Laptop Care& Maintenance

By Philip Perez,2018-01-31 20:03:00
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Laptop Care& Maintenance

Quote: For a friend who has a laptop, I believe that whether you are working or home, you do not want to cause the loss of work or personal files due to the failure of their own laptop. How to make the failure rate of the laptop to a minimum? How to make your laptop consistent and honest work for you? In fact, as long as you usually pay more attention to the use of the laptop, often carry out some necessary maintenance and maintenance, it is very easy to bring immediate results.Here we give a brief summary of some of the issues that users need to pay more attention to in the ordinary course of using laptops. We hope that our experience will be helpful to you. The following three aspects will be covered from the notes of the new laptop, daily use and maintenance, and extend the life of the notebook computer maintenance skills.

First, the new machine

The first thing a new laptop user should pay attention to is the battery. The electrical characteristics of the new battery at the beginning of its use differ greatly from its performance after a certain period of time. This is mainly reflected in the premature end of the charging process (false charge) and the lack of durability of the power after the charge. As we all know, these problems can be improved by multiple full charge / discharge from the user to obtain the best performance of the battery.It should be noted that although brand-new batteries can be used directly to recharge, but if the user at the beginning of improper use, battery performance is often not up to the highest level. After you have just got a new machine, please do not busy to recharge the battery, because the laptop in the factory to recharge a small part of the battery for functional testing, so you get a laptop or some residual battery charge, please turn on the battery before the overall performance of the battery charge, you will be able to play 3 times before the battery.Recharge and discharge here refers to the user needs to charge / discharge the battery operation, remember, must be full, put clean, then full, and then put clean, so repeat 3 times. After that you can normal use of the battery. Some laptops in the BIOS has been set up battery calibration function, users can more easily use the laptop battery for regular maintenance, to get the best battery state of your notebook now.

In addition, for newly purchased laptops, the screen because it is very fragile, manufacturers will often paste a protective film on the screen to achieve the purpose of protecting the screen, this layer of protective film before use is required to remove, because if not revealed will seriously affect the screen image display. In the process of removing the need for everyone to pay attention, some of the screen protective film is pasted very tight, in order not to remove the film after some time, the best practices, so that the screen is not too slow down.

For some careful users, you can also consider looking for some screen protection film, their favorite plastic stickers and other film material, posted in the hands of the wear and tear of the position, etc., to better care for your machine. Similar design, we like Sony, Acer and other attention to the details of the use of notebook computers can be seen above (see Figure 2).

After all, for the vast majority of laptops, they are meant to be taken with them, and the right laptop bag naturally gives them the most intimate protection. This is perhaps even more important for new laptop users, as not all original laptop bags are really appropriate. Unlike regular office bags, a really well-designed laptop bag should first have enough security and comfort to hold a nest of four sides.The ordinary office bag is often too large space and soft frame design, can not effectively isolate the outside of the backlog and collision. Second, it should have a reasonable design of the fittings partition, such as power supply should be isolated in the laptop side, so as not to be accidentally squeezed when the power plug scratches the laptop LCD screen (see Figure 3). At the same time, laptop bag should also have a certain waterproof capacity.

Routine Maintenance

Laptop as a portable mobile computing equipment, in fact, major manufacturers in its robustness, durability and so on have done a lot of work, but even more robust laptop, the user will be due to negligence in the process of failure. So how to make users try to avoid mistakes in daily use is the main issue of this section we discuss.

2.Screen Saver

The last paragraph we talked about the screen of the protective film, this layer of protective film we recommend that you do not use the laptop when it is affixed, when using the laptop off again, so as to effectively protect the screen of the chemical coating, so that the outermost layer of the coating will not be premature oxidation.You can also reduce screen and bonnet wear by placing a layer of cotton paper between your laptop's screen and keyboard. If your laptop uses a pointing stick, we also recommend that you remove the pointing stick cap and store it separately when you travel with your laptop over long distances to avoid damage to the screen (see Figure 4).

Moisture is a natural enemy of laptops. In addition to avoiding drinking drinks and eating fruit while at the computer, care should also be taken not to keep the machine in a damp place. Severe moisture can damage the components inside the LCD screen. It is especially noteworthy that in winter and summer, when entering or leaving a heated or air-conditioned room, large temperature differences can also cause "condensation phenomenon", users at this time may cause permanent corrosion of the LCD electrodes.For this reason, we also recommend that you should not change the ambient temperature more than 10 / 10min. Once the screen into the water, if only in front of the screen found that there is fog, with a soft cloth gently wipe off and then boot. If the water has entered the LCD, you should put the LCD in a warmer place, such as table lamp, will be inside the moisture gradually evaporated in order to create a good time on the home moistureproof device, the best to dissipate the moisture in order to create a moisture in order to dissipate the moisture in the moisture content of the notebook computer.

For screen maintenance, in addition to attention to the above issues, can also be artificial or with software to cooperate, because the life of the LCD screen relative to CRT is still much shorter, its aging speed is much faster, then we need to pay special attention to the usual use of time. For example, in the power management interface to set when the computer does not respond to automatically turn off the screen time interval, or you simply develop a long time to close the habit of the laptop screen unnecessary loss of time.In addition, to delay the aging of LCD screen should also pay attention to avoid direct sunlight long screen, try to use a moderate brightness / contrast, reduce long-term display of fixed patterns (to avoid excessive aging). Finally, it is usually necessary to often use special soft bristles, cloth glasses, cleaning balls, such as the screen, if necessary, can be used neutral cleaning agent or a little water, on the surface of these small stains are the advantages of liquid crystal screen cleaning skills.

3.Hard Disk and Optical Drive Maintenance

As the most mechanically active part of a computer, and the most vulnerable to damage, extra care should be taken to protect it. First of all, we should be careful not to move the notebook computer too fast while the hard drive is running, and certainly not to crash into the laptop. Although the seismic performance of the laptop hard disk is much better than that of the desktop hard disk, the principle is the same as that of hitting the desktop hard disk drive is causing a sudden increase in speed or even more serious consequences.As you all know, the damage caused by hard disk damage is the biggest, sometimes devastating, of all hardware damage, so laptop users are advised not to vibrate their laptops while their hard disks are working, such as during Copy of files. This will maximize the protection of your hard disks and thus protect your most important data, and for important data on them, we recommend using external storage methods such as hard disks and tapes.

Laptop optical drives are more sophisticated than desktop optical drives and are therefore more sensitive to dust and stains. To avoid the effects of dust, laptop optical drives should remove discs when not in use, avoid the frequent use of poor / dirty discs, reduce the long continuous operation of the optical drive, if necessary, choose virtual optical drive software to reduce its load. Regular cleaning of the optical head with cleaning fluid is also an important means of the maintenance of the optical drive.Laptop optical drives have tray entry and exit rails on both sides. If the disk is loaded with too much force, the number of times it is easy to increase the wear and tear of the rails and trays, so that the gap will increase, the tray access will not be smooth, or even can not be ejected or closed. We can also use hand-held optical drive tray when loading tray to reduce the pressure on the rails.

4.Pointing equipment maintenance

Since most laptops come with their own touchpad or mouse stick instead of a mouse, and many users are accustomed to using these two methods to control the on-screen cursor, it is still necessary for us, as a commonly used part of laptop computers, to introduce you to the routine maintenance of these two input devices. In fact, it is very simple, the general touchpad is divided into two layers, the first layer of protection is the main function of the touchpad.Be careful not to accidentally let something hard cut through the protective film, as long as it breaks a little, the rest of the film will soon fall off, when the entire protective film off, the wear resistance of the touchpad is very fragile, it is easy to cause its failure due to prolonged friction. Of course, keep the touchpad clean is also necessary (see Figure 5).

Here is a mouse stick (also known as pointing stick), the mouse stick was originally invented by IBM, its main benefit is to save assembly space, the user must pay attention to the use of the mouse stick when moving the strength, I have seen a lot of mouse stick was broken laptop. In addition, the general mouse stick has a rubber head above, this rubber head if the user often very hard to use a long time can also be soiled toothbrush with the main problem.

Keyboard Care

Finally, we would like to introduce some of our most frequently used keyboard maintenance skills, as the keyboard is one of our most frequently used components, although many manufacturers have taken into account its durability, especially on the structure of the full optimization, but water droplets through the stone, a long time to come the problem. Either a key is not working, or the letter is worn out.It seems to us that the biggest killer of the keyboard is yourself. Many computer users, due to the loss of their work after a crash, can't help but smash the keyboard a few times. We remind you that doing so will cause damage to the soft glue that supports the keyboard keys. Long time will arise the problem of pressing down on the keys and not bouncing up. The second point is to try not to eat anything above the laptop, smoke or drink away from the computer hardware, so much as much as possible.Second, we suggest that you can buy a laptop keyboard special soft glue, this soft glue above a lot of uneven keys, just to cover the laptop keyboard, both waterproof, dustproof, abrasion-proof, but also inexpensive, the general computer market can buy. In addition, regular use of cleaning cloth to remove the dust between the keys gap is also necessary.

For those users whose keyboards are waterlogged or inflexible, we'll teach you a trick. First, every key on your laptop can be pulled apart. For a standard size button, you can pull it apart with your fingernail from top to bottom, and then you'll see a rubber mat that doesn't bounce. For users who can't hit the button, you can get at least a second hand pads instead of a second hand pads.For the keyboard water users, you need to put the water that piece of the key all pull open, and then carefully check, if you determine the liquid did not leak into the computer interior, then for distilled water or tap water, etc., it can be dried, for beverages, such as Coca-Cola, after the evaporation of water will leave sticky sugar, then you need to use a low concentration of alcohol to wipe the corner is so good, how to start?

5.Interface Maintenance

Of course, for various laptop ports, such as PCMCIA card, VGA interface, etc., we should also pay attention to when not in use as far as possible to use a dedicated buckle cover or empty card to seal the interface, so as not to dust from these places into the host. At the same time, when carrying the laptop out should also try to unplug these extended connection equipment, so that they are placed, leading to loose connectors, twisted or even broken (see Figure 6).

First, the depth of care

After understanding some of the daily use and maintenance techniques, we will introduce advanced users to some of the means to extend the life of the laptop. In fact, in the first two parts we have also briefly introduced some, and here we will focus on some in-depth maintenance, care laptop skills.

6.Hard Drive Careful Use

In fact, there are only a few major parts on a laptop that really have to do with life, including the hard drive, the battery, the screen, etc. Okay, let's start with the most perishable hard drive! How do we extend its life? First, of course, do what we said in the previous paragraph and try to avoid hard knocks while the hard drive is working.Do not know if you have noticed, some people's laptop hard drive often problem, while some people's hard drive has not been a problem for a long time. You may find it strange that the same brand, the same type of laptop, different people use the life of their hard drive is not the same, but they are in the appearance of its care to, do not understand it? In fact, the length of life of the hard drive mainly by the user of the usual habits of the use of the need to list:

Try not to start multiple Copy tasks in parallel: This approach allows the operating system to frequently move the head of the hard disk arm scheduling, speed up the aging of the head motor, the head of the magnetic head is very easy to problem. The most common fault is when the boot continues to make a click sound, then is not recognized the hard disk, be sure to pay attention to try not to start multiple Copy files at the same time to complete a task, see Figure 7.

Try not to open multiple applications that need to read data from the hard disk at the same time: the principle is the same as above, and doing so will speed up the aging of the head motor.

Perform disk grooming on a regular basis (see Figure 8), preferably to format and reinstall the computer if necessary: Regular disk grooming is actually very good for the hard disk. It allows the files on the hard disk to be rearranged in an orderly manner and to be found very quickly when accessed, making the hard disk more addressable and reducing the movement of the head.1. In addition, reloading the computer can also speed up the running of the program. Because the defragmenter can only defragment the area occupied by files that can be moved, there are some areas occupied by files that cannot be moved, and the reinstallation system is able to reorganize the files of the entire boot area, which can achieve better results than defragmentation.

As far as possible let the hard disk work in a low temperature: when the internal hard disk is higher than a certain operating temperature, it will be due to high temperature deformation, which may lead to the disk of the motor friction increase, and so on, will increase the probability of hard disk error.

There are many tips on the use of hard disk, in fact, we are here only for some of the usual more common use of the error to correct, careful users may find more tips, in short, the more careful you use, the more stable your laptop will work for you.

7.Batteries also live longer.

Here to say a short life king is the battery, some domestic brands of laptop battery is bad, some even used only half a year on the bad. Really is the fault of these laptop manufacturers? The problem we put aside about manufacturers. Do you know, some bad habits for the battery is very bad, may directly lead to the battery in too short a time to die, so what do we need to pay attention in the use?

Try to let the battery before charging, charging must be fully reused: Although today's notebook computers are using lithium, memory effect is reduced, but poor usage habits will still make its life shorter.

Do not charge the battery on rainy days: It often thunders on rainy days, and the instantaneous current shock caused by lightning strikes is extremely detrimental to the battery.

Regular Battery Care: If you cannot guarantee that the battery will be thoroughly cleaned and recharged each time, then it should be at least 1 month for a standard charge and discharge (that is, full and put clean and then full), or regular use of the BIOS built-in battery calibration function to carry out maintenance, which is very good for extending battery life.

Two points.

Now let's talk about two places that are more vulnerable but less attractive.

1.Laptop screen open and close the junction of parts: This part is also very easy to bad, many people's laptops in the use of a period of time after the screen will appear to be very live, serious people can not be locked at a certain angle, can only rely on other objects to support the line. At the same time the convergence of the parts is very easy to crack, so that you open and close the laptop screen should be the best to reduce the speed of the use of a little more slowly, such as far as far as possible, when the best in front and back and back and back and back.

2. Touchpad or mouse bar on a laptop with the keys: This part is also relatively easy to break, we tell you a little trick, you use the keys in peacetime try to press the middle of the position, so that the inside of the micro-switch force evenly, so as to increase the service life. So far, we have introduced the screen, hard disk, keyboard, battery and other parts of the maintenance methods and use of the most vulnerable parts.