How do I distinguish the Word DOC files and DOCX files?

By Philip Perez,2016-09-06 20:26
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How do I distinguish the Word DOC files and DOCX files?

DOC and DOCX are two of the most common text formats. From Microsoft's office software Word series, almost all word processing software support. DOCX, where X stands for XML, is a smaller and lighter file. DOCX also ensures that all formats and advanced features are supported by third party software.

In addition to the PDF format, the most commonly used document formats are DOC and DOCX. If you deal with a lot of files frequently. These two are extensions in the Microsoft Word document, which can be used to store images, tables, formats, text, charts, etc..

But what's the difference between DOC and DOCX files? In this article, I will explain this difference and compare them.

What's the difference between an.DOC file and an.DOCX file?

At first, Microsoft Word uses DOC as its default file type. Since the first version of Word for MS-DOS, DOC has been used. Until 2006, when Microsoft decided the DOC specification, Word was used as proprietary format. For years, the updated DOC specification has been released for use with other document processors.

DOC is now included in many free and paid document handlers, such as LibreOffice, Writer, OpenOffice, Writer, KingSoft, Writer, WPS, and so on. You can use these programs to open the DOC file and edit it. The Google document also has the option of uploading the DOC file and performing the necessary operations.

The DOCX format was developed by Microsoft as a successor to DOC. In the Word 2007 update, the default extension of the file is changed to DOCX. This is due to the growing competition for open source formats such as Open, Office, and ODF.

In DOCX, the encoding of DOCX is done with XML, and the new encoding allows it to support advanced functionality. DOCX is named after the Office Open XML, which results in improvements to smaller files. This change also paves the way for PPTX and XLSX formats.

Convert the DOC file to DOCX

In most cases, any document processing software that opens the DOC file can convert the document to a DOCX file. Conversely, the DOCX to DOC conversion is the same. But there may be a problem with using Word 2003. So you need to open the DOCX file in Word 2007 or later (or some other compatible program) and save it in DOC format.

For older versions of Word, Microsoft also released compatible packages that can be installed to support DOCX.

In addition, such as Word, Google, Docs, LibreOffice, Writer can convert DOC files to other formats, such as PDF, RTF, TXT and so on.

Which one should I use? DOC or DOCX?

Today, the problem of DOC and DOCX is not a big problem. These document formats are almost all supported by all programs. However, DOCX is a better choice because it is smaller and lighter. These files are easier to read and transmit. Because it is based on the Office Open XML standard, all word processor software supports all advanced features. Many software is slowly deleting options for saving documents in DOC format.