iPhones knowledge book (novice must see knowledge

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iPhones knowledge book (novice must see knowledge)

I. Explanation of terms1.What does activation mean?

2.What does jailbreak mean?

3.What does unlock mean?

4.What does card stick mean?

5. What does lock (version) and no lock (version) mean?

6.What is firmware?

7. What does homemade firmware mean?

8.What does white apple mean?

9.What do the first, second, third and fourth generations mean?

10.deb, ipa, pxL, respectively, what does it mean?12. What does WIFI mean?

13. What does baseband mean?

14. What does Cydia mean?

II. BASIC CONCEPTS1.what is the signing machine? What is the bare metal? What is the difference?

2.what is iTunes? What is the use of the App Store?

3.what is three yards in one? Four yards in one? What is five yards in one?

4.what is the US version? What is the Hong Kong version? What is the China Unicom version?

5. "add source" what is used?

III. Precautions1.the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone

2.the need to pay attention to the purchase of domestic iPhone

3.iPhone serial number and model interpretation

First, the name explanationWhat does activation mean?When the iPhone connects to iTunes for the first time, iTunes indicates that the hardware needs to be registered, then your phone is an inactive version.What do you mean, jailbreak?Iphone can only install genuine software, and can only go to the itun platform. If you want to install XX version of the software (neither cost, or can be called pirated software) must be jailbroken. Anyone who can install any software automatically, is considered to have jailbroken.What does it mean to unlock?Unlock, here is mainly about the software, that is, only by software to achieve the lifting of the iPhone operator restrictions, not limited to the use of simulation methods. For example, the iPhone2G software solution used by the program, is directly modified the contents of the baseband.What is a card sticker?Card sticker is a very thin version of the small circuit. The main function is to decode the phone card.

Locked (version) and unlocked (version) What does it mean?

Locked version: usually must unlock card paste or soft solution XX to use the phone function after the Iphone is usually locked version. Lockless version: direct card insert, and do not borrow card paste, soft solution and any other third party way can use the phone function

Iphone is usually unlocked version.

What is Firmware?

Firmware is the operating system program for iPhones, just as windows is the usual operating system for computers.

What is homemade firmware?

Homemade firmware is a DIY version of the operating system, or pirated system, just like the Tomato Garden windows system on a computer.

What does White Apple mean?

The iPhone comes with a white Apple logo at boot time, in the middle of the screen. It's all black around. The white Apple in the forum is the interface that you can't get into the system after you turn it on and keep it on. To be clear, the phone isn't working properly.What does generation one, generation two, generation three, generation four mean respectively?Apple is divided into one generation (2G), two generations (3G), three generations (3GS) and four generations (iPhone 4). On the outside, one generation is thicker than the second. The second generation, like the third generation, has more memory and CPU than the second generation.

What do deb, ipa, pxL mean?


deb is an installation package under Unix (actually mostly Linux), based on tar packages, so it records file permissions (read / write / executable) and owner / user groups. Because of the Unix class system requirements for permissions, owners, groups, and the deb installation package is often involved in setting the underlying system permissions.

The deb package itself consists of three parts: the data package, containing the actual installation of the program data, filename data.tar.XXX; the installation information and control script package, including deb installation instructions, identity, script, etc., filename control.tar.gz; the last is the deb file some binary data, including file first class information, generally do not see, in some software can see open.   The tar format is not a compression format, but rather a direct collection of scattered files and directories, and records their permissions and other data information. The data.tar.XXX, mentioned earlier, is a compressed suffix. The deb default compression format is gzip format, so the most common is Abundant resources: So many resources on the App Store, apptrackr and other sites also provide a lot of XX version. Perfect update, post-service. Can only use the minimum permissions to ensure security. Does not involve system-level operations, so it is generally not easy to cause crashes or white Apple (some because of resource consumption is too large so card dead).Easy to install, whether you install it directly from the App Store on your device, sync it with iTunes, or install it with third-party software like Install and 91.Super simple way to uninstall: what is easier than just point an X to uninstall it? completely delete, will not leave any junk files (such as archiving, setting up files, etc.) in general XX is still relatively easy, but now more and more software to join the anti-XX measures..pxl   Strictly speaking, the pxl format of the resources is not much, but also quite a lot. Now the vast majority of the use of pxl format are 91 users. In terms of timeliness, a lot of software (mainly on the App Store) as soon as someone XX will be converted to pxl format, so, pxl format updates or a lot of other mobile phone sync software will not be familiar with the result.  The popularity of pxl format is not a relic of history, but in line with the needs of the market. 91 Assistant's convenient software management (especially to support WiFi management), coupled with the flag of free, so pxl format in the new hands is very popular.  In fact, the pxl format and the deb format function exactly the same. Although pxl can not record file permissions and other data, but can be fully compensated for by script. That is to say, the pxl format and the deb format is not really the same. And because the production of the pxl format does not need to be relatively rare Unix environment, especially the Debian environment, which itself is superior to the deb format.

What does WIFI mean?

WIFI: A kind of Internet access, based on 802.11b / g Internet access, that is, we usually say wireless LAN, as long as you can access the Internet, then buy a wireless router or AP can establish a wireless LAN, China Telecom has a service called Wlan.Baseband?

"Baseband":Basebandis the core concept of iPhone unlock, although in general, it is considered that 2.2 firmware has been soft solution, 2.2.1 firmware can not be soft solution, in fact, the cause of soft solution failure, in fact, 2.2 firmware baseband version is 02.28.00BB by XX, and 2.2.1 firmware of the baseband version has been upgraded, XX. Some players have made their own without upgrading the baseband version of 2.2.1 firmware, will be able to soften the solution. And in order to prevent this from happening, Apple in the future 3.0 firmware, began to firmware and baseband version of the match between the new restrictions, the old version of the baseband can not be used with the new version of firmware.

What is Cydia? Cydia is the iPhone / ipod touch XX team to join a similar Apple online software store iTunes store platform software. It is jailbroken in the process was loaded into the system, most of them third-party software and patches, mainly to make up for the inadequacy of the system.

Second,basic conceptsWhat is a contract machine? Consigner: When you buy an iPhone, you sign a contract with a local telecom operator to buy an iPhone for either a contract price or a contract price.Bare: Buy iPhones directly from Apple stores or stores, without any contractual agreements, and without any carrier content.Zone: In fact, bare metal machine and contracted machine in the machine itself hardware without any changes, just in the payment method is different, signed payment method may be the monthly return cost and so on, and bare metal machine only need a one-time cash payment can be.

What is iTunes? The great thing about iTunes is that when you sync your iPhone with your computer, everything in iTunes (music, games, software, eBooks, etc.) is automatically synced to your iPhone. iTunes isn't a format converter, it's just a medium that travels between your iPhone and your PC. Of course, you have to use iTunes to activate your iPhone and connect to the Internet.

What's the App Store for? Apple Store-Apple's online store. It includes music, video, games and software tools. Once you sign up for a free App Store account, you can buy music or apps from the iTunes Store. To sign up for an account, you can download them from your computer or iPhone. Music and software are free, but you also need an account.

What is three yards in one? Three yards in one: no plastic film on the packaging, the box behind the serial number production cycle bar code-machine after the shell bar code-machine * #06 #press out of the serial number can be on the 3 yards in one.

What is four yards in one? Four yards in one: machine boxes on the back of the IMEI and IPHONE IMEI and * #06 #IMEI and issued on the ticket IMEI can match.

What is Five Yards in One? Five yards in one: cell phone box serial code battery compartment sticker IMEI * #06 #out of the serial number sent * ticket serial code with QR code identification software to identify the cell phone battery compartment sticker QR code out of the serial number

What is the US version? "US version", "Hong Kong version": This is the market for the source of the iPhone description, because the domestic iPhone market is now very deep, the "US version" does not necessarily represent the United States imported machine, but many JS used to describe the machine can not be officially unlocked. There is the New Zealand version is also lock-free machine, and the Italian version and the Indian version seems to be lock-free machine, but the domestic supply is relatively small. Check the model of the machine can know the machine version, this part of the information I will be added later.

What is Unicom?   The so-called Unicom version is the domestic licensed goods, the national guarantee. Because the iPhone 3G communication only supports W-CDMA, and Unicom's 3G is also W-CDMA. So the domestic iPhone can only use Unicom's 3G network to add "source" What's the use? Thesourceaddress is generally used in Cydia is for downloading resources. You can add sources in Cydia, and then can not be used to download the source.

Third,precautionsAdvantages and Disadvantages of iPhone The iPhone as Apple's temporary, only mobile phone, can be said to be concentrated on Apple's mobile phone all the investment, to the iPhone only a machine to maintain the product line, in the field of smart phones, can also be considered quite high share. For those who know the iPhone, gorgeous interface can attract almost 90% of the eye, and hearsay the "App Store" can provide tens of thousands of thousands of people using software, according to the main experience is quite attractive, according to the iPhone, and so far experience.1.the touch screen operation is extremely smooth, I have also used the HTC diamonds at that time, the feeling of that touch is different...2.Web browsing is very easy, this easy to a large extent based on the smooth operation, and the software store provides a lot of software, with MSN, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr these popular network applications fit very well, with 3G and WIFI, a variety of network applications can be said to be perfect.3.multi-touch, gravity-sensing these things, so that the iPhone's entertainment features are also quite powerful, and this powerful entertainment features so that the iPhone beyond the great distance of other phones.

But the iPhone also has many drawbacks, such as:1.the default system of Chinese input method is not easy to use, handwriting has handwriting problems, Pinyin has Pinyin problems.  2.because of the performance limitations of the iPhone itself, in addition to the machine's phone and music play these two functions can run in the background, all the programs can not run in the background, which leads to not only can not hang QQ, even you in QQ when a text message came in, have to quit QQ to return to the message.3.the system is too limited by Apple, so to achieve some functions have to rely on a lot of third-party applications after the jailbreak, such as Cydia.4.the software store seems to provide thousands of software, the real practical value is not much, and good software is often paid for software, for domestic users to pay is almost impossible to do, want to use these paid software to use a large number of piracy.5.the biggest problem is in fact, the domestic parallel market, the iPhone water is very deep, SIM card unlock the problem led to JS endless, all over the version is also very complex, which will be explained in detail later. For many people criticized the iPhone some shortcomings, I think in fact belong to the fault, and many people are worthy of, such as color letters, tape recorders, paste the system is the default, I do not only the function of the third party, it is a problem of the time to the system is also is a fault, At least, those so-called "iPhone killer" out one after another, also did not see the iPhone kill... domestic iPhone purchase need to pay attention to a few points or that sentence, the iPhone this phone, the domestic market water is very deep, so when buying must do enough homework. First talk about lock-free machine. The recommended way to buy directly in Hong Kong Apple officials online, this method is the most secure, some of the players do not know what kind of Hong Kong, please do not pay attention to the Hong Kong, or New Zealand version of the credibility.

If you can only buy at home, then you must pay attention to the following points. 1.through the settings in the model to determine whether the Hong Kong version of the machine, check the machine, Cato, the box above the serial number and IMEI is the same, this is the most basic, model this thing can not be faked temporarily, and three yards in one can basically protect the machine's origin.

2.Serial number and model interpretation of the serial number, mainly the first 5, of which 3, 4, 5 is the factory time, such as the first five serial number of my machine is "86834", then 34 weeks in 2008 out of the machine. Some machines serial number is the first 5 start, this batch of machines is Apple's official refurbisher, can be purchased as appropriate. Model, is used to see the iPhone is the version of that region, which Australia and New Zealand machine model is the same, but New Zealand is directly unlocked, Australia belongs to the lock but can be officially unlocked, this should be noted.

America ATT MB046LL/A MB048LL/A MB499LL/A MB702LL/A MB704LL/A MB705LL/A Canada Rogers MB629C/A MB630C/A MB631C/A MB632C/A MB633C/A MB634C/A MB635C/A MB636C/A Canada Fido MB629C/A MB630C/A MB631C/A MB632C/A MB633C/A MB634C/A MB635C/A MB636C/AEngland O2 MB489B/A MB496B/A MB500B/AIreland O2 MB489B/A MB496B/A MB500B/A France Orange MB489NF/A MB496NF/A MB500NF/ASwitzerland Orange MB489FD/A MB496FD/A MB500FD/AAustria One MB489FD/A MB496FD/A MB500FD/A Portugal Optimus MB489PO/A MB496PO/A MB500PO/A Belgium Mobistar MB489NF/A MB496NF/A MB500NF/A Germany T-Mobile MB490DN/A MB497DN/A MB501DN/A Austria T-Mobile MB490DN/A MB497DN/A MB501DN/A Netherlands T-Mobile MB490DN/A MB497DN/A MB501DN/ASpain Movistar MB757Y/A MB759Y/A MB760Y/A Switzerland Swisscom MB489FD/A MB496FD/A MB500FD/A Italy TIM MB489T/A MB496T/A MB500T/AJapan SoftBank MB489J/A MB496J/A MB500J/AAustralia Optus MB489X/A MB496X/A MB500X/AItaly Vodafone MB489T/A MB496T/A MB500T/A Australia Vodafone MB489X/A MB496X/A MB500X/A New Zealand Vodafone MB489X/A MB496X/A MB500X/A Portugal Vodafone MB489PO/A MB496PO/A MB500PO/A Hong Kong MB489ZP/A MB496ZP/A MB500ZP/AMexico Telcel MB489E/A MB496E/A MB500E/A Denmark Telia MB489KN/A MB496KN/A MB500KN/AFinland Sonera MB489KS/A MB496KS/A MB500KS/ANorway NetcCom MB489KN/A MB496KN/A MB500KN/A Sweden Telia MB489KS/A MB496KS/A MB500KS/A