How will artificial intelligence affect our lives?

By Philip Perez,2018-01-06 12:35:00
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How will artificial intelligence affect our lives?

The speed at which artificial intelligence is advancing is phenomenal, and in the future we will begin to work side by side with artificial intelligence. Here's a rundown on how artificial intelligence will affect our lives and what it can replace. Welcome to read!

How artificial intelligence will affect our lives 5 game chess war, let "artificial intelligence" this fashionable vocabulary fly into ordinary people's home, along with this craze, domestic Internet companies all kinds of innovation based onartificial intelligencetechnology applications are also emerging. In recent times, from smart customer service to investment guidance to face recognition, a number of new applications and services closely linked to artificial intelligence technology have surfaced.In fact, the fervor of artificial intelligence technology itself has been going on for quite some time.According to an incomplete statistic, the number of institutions investing in artificial intelligence in China reached 48 in 2015, with an investment of 1.42 billion yuan, an increase of 71.4 percent and 75.7 percent respectively year-on-year, and the market size of artificial intelligence in China is expected to reach 9.1 billion yuan in 2020.Not only the Internet giants represented by Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba have begun to build on artificial intelligence, but hundreds of start-ups have also begun to penetrate and structure the industrial base layer, technical layer and application layer to form the industrial chain model.At present, the field of artificial intelligence in China has covered the industrial robot, service robot, intelligent hardware and other hardware product layers, intelligent customer service layer, business intelligence software and service layer, visual recognition machine learning platform, and data computing resources, etc.

Emancipating the "hands" of boring labor"Using artificial intelligence technology, each phone call can save the customer service personnel 225 seconds of time, with a customer service day to answer 200 calls calculation, artificial intelligence can save him 3 hours." Netease seven fish product director Duan Yuzheng told reporters.On April 12, NetEase officially launched its cloud customer service product, "Seven Fish," one of its most important selling points is to replace the traditional customer service of repetitive and tedious labor. "NetEase seven fish intelligent customer service robot can respond to millions of customer requests at the same time, a large number of common problems will be accurately answered by intelligent robot, saving more than 80% of human customer service costs," Duan Yuzheng said.Through self-learning, to complete the recognition of voice, video, pictures and other unstructured data so as to "free living people from inefficient work" is indeed the most important application of artificial intelligence at this stage.On April 15, Ping An Xia Tong's "face recognition" technology conference was held on the spot, and the "face brush" transaction really took place. After accessing the "face recognition" technology, Ping An Xian Tong's social financial platform could remotely verify the applicant's identity by scanning the new technology of "face recognition", and easily complete the procedures of wealth management such as loans and financial management."In traditional financial services, users have to go to the field to verify their identity when they apply for a loan, which takes at least seven working days, but now it only takes five seconds to do the verification remotely and six minutes to complete the loan at the soonest," Shi Duanqiao, general manager of Ping An Technology's Tiantong Business Group, told reporters.Substituting real people for boring work also means that artificial intelligence can increase the "order of magnitude" of data collection and analysis. Teng Fang, co-founder of Ingo Tree, which launched the world's first investment robot last week, admitted: " A minute's worth of investment robots is equivalent to 40 hours of work for a mature analyst. Take the ' Internet + ' companies, there are about 130,000, with each good analyst can collate three companies a day to calculate the complete information, the existing data will take about 433333 days to collect, about 118.7 years, but these can be done through artificial intelligence.In the future, "artificial intelligence replacement" will be widely used in what areas? Market research institute Ir consulting analyst Zhang Feng said that intelligent virtual customer service and face recognition technology are the current popular areas of artificial intelligence service applications, " In addition, there are intelligent hardware, robot applications, through artificial intelligence to achieve the transformation of the way of interaction, from the current command by the human to the autonomous stage of development ; In the field of virtual scene service, it can help vision technology as well as speech recognition technology to change the way of visual presentation and interaction, simulate real scenes and interact through somatosensory or language; in the field of security, through a variety of identification technology, to achieve rapid identification of intelligent cameras and anti-theft locks, etc. "

Reinforce the "brain" of cognitive thinking"There are four things that an investment robot can do, the dimension reduction aspect is the processing of data, including the establishment of a database and tracking analysis. On top of that, there are processes like analytical modeling and investment forecasting," said Ma Chao, founder of Ingo Tree.Yi Jigang, chairman of the investment firm Orient Key Investment Management, also said the use of artificial intelligence in equity investment had improved the efficiency of the entire primary equity market, given a basis for judging project value, and made quantitative investment in the primary equity market possible. "Humans and machines should never be competitive. People should learn to use tools, use scientific and technological achievements, and increase the value of their work on machines."Their claim echoes two levels of AI development: perceptual intelligence, which identifies and analyzes data, and cognitive intelligence, which studies situations and makes decisions through self-learning.In other words, just as Alphago's choice of how to play Go differs from that of a professional chess player, using the powerful computational power of artificial intelligence, one can also master new cognitive laws and accomplish "impossible tasks" that were difficult to do in the past.Alibaba Cloud artificial intelligence robot Ai Jr., which correctly predicts the winner of "I Am a Singer," is demonstrating the power of cognitive intelligence. Its predictions come from characterizing melodic, high-pitched music, crawling real-time online reviews of the singer himself, and even from "estimating" the tastes of 500 popular judges at the same time, when it is difficult for humans to juggle such multi-dimensional data."Little Ai's ranking in the first round is different from the 500 in the field, but its ability to learn by itself and adjust quickly in subsequent sessions and make rapid progress is the advantage of artificial intelligence," Min Wanli, chief scientist at Alibaba Cloud Artificial Intelligence, told reporters, adding that in the future Little Ai would help film investment companies predict the value of a movie's ticket or help consumers spot hidden diseases.Duan Yuzheng also said that the value of NetEase seven fish is not just the use of artificial intelligence to replace human work. "Enterprises can use NetEase seven fish data reports statistics to analyze users, and constantly accumulate user information, so as to achieve user image, as a market or sales reference. Big data can help the market for active marketing, precision operations, improve re-purchase rate, etc. Our goal is to enable the customer service department can no longer be a real profit center, Yuk Zheng said."However, from the current stage of development, cognitive intelligence is still China's artificial intelligence application of the "short.""At present 71% of China's artificial-related enterprises are doing technology landing applications. In algorithm technology, 55% of enterprises are doing computer vision, 13% are doing natural language processing, and only 9% of enterprises are really studying machine learning. Being able to apply technology to the ground quickly is an advantage for China, but for grassroots technology research, China's enterprise strength is currently unable to compete with foreign countries, which is a disadvantage," said Zhang Feng.Zeng Qinghua, a patent engineer at Smart Bud, a market-analysis firm, also said that, compared with patents on artificial intelligence between China and the US, the US pays more attention to the development of artificial intelligence technology itself, while relevant technology companies focus more on technology research and development around big data mining, algorithms and so on, while China focuses on the application of business scenarios. Domestic reserves of algorithms are weaker than foreign ones and need to be strengthened.

What artificial intelligence is or could replace:1. Network marketing personnel

Originally advertisers put ads, need to find statistical monitoring media data. Programmatic ads appear, real-time data presentation. Than human statistics faster, more accurate and more intuitive.Like Wechat Publisher backstage, previous newspapers and magazines had no way of seeing the gender distribution of their audiences, the sources of their reading, or the volume of their reading retweets. It takes a lot of effort to do market research, and the results aren't necessarily accurate. Now it's simple. So the new media is changing the old media so drastically, data feedback is an important factor.2. Military personnel Soldiers have always been a dangerous profession, and sending you to Iraq today may be dead by tomorrow. Studying machine soldiers to replace men in battle is also a major task for military forces around the world. In this regard, the United States is ahead of the times. Artificial intelligence beacon Google is developing robotic legions.The U.S. military is developing robotic infantrymen to replace people because of its huge spending on the Army.3. PPT teachers Teachers may seem like a very technical job, but a closer look isn't. In some general knowledge teaching, robots infused with high levels of human intelligence are more competitive than ordinary people. It's easy to understand that you look online at the public lectures of top foreign university professors and probably speak better than most ordinary teachers in the country.So, why not inject the wisdom of these top professors into robots for the benefit of more students? Especially in the domestic university-oriented research paper atmosphere, many teachers according to the PPT study class level is not as good as the robot.4. Sex workers Virtual reality technology has exploded on the Internet. VR + erotic robots could have a big impact on sex workers who have been around for thousands of years. If robots offer better service, are more robust or are prettier, why do you have sex with people?5. Financial Investment Analyst In the industrial age, when man was still the animus and intelligence was thought to be held only by man, machines replaced at best the lower end of physical strength. But the information age machine began to invade the territory of intelligence, and the gap between man and machine in information storage and analytical processing grew wider. AiphaGo's victory over man was just the tip of the iceberg.More and more automated services are being used on Wall Street and expanded elsewhere, with financial planners, stock analysts, and family financial advisers lagging behind in many of their analyses compared with robo-advisers.In the US, it is not just technology companies betterment and health front that are engaged in smart investing, but established financial institutions are keenly aware of the ominous prospects and are moving ahead. Goldman Sachs and BlackRock have acquired Honest Dollar and Future Advisor, respectively, and RBS has announced the replacement of 500 traditional technology advisers with smart investing.Humans evolve toward machines, machines toward organisms, machines collaborate with humans, and humans and machines form new species ecosystems. Machines then compete with humans, and in some areas less competitive humans are eliminated. This is the world picture for the future.How will artificial intelligence affect our lives?