Cool Your Computer This Way in Hot Summer. It Will Make It Run More Smoothly!

By Philip Perez,2013-07-13 15:31
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Cool Your Computer This Way in Hot Summer. It Will Make It Run More Smoothly!

June is the beginning of the summer, the temperature will gradually rise, for us, in addition to cool themselves to oneself, also want to take care of our partner, computer, believe that many people have had the experience of computer shutdown caused by the CPU temperature is too high, so must take some measures to reduce the temperature of the parts, it only in this way can let the computer to run more smoothly.

1. Set up a reasonable power management style.

Setting up a proper power management style is the first step to helping your laptop cooling. We can set the timer to turn off the display, turn off the hard drive, and wait for the system. This is very important, it will be good for hardware, and application in notebook computer temporarily when not in use computer in sleep mode, etc., can rise to save electricity and reduce the effect of the heat.

2. The distance between the fuselage and the desktop is good for cooling.

Use a laptop radiator or a support pad to help support the fuselage. If not, the easiest way to do this is by using four to eight drinks caps or old CARDS, but there is a certain thickness of the item that will make the pad high. Be careful not to block the inlet of the bottom, affecting the cold air.

3.Clean up the dust regularly.It is really very important, a lot of people use computer for several years, a grey is not even clear, dust will seriously affect the cooling, especially the dust on the CPU fan, suggest that regular cleaning. For simple structures, you can disassemble and clean up, and if it's a bit more complicated, you can send it to the repair shop to clean up. The dust on the video card, the memory stick also should be cleaned, can be brushed lightly with brush. The desktop is a little bit simpler, and it's okay to open it up.

4, transform the trunk line.

Here’s now a lot of friends to buy desktop, DIY, if the line is bad, also interferes with the cooling oh, at this moment we need the path of the summary of the case, don't let it affect the heat dissipation. The other machine box is too small the hardware is close too close, this will cause each hardware temperature is higher, might as well change the big box, the cooling function will be better.

5, change the hardware.

Damage to the hard drive or aging can cause high temperature and slow down the computer. New hardware can be added if economic conditions permit.

6. Lower indoor temperature.

Summer indoor temperature too high can also affect the heat of the computer, adjust indoor temperature effectively, this can reduce the burden of the computer. Laptop because of small volume, heat dissipation is slow, so pay special attention to when using do not put in is not easy to heat dissipation, such as bed, because textiles are generally not breathable, laptop on top is more conducive to the heat dissipation, place a long time is easy to cause the battery hot even burned down the computer.

7. Don’t start too many programs.

If you open too many programs using your computer, it will increase the temperature of your computer, and suggest turning off the programs you don't use. You can also download the temperature control software and adjust the temperature according to the instructions of the software. If the power supply socket has been used, can the battery to pull, it can reduce the battery heating, also can make the machine internal more exposed to air, good for heat dissipation.

8. Keep the outlet open, don't plug it.

This place is the main outlet for heat dissipation, blocked or blocked, and the hot air will return.

9. Remove the keyboard cover.

Using a keyboard protector, like a quilt for a laptop, heat can't go out. For those who use keyboards, they are less likely to use protective films.

10. The power adapter's cooling environment is better.

The power adapter is a transformer, a very hot guy, hot to launch, hotter than a notebook. If the line is long enough, the adapter can be placed on the cold ground to help heat the heat.