Handcrafted nougat

By Philip Perez,2018-01-21 19:16:00
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Handcrafted nougat

Handcrafted nougatIntroduction:

Today, we are introduced to our childhood favorite-nougat. Speaking of nougat, naturally, will think of white baskets of paper wrapped with milk-flavored candy. When we were children, it was a very rare type of candy, can not be eaten. Double today and we share with you this hand-made version of nougat powder cotton candy made of cotton candy.


      Cotton Candy (100g white unsandwiched) Milk Powder (150g) Cashew Nuts (300g) Nestle Coffee Powder (50g) Cotton Candy (300g) Butter (15g) Matcha Powder (3g) Milk Powder (50g) Peanut (80g) Butter (90g)

Production process:

1: Peanut roasted in advance, cool and peel

2: Place the cashews in the oven, 180 degrees, and bake for 5 minutes

3: Cotton Candy in Large Thick Bag

4: Fit in a plastic bag and press slightly with a rolling pin until large

5: Put the butter in the bag too. Put it in the microwave. Tighten the mouth of the crisper bag. Microwave for 40 seconds.

6: Slice the butter, put it in a saucepan (non-stick pan) and heat over low heat until melted

7: Remove the cling bag and quickly place the other ingredients in the cling bag

8: Pour the marshmallows

9: Knead quickly by hand

10: Stir until marshmallows melt

11: Pour the rubbed marshmallows on the oilpaper

12: Pour in the coffee powder

13: Cover another piece of oilpaper and roll it flat with a rolling pin

14: Pour milk powder

15: Gently stir with a shovel until all is melted

16: Pour in the chopped cashew nuts

17: Stir well

18: Tile the paper, pour the nougat on the paper, spread another piece of paper and roll it flat with a rolling pin


Microwave version of nougat:

1. Cling bag wrapped marshmallow, put the microwave oven, time must not be long, melting can be. Otherwise, cotton candy swell, it is easy to crack the mouth of the preservation bag out.

2. Take out, quickly knead by hand, a cool easy to kill, not easy to operate. If cold to kill, can be put into the microwave again Ding 10 seconds.

3. After kneading the marshmallow, put on the oil paper, to prevent adhesion, the top and bottom of each cover a piece, with a rolling pin rolling to the appropriate thickness and thinness can be.

4. Cotton candy must choose the white, non-sandwich kind.

5. Nuts can be exchanged according to personal preference.

Pot Edition Beef Sauce:

1. Pot must choose non-stick pot, or sugar sticky everywhere, not easy to operate.

2.The fire must be small, or to paste.

3.Nougat group must be placed in the middle of two layers of oil paper, until completely cooled, and then remove the oil paper, otherwise easy to stick.

4. Cotton candy must choose the white, non-sandwich kind.

5.Nuts can be exchanged according to personal preference.