Is the home network slow? Check to see if these things are next to the router!

By Philip Perez,2011-10-02 20:01
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Is the home network slow? Check to see if these things are next to the router!

Surfing the Internet is one of the most important things in our daily life, but if the network is slow, it can also make people upset. In fact, the speed of the network depends not only on the operators or routers, but also the products placed next to the routers will affect the transmission of wireless networks. Take a look at what items will affect the signal ~!

Data packets are shared and transmitted between users in the form of data packets. So -

1. Electrical appliances

Microwave oven, induction cooker, electric lamp, sound and camera etc. most likely to affect the wireless network signal transmission and reduce the network speed, the strong electromagnetic wave will produce significant interference to the signal, resulting in transmission blocked.

In addition, there are TV sets, refrigerators, etc., will interfere with the signal. Therefore, the router should be placed around the reduction of this type of goods.

2. Glass products

Glass products are very dense and have good compactness, which will weaken the reception of signals. So try not to put glass on the side of the router.

3. Metal products

The electrical conductivity of metal products can isolate signals that may have been missing in the train. Routers next to iron products or titanium products such as metal products, may shield the signal, resulting in slow network speed card.

There are also need to pay attention to remind: cause the network speed card slow factor still have a lot of, for example the router heat dissipation problem, the antenna installation is not firm, etc.. In order to maximize the speed of the network, the above items we try not to be placed next to the router, the router also try not to stay in the corner. Well, look at these, do you have the urge to clean up?