Creative Tools in Life, Everyone Wants to Have

By Philip Perez,2016-07-22 22:24
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Creative Tools in Life, Everyone Wants to Have

Bottle opener. I don't want to own it. It's too big for me

The machine that takes the egg yolks out. I like it, Where can I buy it?

A magical peeling tool, especially handy for pineapple skin

This. It's too convenient. Best for the lazy person.

This set of tools is also very convenient. If the designer added a lid, it would be perfect

This tool is best suited for eating fish

The necessary tools for cutting vegetables

Don't worry about half falling into the sink when you wash grapes.

Don't worry about wasting food anymore

This gadget is very practical

Every family needs the necessities of life, but the location of the key on the right is a bit awkward.

I'm going home to buy a magnet

It is bound to lose something that is destined to be lost

This bowl solves the problem of skewers

This design is very convenient when making tea.

I really want to know what kind of experience!

Replacing the bathtub with a toilet would suit me

Which shop I can get one?

No longer afraid of the mouse bite the finger, but also not afraid of darkness

Is that position clean?

The tailor's shop has this thing.

How to use it? It’s too long.

Favorable reception. The old bottle turned into a little vase

The scissors work very well.

I want to give this design a good evaluation.

Did not understand the meaning of the first picture.

Are you sure you will not fall?

This thing is everywhere in our country.

What is this tool for?

A bottle filled with two glasses of wine at the same time

You can keep the puffed food dry

Eh ...I never read books.

Weight loss essentials

It s none of my business.

A small machine that automatically picks up corn kernels. I have to buy one.

You can buy it in the supermarket

This pair of shoes may attract the attention of others.

Small yellow duck.

Power generation? What is this used for?

This is good, but Chinese families seem to need large ones.