, daffodil.


Roses, daisies, orchids.

birthday (of a young person)

Moon season, this ivory red, pomegranate (symbol of the future like brocade, fiery red).

Birthday (in old age)

Evergreen, Turtle back bamboo, Tsuruwa-orchid, Shouxing orange, Shouxing peach (health and longevity).

Jasmine (Jasmine)

Kind of Wooden Rhinoceros

Alias No

Origin Chinese

Flower Color White

Flowering Period Xia

Hua Yu Feeling, You Are Mine

The point is that many people will pin her down as an ornament because of her charming scent. It is also an appropriate ornament for solemn occasions such as weddings. It is also often used in bridal bouquets.

Jasmine tea is a highly aromatic tea. But what is really used for this tea is another flower that is very close to the jasmine variety. The delicate shape makes it difficult to imagine that she has such a sweet and mellow floral aroma. It exudes a "sensual" aroma, as the floral saying goes. So, it has been one of the main ingredients in various perfumes since ancient times.Jasmine, like a young ignorant woman, inadvertently caught every man's heart. It is a difficult to explain the invisible charm. May wish to send a bunch of jasmine, give you secretly love him!

Flower Language of Various Flowers

Daisy (2 / 22 Birth Flower)

Flower language: Vitality

It is not the same thing to mention daisies, which are always reminiscent of the weak and the unruly. On the contrary, daisies are flowers of great vitality. As long as a little lazy not to tidy up the lawn, they immediately send forth new buds and even blossoms. So it is the floral language-vitality.

People blessed by this kind of flowers, pretty poor, but with a youthful appearance that may be suitable for your lovers.

Sorrel (3 / 17 Birth Flower)

Flower Language: Patriotic

The leguminous shamrock is a flower dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick's, and is now the national flower of Ireland. Ireland fought long and hard against the British for its independence. Therefore, its floral language is patriotic.

Those who are blessed with the flower are willing to give love to those around them, such as their family and friends' homes. If they marry, they can build a happy family.

Ivy (4 / 8 Birth Flower)

Flower Language: Impact

The English used ivy to brew beer before they adopted it in the sixteenth century, because mixing it with wheat turns wheat into beer. So the ivy's flowery language is-influence.

Anyone blessed with this flower has a great power to influence others, and perhaps you are fit to be a politician or entrepreneur? Have a great influence on the other person and submerge into their own type.

Violet (5 / 4 Birth Flower)

Flower: Cool

Violet is a flower that blooms in May and June and has spiked shoes. The fragrance of this flower is compelling. Although it belongs to a wild plant, gardeners especially like to plant it under the windowsill. The main hope is to bring the fragrance into the house by means of violets. So the floral language of violets is-cool.

Anyone born with this kind of floral blessing has the characteristic of pure love to the people around you.

Mimosa (6 / 15 Birth Flower)

Flower: Shyness

A light touch of the plant leaves immediately close and droop, even when a gust of wind blows, like a shy girl. So its floral language is -- shyness.

People blessed with this flower are very shy, timid, and afraid of life. Feel special acumen, high self-esteem. But if you are with someone who knows yourself, it will be much easier to make friends.

Pansy (7 / 16 Birth Flower)

Flower: (Restrain)

Big pansy is a kind of plant with climbing tendrils, about three meters high, by climbing the way to climb any nearby objects, and then grow and thrive, as if to cling to the attached objects tightly. Therefore, its floral language is-bondage.

Anyone born by this floral costume, possessiveness is particularly strong, whether friends or lovers, want to have too much of the effect, in fact, it should be adjusted to reflect on the shortcomings.

Water lily (8 / 5 Birth flower)

Flower words: Glamorous

Ancient Egyptians called the water lily "the bride of the Nile" and often referred to it as a mural theme. In addition, there are "perfume lily" and "goblin flower" and other beautiful names, because its floral language is-glamorous.

Those who are blessed with this kind of flower, are born with an irresistible charm of the opposite sex, but it is difficult to get along with the same sex friends, therefore most of the resistance from the third party!

Autumn water fairy (9 / 11 birth flower)

anthem: Good medicine (Good Medicine)

Qiushui fairy used to treat gout, rheumatism is very effective, but a large intake of life-threatening Oh! This is probably the so-called "good medicine bitter mouth" of the representative flowers? Therefore, Qiushui fairy's anthem is-good medicine.

People born of this kind of flowers are quite noisy, so clearly speaking the truth, but others do not like to listen to the three elements, because people often escape it is good medicine, oh, it is not only good to say the three elements of the time!

Narcissus (10 / 29 Birth Flower)

Flower Language: Long Life

Naruchisus was chosen to be the Christian priest of the second century who lived to be one hundred and sixteen and had many miracles-Naruchisus. Therefore, Naruchisus's flowery language is longevity.

People born with this flower's blessing are healthy, live long, and can endure anything, and never give up until they finally become an honest partner in life.

Hyacinth (11 / 9 Birth Flower)

Flower Language: Attention

Many gardeners have developed a new breed of gardening hyacinths, presumably because the hyacinths flower is particularly eye-catching? Therefore, its flowery language is-attention.

People who are blessed by this kind of flower, whether good or bad, are quite remarkable, presumably because of your extravagance? However, you may not be able to produce a true love, if you want to put aside the story of love, it must be a little hidden generous nature to the real test of the real hand!

Lemon Flower (12 / 2 Birth Flower)

Flower: Fresh

Lemons with high freshness are a treasure trove of vitamin C. British ships are required by law to store lemon juice for the crew to drink to prevent scurvy. But because the squeezed lemon juice is perishable and meaningless if it's not fresh, its floral language is freshness. Those blessed with the flower are charming and popular. But they are also the focus of same-sex envy, so they have to be welcomed with a little affection.

# 1 Flower language of all kinds of flowers ~ ~ ~

On behalf of the flower language

Jianlan elegant, longevity, Corning

African chrysanthemum has perseverance, adaptability strong

carnation kind, warm, sincere

daisy delicate and exquisite, fairy lovely

sun chrysanthemum enthusiasm, vitality

Iris warm, adaptable

not to forget my friendship long live, always miss

the stars supporting, but not indispensable

tulip prosperity beautiful

dance orchid youth lively, informed fun

Golden lily noble in the show pure

white lily pure

paradise bird freedom, happiness, auspiciousness

red palm enthusiasm, enthusiasm, blood

calla lotus pure, happy, beautiful

Xiao Cang Lan fresh and comfortable

strawberry flower sweet

lotus pure

sun flower: strong

The flower language of orange stalk is-true and unchanging love

white rose is-I am enough to match with you

lavender flower language is-waiting for love

The floral language of the red hyacinth is-the love that lets a person move

the floral language of the clock flower is-- love in your side

the floral language of the dog's tail grass-secret love

The flowering language of the Yau Tung Flower is-Love Dou Blossom

The flowering language of the cherry blossoms is-Life / Waiting for you to come back

The flowering language of the black Mantuolo is-Infinite love and Revenge, Desperate Love, Unpredictable Death and Love

Sunflower's floral language is-silent love

blue sorcerer---keep is a commitment, the world cycle, how to have a gentle affection! Twin blue sorcerer florals: meet is a fate, the intersection of hearts let us have unspeakable romantic feelings.

The floral language of the red rose is-love

pink rose is-the vow of love

white rose is-pure love

the floral language of the yellow rose is-eternal smile

The floral language of crimson rose is-just want to be with you

pink rose is-I want to spend your life with you

Christmas rose is the floral language of-reminiscent love

wild rose is-romantic love

Narcissus flower language is-only love oneself

cactus flower language is-hard strong

clover flower language is-a leaf on behalf of pray two leaves on behalf of hope three leaves on behalf of love four leaves on behalf of happiness

Pianhua language is-sad memories (Japan) / miss each other (South Korea)

Gardenia flower language-eternal love / the watchman of life / our love

rose flower language-the thoughts of love

dandelion flower language-can not stay love

ephemeral flower-the beauty of the moment, the eternal moment

Kikyo: True and Unchanging Love

Cosmos Flower Language-Happy Forever

Casablanca Flower Language: [ 1 ] Great Love [ 2 ] A flower full of memories, Flower Language is a restless eternal [ 3 ] variable heart [ 4 ] Do not give up a person you love deeply [ 5 ] Death, a blooming very proud, anorexic flower [ 6 ] A kind of eternal love can not afford [ 7 ]

The floral language of iris-desperate love

blue iris-fate of the free and broken passion, exquisite beauty, but fragile and perishable...

rosemary flower language-memories do not want to forget the past, in memory of agave flower language-- is for love to pay all

The floral language of the rose -- everything about you is lovely

the floral language of the cordyceps -- the mournful widow

the floral language of the mimosa -- the floral language of self-abasement

the fragrant night-seeking pleasure at the edge of danger

Sunflower's floral language-love

african chrysanthemum's floral language is-forever happy

champagne rose's floral language-I only love you one&falling in love with you is my greatest happiness in this life, think you are my sweetest pain, with you is my pride, without you I like a lost course of the ship.

The flower language of the mountain cherry blossoms-pure / noble / light /

lily-pure / sacred

iris-believer's happiness

kapok-- cherish the immediate happiness

German iris-perfect marriage

daisies-hidden love

jasmine-you are my

MiMengHua-please happy arrival

Purple Teng Flower-persistent to you, the happiest moment

Butterfly Flower-I believe that is happiness

Gentian flower language-like to look at the sadness of you

Phalaenopsis-I love you

Asahi rattan-chain of love

hyacinths-Forever miss

star flower-never change heart

Alice-miss you

Fire lily-warm love

purple roses-cherish the love

scaly chrysanthemum-Forever love

wheat pole chrysanthemum-eternal memory


morning glory-Love Forever

yellow roses-Leg color love

daytime chrysanthemum-Forever lose my love

wild Xun hemp-Love

Jasmine-Mo Li

Lilac -- recall

Purple Clouds -- no expectation of love

Jasmine -- happiness, is that you belong to me

Blue Chrysanthemum -- fickle stubborn ruthless you

Red Geranium -- you linger in my mind

Pink Geranium -- very happy to accompany you

Red fairy-you are beautiful

pink camellia-is your love let me become more beautiful

white chrysanthemum-true and honest

red pigment chrysanthemum, rose-I love you

white bouquet-give my all to you

snow lotus-after the desire to comfort

Blue Roses-Can't Get

Four Leaves Lucky Grass-Dreams Come True

Perfume Lilies-Pure, Noble

White Suzuran-Happiness Coming

Champagne Roses-Fantasy Feelings

Tulips-Enthusiastic Love

Campanula-Tender Love

Bermuda Cream Flower-Tough, Tough, Tough

Three Leaves are Happiness Four Leaves are Miracles

Cosmos-Happy Everyday

Christmas Flower-Sweet, Cold, Suffering

Camellia-You deserve admiration

Rhododendron -- Take care of yourself for me, warm, crisp, strong feelings

Forsythia -- Anticipate

Rock Ketone -- Love at first sight Noble generous, blessed 111 Fish Grass -- Deception, noble lady, strength

Violet -- Emotional imprisonment, astute, for me you will always be so beautiful

Geranium--a chance encounter


Golden Phoenix-Wisdom

Mantuolo-Unwanted Death and Love

Alice Flower-Good news for you

Pansy-Beautiful. Red flowers, florals are ' thinking ', attributes of fire. Yellow pansy-Yellow petals with yellow pansy, florals are ' earth ' blissful ' attributes.

Purple pansy-with purple petals pansy, floral language is' silent ', property dark.

color leaf clover-desperate love

cornflower-single happiness

taro-hope, majestic beauty

cactus-you are my angel / warm

cosmos-the true heart of a young girl

Lost incense-retain memories

lover grass-- perfect love

Anemone-- lost hope

Xiaolanglang-- pure, happy, fresh and comfortable

Dali flower-gorgeous, elegant

Cuiju-chasing reliable love, please believe me

Divine Beauty --- Comfort

Yarrow --- Comfort

Jade Hosta --- Quiet! Wide and

Clock Flower --- Love at Your Side

Robinia pseudoacacia --- Friendship

Forgetful Grass --- Put Him (She) Down

Carnation-unrestrained, fantasy



glory-love Yonggu


Red Beans-Acacia

Mascara-The Beauty of the End

Birds of Paradise-Liberty, Happiness, Propitiousness

White Roses-I match you, you are the only one who matches me

Ou Shi-nan --- Loneliness and betrayal