How to keep your hair clean?

By Philip Perez,2012-06-13 11:22
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How to keep your hair clean?

If a girl refused your invitation, she must be too lazy to wash your hair. If the hair did not wash a day is very easy to become dirty, too bad! Many dermatologists have said that the previous hair is not easy to greasy. But now a lot of people say that hair is greasy one day. And the cause of such a huge change is - high fat, high protein diet, mental stress, sleep Inadequate, eat sweets, bad habits, such as staying up late, smoking, drinking

In order to reduce the hair greasy, we need to eat less greasy spicy food and sweets, try not to stay up all night, keep enough sleep, control smoking and drinking, try to keep the mood comfortable.

Wash your hair once in two days. Wash hair too many times, can only lead to sebaceous glands to re-secrete sebum, but increase the degree of greasy. Generally speaking, wash the hair does not have frequency, two days wash more appropriate.

Choose shampoo supplies. Hair greasy people can choose to contain sebum secretion and other chemical ingredients shampoo, such as: containing sulfur shampoo.

Avoid scratching your head with your hands. Pay attention to shampoo to avoid scratching the scalp, because it will accelerate the secretion of sebum.

Try to massage the scalp as much as possible. Dry hair of the people with a comb , can stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, beneficial to the hair;

The hair is easy to greasy people Sebaceous glands secrete strong, excessive number of hair every day, hair more greasy, and prone to hair loss and other issues. It is recommended to use your fingers to gently massage the head

Eat more cereals, hawthorn, and strawberry. Hair easy to greasy people to eat some crude fiber food, such as cereals, after eating more conducive to the body of fat excreted. In addition, the hair is easy to greasy people can eat more hawthorn and strawberries, the control of the hair greasy feeling is also very good.