How many ways to play the killing game?-with details

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How many ways to play the killing game?-with details

Set up five kinds of identity, police, doctors, bandits, bandits, civilians, the responsibilities and rights of various identities are as follows:

1. Police:

Two police officers know each other's identities, but do not know the identities of others. The police can identify a person to the referee before each round of assassination. The referee will tell the police whether the person is a bandit or not. If the police do not make an identification within the time limit set by the referee, it is considered a waiver of the right to identify the current round. Both police officers were killed, regardless of the number of the assassination or the number of those who were killed, regardless of the victory.

2. Bandits

The two bandits know each other's identities, but do not know the identities of others. They can assassinate one person per round or choose not to assassinate. If the assassin is rescued by a doctor, he is not dead and the assassination is ineffective. If the robber fails to submit the list of assassins within the time limit set by the referee, he waives his right to be assassinated in the round.

3. Doctor

The doctor does not know the identity of other persons in order to assist the police in winning. The doctor may tell the referee in secret before each round of assassination to save a person. If the assassin is also the person assassinated, the assassin does not die. The doctor may save himself. After the assassination or killing of the doctor, the next round loses the right to save the person.

4. Civilian

civilians are unaware of the identity of others in order to help the police win.

Conditions of victory: the number of bandits is greater than or equal to the number of other identities, the bandit wins; 2 policemen are killed and the bandit wins; 2 bandits are killed and the police wins.

The referee is absolutely impartial and does not advise either party.

Rules and methods of killing game

1, the number of participants in the game a total of 13 people (Note 1). Prepare 13 cards, including 1 king, 3 j, 3 k, 6 ordinary cards. After sitting down, draw cards, draw to the king for the judge, draw to the j for the gangster, draw to k for the police, draw to the ordinary card for the civilian. Do not let others know what you draw cards.

2, the judge began to host the game, the public should obey the judge's password, do not cheat.

3, the judge said: "The night has come, please close your eyes to sleep."At this time only the judge is "discerning", the others close their eyes.

4, the judge also said: bandits open their eyes, out to kill. Hear this order, only the three culprits who drew the card j open their eyes to know each other, become the first to reach an alliance in this round of the game group. Any gangster motioned to the judge, killing any one of the present.

5, the judge saw clearly (Note 2) said: gangsters closed their eyes.

6, completed, the judge said: all eyes closed. Later said: morning, everyone can open their eyes.

7, the judge declared who was killed, this person was the first person killed. The victim can identify the culprit and state the reasons (that is, the last word) (Note 4), said the victim in this round of the game will not be able to speak in the judge's own comments (5 comments).

8, After the statement, several people will be suspected of being gangsters. The suspect can defend himself. The judge presides over the vote (Note 6) and kills the person with the highest number of votes. The victim can post his last words and then exit the game.

9, After listening to the last words, a new night arrives. It is the gangster who kills again, then the policeman confirms his identity and then wakes up again.


1, about the number of people. 13 is the standard number, but less than or more than 13 can also be carried out. If the number of people, such as 10 or so, the number of bandits and police reduced to 2 bandits 2 police, I think if the number is less than 8 people have nothing to play.

2, about the judge. Seemingly easy, but it is not, otherwise, how can there be a waterfall? (Ha ~) The judge should remember who the gangster is, who was killed, in order to give a correct indication in the police identification (facts show that there is indeed a judge will forget it...), and also do not confuse the killed and the designated.

3, on the hint. When the police suspect that someone who has closed eyes is a gangster, identified to the judge, at this time, the judge needs to give the police hint (say is implied, because can not speak, by gesturing to explain the police suspect the right or not), so that the police will know the identity of the closed eyes (not bandits, people).

4, On the last note. The number of people who can leave a message per round of the game is related to the number of police robbers. Only the first two people who were killed at the time of 2 bandits and only the first three people who were killed at the time of 3 bandits and so on. However, when the number of 2 bandits with 11 or 12 people is 2 police officers (that is a relatively large number of civilians), there are also 3 words.

5, With regard to the statement, presided over by a judge, from the person to the right of the person killed, take turns to state their views, the statement of the current round can no longer speak.

6, With regard to voting, after each living person has made his or her statement, the person who has obtained the highest number of votes shall be killed in the order in which he or she has presented his or her statement. If several persons have obtained the same number of votes and the highest number of votes, a second ballot may be held, and a subsequent ballot may be held until the highest number of votes has been cast.

7, About winning and losing. The people and the police are on the same side. When and only when all the police are killed, the bandits win; when and only when all the bandits are killed, the bandits lose.

Playing this game requires 2

1, quiet verbal expression

2, memory + reasoning ability


1. The culprits committed suicide or mutual killing need to vote, the minority is subject to majority, because the bandits are dead even if the bandits lost, so do not recommend the culprits commit suicide or mutual killing.

2, the game process, no one can flop, dead people buckle the hand, have the words of the last words after the game, no words of direct exit.

3, not allowed three consecutive times or three times in the first round of killing the same person.


Game Characters:

Common Characters (Open Identity): Police and Bandit. The two groups are equal in number. Open identity is open to all game participants.

Special role (secret identity):

The chief, the leader of each faction, is known only to cronies and undercover men ;

cronies, the chief's assistants and bodyguards. Only the chief knows his identity ;

Undercover, public identity belongs to the other party faction's own personnel. Only the leader knows its identity.

Game wins and losses:

If both the leader and the undercover of a faction are killed, the result will be negative, and if both the leader and the undercover are killed in the same round, the result will be peace.

Game flow:

Take, for example, the 14 players in the game. Seven each.

First, determine the public identity of all players.

Second, identify special characters.

Third, Assassination. The opposing sides assassinate one of each other's factions. (The first round can be virtual, to avoid id death too quickly. For example, 16 cards, abandoned two cards as the assassin, announced by the referee cosplay). Assassination is appointed by the leader.

Four, Cha Ne Gui. The two factions separately Cha Ne Gui. Refer to the ordinary killing process. Analyze the debate, the voting process must be clearly posted. Finally vote for the internal ghost. If the person elected by the most votes is the leader or the leader's cronies, do not kill. Otherwise as the internal ghost. The internal ghost killed does not disclose its secret identity.

Five, the process three or four cycle, until a faction of the leader and undercover were killed.

Basic game tactics:

1. What does the leader do? Protect yourself. And try to avoid being treated as an insider by yourself or your cronies in your internal search for ghosts.

2, what does the cronies do? Protect the leader. Help the leader contact loyal comrades, found the undercover. If the innards vote as the innards or leaders as the innards, as far as possible to let the opponent mistake that he is the leader.

3, undercover do? Pretend the leader's loyal comrades, check the identity of the leader and the identity of the other party undercover. Create confusion in the internal, so that the ghost vote deviated from their own, pointing to others, or even directly pointed to the leader or cronies. Because the leader and cronies are not internally executed, so if successful, then within two rounds, the leader must be assassinated.

4. What do ordinary characters do? In the process of searching for a ghost, try to find the undercover. And properly act like a leader, to confuse the undercover and the other side. Try to avoid being executed in the internal purge.

Categories by role:

1 Bandit

only civilians and bandits two roles.

1.1 First Night Killers Mutual Recognition, Assassination. Debates are not sequenced and speak at random. Debate time is controlled by the referee. Votes must be cast in the first place, no following or changing of votes is allowed. Those who are assassinated in the current round do not have the right to vote. Those who are pushed have a flop, if they are civilians can have a last word, and then exit.

1.2 The difference with 1.1 is that the vote can be followed and changed. Civilians who go to's can continue to participate in the game, and those who are assassinated in the current round have the right to vote, after which they can participate in the discussion only, without the right to vote. Everything else is the same.

1.3 Tweet? (No, from everyone's description, isn't it?) There was no assassination. The bandits recognized each other on the first night and then spoke sequentially. The first time they spoke, they voted,'s flop, and if they were civilians, any one of the living's cards could be tested. And so on.'s could not continue to participate in the game.

2 Police bandit to join the police role.

First Night Killers Mutual Recognition, Assassination, Police Mutual Recognition, Identification. Debates speak sequentially and each person has only one opportunity to speak in each round. Votes must be cast at the first opportunity. Votes are not permitted to follow or change, and those assassinated in the current round do not have the right to vote. All persons (including those assassinated and killed) may have a last word, depending on the number of robbers.

3 Add other characters (this face to face killing has not played, online killing has played some)

3.1 Joining the bandits in the same camp as the bandits can muddy the waters and induce the police to identify themselves or civilians to cast themselves in order to protect the bandits from being identified or killed. However, there are also ways in which the bandits do not know the identity of the bandits. This makes it more difficult for the bandits to judge who the bandits are, Khan.

3.2 Join the police, doctors, civilians, the same camp. Doctors only know their own identity, do not know the identity of other people, doctors can save one person per round (including their own), if just the same as the target of the gangster assassination, then the gangster assassination is not successful; bandits, bandits in the same camp, bandits do not know the identity of the bandits, after the first round of assassination can be identified by identification of bandits (can also choose to identify the police officers, not to save people).

3.3 Join the judges (not the judges) The police, doctors, judges, civilians, the same camp. The judge only knows his own identity, do not know the identity of others. The judge's prerogative is to identify a person at night. If the person he designates is a gangster, the bandit is out immediately without a vote. The judge cannot be assassinated by the bandits before exercising the privilege, but can be killed by everyone (Khan) The judge has only one chance to exercise the privilege.

The bandits, the gangsters are in the same camp, and the bandits know who the bandits are. The first night the bandits assassinate (they cannot choose not to assassinate), the police identify, the doctor saves (they cannot help themselves), the judge chooses whether to use the privilege.

'Killing game ' tackle-killer version

If you're a "killer"

One, absolute composure. The first time when the "killer" is always uncontrollably excited, which from the face, small movements, the tone of the conversation exposed. And the real " cold-facedkiller" had better be expressionless, at least in just get the "killer" card to do so.

Second, try to be natural. In the game, as usual, you should say, the music on the music, the silence on the silence, do not let others see that you and the last game in the performance of the difference is too big.

Third, "Kill" people to be ruthless. Whether it is a single "killer" attack or a number of "killer" conspiracy, "kill" people must be decided quickly, do not be soft-hearted. In general "kill" people think you are very close to the people, the best to win the trust of others, good people will think you can not be so ruthless.

Fourth, kill those who do not love to talk. Because such a good man is still not clear, he died, generally will not leave you against the "last word." But this also depends on the opportunity, and sometimes leave those good people who wobble, will make the situation more chaotic, you can win in the chaos.

Fifth,Make it clear when you testify against a killer, and be firm when you raise your hand and vote to kill. Make it clear that, in addition to killing people recklessly in the dark, you are a great person during the day, and you are determined to identify what you think of as a killer and defend what you think of as a good person. Learn to speak up for good people.

Sixth,When numbers dwindle and the situation becomes clearer, the killer must think clearly. Every time you make a speech, you have to clarify two questions: why you can't be the killer, and who and why you must be the killer. But remember that people are sentient animals, and an honest, concise explanation is more powerful.

Killing Game Tips

Bad guys:

Bad guy trick 1:

Sell out your accomplice. Before your accomplice is exposed, point it out and kill it without mercy, giving you a strong argument for yourself later on.

Bad guy trick 2:

Hide. As the saying goes, shot out. Although you would like to mislead everyone to kill a good person, but in the vote you do not raise your hand, light finger-pointing does not kill, it will be good to hide their own.

Bad guy trick 3:

Framing. Often two people pointing at each other will be good people, make full use of the confrontation between them, always let them to attract everyone's attention.

In addition, there are temptations, exclusion of dissidents, rallying the public, fighting, gain sympathy these skills, perhaps, this is the charm of the killing game it.

Killing game novice must back 18 books

1. Anyone will have a wrong time to Judge

2. If the first is not for you, then the hikes is not for you.

3. Any error that can be explained should not be blamed

4. Others ' mistakes lead to your mistakes or death

5. In the face of the same objective phenomenon, it's normal for everyone to come to a different conclusion.

6. Never backwards from the results of the reason, after the Zhuge value of

7. Before asking others to understand, think about whether you have made it clear.

8. Think again and put yourself in the other's shoes to enrich your information and improve your winning.

9. People who tell their true ideas are still unable to win, can generally be counted as masters of the

10. The work of the Master cheat is 10 times times

11 of the Novice's work. The rookie's mistake is excusable, the master's error is can explain

12. Verification Master is a shortcut to win, but not conducive to improve

13. The only way for new people to grow up is to be a killer when you're a murderer.

14. The killers are always worse than the police, but the wretched police and the sun-killers are even scarier.

15. The killer is worse off than the police by his own companions.

16.The same danger to police killers 18. The success of the killer means the loss of trust.