Is It Necessary to Defragment Solid State Drives? Here is a Valuable Answer

By Philip Perez,2014-02-27 19:32
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Is It Necessary to Defragment Solid State Drives? Here is a Valuable Answer

For older players, the word "disk defragmentation" must not be unfamiliar. As the Windows built-in defragmentation tool designed for hard disk or other storage device, to a certain extent reduced accumulation of hard miscellaneous files, accelerate the operation speed of the disk, so as to enhance the running speed of the whole computer. This upgrade is especially valuable for some older mainframe machines that are behind the performance and use mechanical hard disks.


However, the solid state disk staking, mechanical storage type weak decline of the moment, disk defragmentation is fade out of our field of vision, more and more people said, don't need solid state disk defrag. So why doesn't solid-state disks require disk defragmentation?

Before we can solve this problem, let's see what disk defragmentation is.

Disk defragmentation as the name implies, is through the system software or professional disk defragmentation software to rearrange the disk on the computer generated in the process of long-term use of debris and messy files, can improve the performance and efficiency of computer.

We know that because the file was saved to different places scattered across the disk, rather than continuous preserved continuous cluster disk, disk fragmentation will produce in the course of time.

The reason why defragmentation of solid state disks is unnecessary:

From the principle of fragmentation and we see that the disk defragmentation can enhance personal computer performance by the secret is, defragment the hard disk file, so fragmented files integrated, accelerated the disk seek time, thereby accelerate the running speed of the computer.

Charge seeking time is almost zero

And we know that the solid-state disk storage unit, electronic flash particles based on the theory of seek time is eternal, the process performance and flash particles influence its performance depends on the main control chip. That's why many players recommend the first big reason for not having to defragment in the SSD era.

The number of reads and writes of SSD

Second, the working mechanism of disk defragmentation is to store the file in the disk in a certain order to read and write again and finishing, this for the erasing times as SSD life, is tantamount to suicide. The characteristics of flash memory SSD determines its endurance is limited, exceeds the limit, the disk will become waste disk cannot be written. As a result, disk defragmentation is a near suicidal practice in the SSD era, the second major reason why players do not recommend disk defragmentation.

Solid disk comes with TRIM's functional advantages

Third, the solid-state disk comes with the TRIM function, after opening to give full play to the overall performance of the solid-state disk reader, in a sense, in fact, has served as a disk defragmentation work.

Based on the above reasons, both in principle and in reality, Defrag function is in the presence of solid state disk age value is really very little, although Microsoft has started from win8 according to the characteristics of Solid State Disk Defrag function were related to the innovation of replacement, but the current characteristics of flash SSD, the effect is very small.