What is the Difference Between Gourmet Powder and Chicken Essence? Is There Any Harm to the Human Body? Which One is Better?

By Philip Perez,2015-09-07 08:26
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What is the Difference Between Gourmet Powder and Chicken Essence? Is There Any Harm to the Human Body? Which One is Better?

Preface: the other day I was eating in a restaurant. A customer was eating beef soup and asked the waiter, "Do you have any chicken essence?" The waiter said: "there is MSG in the beef soup," the man who ate the beef soup said, "chicken essence is not the same as MSG, and the chicken is better." Because I do not often eat this kind of condiment, it is not very clear, so go back home to search: which one is better to the human body, here is the content of search.

One of the basic flavors that the body can experience is called freshness. And while cooking foods add MSG or chicken essence to make the food taste more delicious, we don’t understand which is better? There are more and more spices on the market today and there are many brands of MSG and chicken essence. Some people say that in additives, only MSG is harmless and nutritious, and even more is better. However there are a lot of people have stereotypes about MSG, but have a special liking to chicken essence; think chicken is chicken as the main raw material, made of not only nutrition, and safety. So what is the truth?

In supermarket, the reporter asked the buyer randomly, "chicken essence and MSG which is better", most buyers will give "chicken better" answer, it seems a special view of MSG.

Many consumers believe that MSG is a chemical synthesis of substances, not only no nutrition, but also harmful to the body.

"The original MSG is purified after the hydrolysis of the protein." Popular science writer, food engineering Dr. Yun said that Asians have long used chicken soup, bone soup, seaweed soup and other soups as a seasoning for food"

In fact, MSG is an amino acid that is found naturally in grains, legumes and fish meat.

Experts say that MSG is a single crystal of aminoglutaric acid crystals, is based on food as raw materials, aminoglutaric acid bacteria produced by fermentation of natural substances.

"Amino glutaric acidis a kind of common glutamate acids, mainly exists in protein-rich foods, such as mushrooms, seaweed, tomatoes, nuts, beans, most meat and dairy products." Experts say

It is understood that glutamate is one of the 20 amino acids that make up proteins and is widely found in living organisms. But the glutamate, which is bound in protein, does not affect the taste, and only the free glutamate becomes glutamate, which produces "fresh" taste.

If eat food containing too much MSG, we may feel thirsty, "on the one hand is the MSG contains sodium, on the other hand, put much dish MSG, general also put much more salt." Experts explained

Chicken essence also contains MSG

Why do many people choose chicken? What are the ingredients of chicken essence?

Chicken essence, it is a kind of compound condiment, although most of chicken essence are written on the packaging for “real from fine quality chicken ", in fact, mainly by chicken, chicken bone or the concentrated extract of natural spices. It contains 40% of MSG, which is processed by ingredients such as chicken, salt, sugar, essence and starch, and contains many amino acids. It is a compound seasoning material, which is mainly made from sodium glutamate, sodium salt, salt and concentrated extract. The chicken essence can be divided into powdery, granular and nubbly, but it is mainly granular.

The smell of chicken essence is very fresh; mostly still the function of MSG. In addition, inosinic acid and guanylic acid are both the fresh agent and the effect of flavoring, which gives the chicken essence a softer, more fragrant flavor. As for the chicken flavor, it comes from chicken, which is extracted from fresh chicken. The use of chicken flavor essence also can make chicken essence "chicken flavour" thickens; the role of starch is to allow the chicken to be granular or powdery.

Simply said: chicken essence is not extracted from the chicken, it is made by composition of MSG! The difference between premium products and cheap products is, to a large extent, the proportion of chicken flour and egg extract. Cheap goods often contain a greater proportion of salt and MSG, while high-quality chicken extract comes more from fresh chickens.

Even if the essence of chicken is delicious, it's just a condiment that doesn't equal the nutritional value of chicken. "Experts said.

MSG and chicken are harmful to the human body?

"It's not harmful to the human body to eat it properly." Experts say. There is no research on the effects of MSG on the human body, and there is a lack of large population research data. But some people after eating the food that contains MSG, there will be a headache, red face, sweating, facial oppression or swelling, numbness of the mouth, stomach burning sensation and symptoms such as chest pain. But the relationship between the phenomenon and the eating of MSG has not been confirmed.

The symptoms of acute MSG are facial congestion, hot or burning sensation, and swelling of the tongue. Abnormal heart rate or acceleration, dizziness, headache, neck stiffness, muscle contraction, vomiting, insomnia, gastrointestinal distress. Skin tingling, neck pain, arm pain, chest pain; the upper extremity is soft and the mood is low; Asthma worsens, cough.

However, chronic MSG poisoning can lead to the following circumstances.

Obstruct fetal development, so that offspring deformities

American scientists divide rabbits into four groups in a rabbit experiment. The first rabbits were 10 females, and all the females ate 25 milligrams of MSG for 27 days, and the males didn't eat it. Later the female rabbit became pregnant; Two female rabbits give birth to a baby, and give birth to deformed stillbirth; The other two later became pregnant, normal production, but the rabbit limbs have a variety of deformity, growth retardation.

The second group, four females and two males, ate 25 milligrams of MSG per kilogram. Two females conceive and produce deformed rabbits. They die soon after birth, bone deformation and multiple organs atrophy.

The third group of rabbits, 6 females, ate 25 milligrams of MSG per kilogram. The male rabbit's testis atrophy and the rabbit's body are full of multiple mutilations. The fourth group, 6 females, 6 females, in contrast; because they don't eat MSG, the baby bunny is normal.

It destroys genetic factors, affects fertility, and cannot be seen in childhood.

American scientists discovered in the 1970s and 1971, in three mice in 1975, that if the mother mouse ate the MSG, the mice had an endocrine imbalance. In 40 days will conduct autopsy on the rats and found that these mice weight loss, testis and ovary necrosis, adrenal glands and the thyroid weight decrease, before the pituitary growth hormone and luteinizing hormone levels in fall. As a result, both sexes had problems with reproduction when they grew up: the females were less pregnant, and the resulting mice were particularly small. Male rats can also be less fertile.

Aggravate the condition of allergic rhinitis and allergic


Doctors have found that many patients with allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma are getting better after they stop eating MSG.

leading to obesity

American scientists in an experiment in 1970, a group of newly born mice with subcutaneous injection of MSG into the body, the results of the mouse is very obese.

Experts responsible for the study believe that MSG causes obesity because MSG glutamate changes the cell's response to adrenaline and insulin, increasing the lipid composition in the fat.

It could cause permanent brain damage

In a 1970 experiment in mice, American scientists used 65 mice to feed all the different components of MSG, including 10 that didn't eat MSG. 3 ~ 6 hours after feeding, killed all the rats, the result has been found that eating MSG 54 rats, there are 51 rat cranial nerve cell necrosis, and the necrosis rate is proportional to MSG intake. The experiment also found that if MSG and saccharin to eat, brain damage more serious.

Destroys the retina and affects vision

In an experiment in 1960, American scientists injected MSG into juvenile rats at a weight of 3.2 grams per kilogram of body weight, and found that those rats were damaged with retinal damage

In an experiment in 1967, the United States scientists in a group of mice born 1 to 10 days after the injection by intestine equivalent to 2.2 to 4.2 grams per kilogram of MSG 10 times into the body, the results of the retina all destroyed.

In an experiment in 1969, some 1 to 10 days old mice were injected with 4 grams of body weight per kilogram of body weight, and then were killed in 30 minutes to 48 hours, the results found that the retina was severely damaged - there are nerve branches , As well as nerve cells gradually necrosis.

In real life, as an addition to fresh, the choice of MSG or chicken essence, "this is mainly about the cooking object and the taste of everyone." Experts say.

The production materials, process methods and product ingredients are obviously different. MSG is a kind of fresh flavor which can be made by processing. Chicken essence is a mixture of various substances, which has the taste of MSG and the other substances.

Because chicken essence also contains certain MSG, it is similar to the safety of MSG, should be careful don’t heat up for long periods of time.

In conclusion, MSG and chicken essence are products that enhance flavor, but there is a difference in the actual composition and usage. Experts say it is more natural to choose the flavour of chicken, while animal foods choose MSG to achieve natural taste.

"Because they are not food that targets nutrition, you don't have to think about the nutritional value.

Here must remind those who love chicken, MSG friends, we must pay attention to slowly reduce the consumption of the count.

Here are some tips on the use of MSG and Chicken in Cooking.

For meat dishes, do not use MSG or chicken. Because the soup itself has the characteristics of MSG, its taste is delicious. The use of MSG or chicken essence can lead to poor taste

For acidic dishes, you should not use MSG or chicken essence.

Because MSG does not play its role in acidic or alkaline substances, it can be smelly.

It is important to note that the chicken essence contains a certain amount of salt, which should be reduced by using the chicken essence when cooking and making soup.