Who Says It Must Have Water and Oxygen for all Life in the Universe? It's Really an Eye Opener!

By Philip Perez,2012-02-05 09:22
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Who Says It Must Have Water and Oxygen for all Life in the Universe? It's Really an Eye Opener!

It is not because of the proper material and environment that there is life, but the logical function of life that can be realized in the present environment with the proper substance.

"Water is the source of life". This statement is bad. H2O is only in the temperature of the earth under the pressure of the best liquidity of the material, so life was able to nurture.

"The conditions of life are extremely harsh." This statement is also poor carrying on. I think that the conditions of life are material adequacy of mobility and exchangeability. Carbon is the basic element of life, because carbon chains can form a variety of complex life structures, such as nucleic acids, amino acids and so on. The creator chose C as the structural basis, because in the environment of the earth its covalent bond is easy to combine with other elements. The initial form of life in water is because it is very convenient for material exchange and combination there. Just some C, S together, accidentally formed the original raw materials of life. Then the same conditions in the lava ah, some of the high-priced molten metal or non-metallic alloy may also be able to form this similar amino acid function group ah. Such as the melting of the elemental silicon with the gaseous sulfur and Na engage in to engage in perhaps to come up with a number of silicon chains to form a desulfurization of the nucleic acid.

Imagining that in another planet, such as Mercury, a high temperature and high pressure environment, perhaps a metal compound (such as Na2S) just show the state of the liquid, then this material just replaced the role of water; if there is just silicon dioxide In the form of gas, then Si, Na, S can become the material basis for the composition of Mercury, similar to the Earth's environment C, H, O. Of course, the physical properties of these elemental compounds remain to be verified, but I want to make it clear that life is not produced by a particular environment or substance, but by some logic. God can be on the planet with the periodic table in front of the light elements to create birds and insects fungus virus, the same can also be used in another planet with the periodic table behind the elements or even a variety of heavy metals, radioactive materials to build SARS, N1H1, AIDS, athlete's foot, Flowers, gonorrhea, syphilis. The key is how human beings should know life at the philosophical level.

Life should be said to be a physical exchange with the outside of the independent unit, through the internal functional structure to achieve the principle of reverse physical principles. For example, a sea of micro-organisms, the cell body of the salt is much lower than the outside world, according to the physical principles of infiltration of its body of water and salt should be spread to relatively high concentrations of places, but it does not, through the metabolism of energy and overcome the broad "Entropy increase" principle, this individual is life. If in the lava of the center of the earth, there is such a group of material does not meet the physical principles of continuous proliferation, aggregation (such as the internal maintenance of the relative low temperature, constantly absorbing a metal from the outside), then it should be considered a life form. Like jellyfish, it is white that it is a group of fresh water in the ocean, by the outside world to obtain energy to overcome the law of the physical sector. So I predict that fossils of solid life can be found in solidified lava, but the wreckage of these lives cannot be detected with C14 because the material that makes up life is another element.

Even say, no matter the same can produce life. For example, in some high-density stars or the occurrence of thermonuclear reaction within the star, filled with a variety of electromagnetic waves everywhere if a quark can absorb external photons or strong energy and so on to maintain a certain range of electromagnetic waves in accordance with the external The way the oscillation, then this group of energy is also life. The jellyfish should be mixed with salt water in the sea, but it keeps the structure suitable for its activities by eating microbes; the heat and moisture inside the body should be lost, but people develop the function of releasing skin and decomposing sugar. So what is life?

That's what I understand

A maverick thing in the universe that relies on energy to go against its physical laws!