Life Testimonials: Classic Philosophy

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Life Testimonials: Classic Philosophy

Life is like a game of chess, you go right, you will win, is the reality of happiness, you go wrong, you will lose, is the reality of pain, but who will be invincible? This is mainly to see the people who play chess pieces, that is, the way he chose, some people can play the wrong repentance, some people will never what kind of chess?I think I am the second category, I never regret chess, since the choice, even if it is wrong I will continue to go on, although it will be very painful, may lose the whole set of chess, but I do not regret, because after all I tried, I paid, but who knows this never regret the heart of the people have much pain?No one will know, no one will ever know, because he will not tell others, will only suffer in silence, exhausted their own way to try to change the whole set of chess, because... because... because he has no retreat, he can only rush forward, in order to survive forward, life is the same, the success of life, not to get a good card, but how to play a good bad card.

Treat yourself as someone else.Life is doomed to go through a lot of joys and sorrows, only when you treat yourself as someone else, you will not be crazy before the joys and sorrows in the face of hardships. Life will also involve fame and fortune, and only when you treat yourself as someone else, you will not be tired by name, moved by profit, trapped by officials, annoyed by affection.Take others for yourself. One's life cannot always be plain sailing and full of good times, and one will always encounter difficulties of one kind or another. In the face of others' misfortunes, it is only by switching positions and treating others as one's own that one will truly sympathize with others' misfortunes, understand their grievances, and offer a helping hand when others need help.Treat others as others. In the world of life, each has its own position, each has its own value, each has its own world outlook, each has its own outlook on life, each has its own values. Treat others as others, that is to say, fully respect the independence of each person, respect the personality and privacy of others. In no case can you invade the lawful behavior and space of thinking of others, nor impose your own ideas on others.

Treat yourself as yourself. The greatest enemy in life is not others, but yourself, who has conquered himself, who is invincible and invincible. To regard yourself as yourself is to demand that you do not pass over yourself, not for a small position, a meager reward, or even some idle words of others, a look of disdain and anger, to face all sorts of grudges and disgraces with calm.Character is a person's driving force, psychology is a person's essence, knowledge is a person's connotation, demeanor talk is a person's image. We should improve our national quality from the above aspects.

The strong and the wise feel that there are thousands of ways in the great world; the weak and the foolish feel that the great world does not know where the way is.

People, the heart is good, the feeling is sincere, will be firm. People, pride can not be forgetful, frustrated can not be discouraged. People, no self-esteem can not have a sense of shame, no sense of shame can not have self-esteem. People, every word, every thing done, have to consider whether it will affect others, whether it will harm others. This is a person's minimum quality.

At the beginning of human nature, rather than good and evil. Good and evil are born from private, from psychological character.

Selfishness is the commonness of all living things, except that the lusts of other living things are limited and the lusts of human beings are limited.For this reason, the unreasonable lusts of human beings must be subject to social justice, morality and law, otherwise this society will not be a normal society.

Honesty is the most basic human norms, but also an intangible asset.

Some people live better than pigs and dogs.

Character + Ability + Opportunity = Destiny

Character is the power to display talent, character and ability is to find opportunities and take advantage of opportunities, opportunities are indispensable to obtain the objective conditions of success.

The same bottle, why do you want to fill the poison? The same psychology, why do you want to be full of trouble?

The joy of the spirit only to find their own, you know, understand, no matter where in heaven.

Happy people do not have more, but less extravagant. Real happiness is free. Comparison is the root of trouble.

Pleasure and pain are chosen by ourselves. Heaven will not give us pleasure or pain, it will only give us happiness.

You can choose a happy angle to look at it, you can choose a painful angle to look at it.

We all have a big garden in our heart. If we are willing to let others plant happiness here, and let this happiness nourish ourselves, then the garden of our mind will not be barren.

You are in trouble because you forget your nature, because you have set yourself endless fears and desires. Rather than worrying about everything you eat, it is better to have nothing to worry about than to have nothing to worry about.

The secret: Treat yourself as someone else, treat others as yourself. Treat yourself as someone else, so that your pain will be alleviated and you will be at peace with your ecstasy; Treat others as yourself, empathize with others' misfortunes, empathize with others' needs; Treat others as others, respect others' independence, not invade others; Treat yourself as if you are special, show yourself to improve your own character and make yourself special.

If you are right, so is your world; if you are happy, so is your world!

Happiness comes from accepting life in front of you with gratitude.

True happiness is not ecstasy, nor pain, it is the flowing water, the waves of the blue sea, in all beings to be an ordinary person, to enjoy the joy of life in a flash, then, if we do not die, but also in heaven.

Moxiao pool, shallow water, there is no harm Wolong. The sea to the horizon, mountain top I peak. Solefish jumping Longmen, half a full moon Qiankun. The world looked at me laugh, the device should be small torture. Back to the sky laugh out, my generation is Penghao people.The sky is covered with blankets, and the stars follow me to sleep. I dare not stretch my legs all night long, lest I kick down mountains and rivers.

Eagles sometimes fly lower than chickens, but chickens never fly as high as eagles.

You may despise my smallness, but do not think that tall is the hero, and when the time comes for assault, thin horses are more valuable than fat oxen.

It is not because things are hard to do that we lose our self-confidence, but it is because we lose our self-confidence that things are hard to do. How much is faith worth? Faith is worthless. It is sometimes even a well-meaning deception.

Yet once you carry on, it quickly appreciates in value.

I have not come to earth by chance; I have come here for a purpose, that is, to grow into a high mountain, not to shrink into a grain of sand; and henceforth I will try my best to be the highest mountain, and to make the most of my potential. Faith can make the sun in your heart burn forever. As long as there is a firm belief rooted in your heart, there will be unlimited power to push you forward.

Fame, position, wealth, beauty... none of these things is worth being proud of. The only thing that makes me proud is that when I climb out of failure, I still have the courage and confidence that I can count on.

I became Beethoven by myself, and you are a duke by accident of birth; the duke was, and is, and will be, many, and Beethoven only one.

Those who do not hope for themselves, happiness will abandon him; those who do not hope for others, integrity will drift away; those who do not hope for society, kindness will gradually disappear.

Give yourself a little applause every day, give yourself a little passion every day, give yourself a little hope every day, make yourself a little better every day. Strong is a source of great strength from the heart, but if you can not find the source of inner strength, people show the "strong" is sometimes just a " camouflage.

We often think that outside help is the most important, actually from the heart of the power is our power to get through the snow and ice to get new life.

If you lose your possessions, you lose a little; if you lose your honor, you lose a lot; if you lose your self-confidence, you lose everything.

It is impossible for others to ride on your back unless you bend down.

Sometimes we get lost in our ways, not through ignorance, but through overconfidence.

In the wind, love is a believer; in a sea of people, kindness is a merciful voyage.

Honesty is a street lamp under the night, so that pedestrians for it to illuminate the night and add a confidence of nocturing.Every time in life sincere practice, we will uncontrollably germinate to their own hearts touched.

Every kind person is a hardworking farmer, sowing love in fertile or barren land. They pay the same effort, but all have only one purpose: to harvest love.

The more mature the head of the rice is, the lower it is, which means that we should give more to others.

True love is like the river that heals its silence.

Mercy to others is never in vain. Even if the receiver mourns, at least the giver can benefit.

If we are brave enough to love, strong enough to forgive, generous enough to rejoice in the happiness of others, and wise enough to understand the love that surrounds us, then we can achieve what no other creature can.Love comes from family, love grows in family.In today's world, what people lack is this love, which is the root of human pain and sorrow.Those who can love each other are the happiest people in the world, and I see this love in the poorest people. They love their children, love their families, they are poor, even have nothing, but they live happily.We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us.

Sometimes what makes you tired is not the high mountain, but a grain of sand in your shoe.

This world is not the world of the rich, or the world of the powerful, but the world of the willing.

The virtues we usually value include honesty, courage, perseverance, generosity, and humility. These are not innate, they are slowly developed by you. These are collectively referred to as "character"

Work hard, as if you were not demanding in return, and love sincerely, as if you had not been hurt; dance hard as if no one was watching you.

There is no rehearsal in life, every day is live.

When there is nothing to do, be as cautious as when there is something to do. When there is something to do, be as calm as when there is nothing to do. Because the long journey, it is difficult to completely avoid the rough and bumpy.

Life is very painful, but the pain I want to live, I want to live well, I also want to live out the poetic life.

It is not words but doom that enable a fool to learn a thing.

The less life is, the more it is, what should it be? The abundance of the young, the truth of the young, the refinement of the old.

The thorn of life, right here, nostalgia refused to go quickly, but it is something you do not nostalgia for.

I convinced myself, is a victory of reason; I was moved by myself, is a spiritual sublimation; I conquered myself, is a success of life.

Life is a market, time is a universal loan, some people buy emptiness and boredom, some people buy knowledge and experience.

There are a few things in life that are never lost; the power of self-control, the cool head, the hope and the confidence.

Are you tired of life? Then put yourself into some kind of work that you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you thought could never belong to you.We should all have a house in which to lay all our desires; and a back garden in which to open the back door, in weariness and sorrow, to see the clear breeze and the bright moon, and the flowing water, planted with the tree of wisdom, the spring of worry, the flower of ease, and the bridge of happiness.

There is the capacity to tolerate those things that cannot be changed, the courage to change those things that may be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish between the two.

Life is not a process of discovery, it is a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but recreating yourself. So do not be anxious to discover who you are, but rather to decide who you want to be.

Do not be afraid and do not regret.

Life is a duty. Life is a process and an end. In the short course of life, we must give life a higher meaning. Build something eternal in our own limited life.

Life is a constant process of generating shame and overcoming it. Perhaps the only real shame is never knowing it.

The profligacy is not a symbol of wealth, but a crude externalization; it does not mean the fullness of the waist, it only means the emptiness of the mind.Sometimes the best scene in life is not painted in heavy ink, it may be only a faint footprint, but it is hidden in the softest places of our hearts, wrapped in layers of burden. Being able to take advice from others is actually enjoying the height of the other person's mind.

Pen is like a plough stick, lines on paper, writes silently, the noon lotus blossoms quietly, and gradually enters a beautiful reality--the whole person is like a clairvoyant clairvoyant, there is a cool bodhichitta in the heart: worldly disputes can't be heard, the unjust Lilu has no relation to me.Qin and Han wind bones, Wei and Jin articles all into the word. So its people also talk, people talk like chrysanthemums; its gas is also clear, Qingruishuiyue; its grid is also high, like pine bamboo; its bones are proud, proud to Wang Hou..... the top ten factors for success: determination, love, ambition, initiative, learning, enthusiasm, self-confidence, self-discipline, perseverance, tenacity.The most difficult time is not far from success.

If you say, "I can't do it!"-you'll never succeed; if you say, "I'll try again"-there will always be miracles. A little more effort, a little more success.Have you heard the "one hundred and twenty percent" philosophy? That is, add "twenty percent grudgingly" after "one hundred percent effort". So those who fail-do nothing; ordinary people-just do it; those who succeed-do a little more; those who are at the top-do a little more.

A chain, the weakest link determines its strength; a barrel, the shortest one determines its capacity, and the least quality determines its development.Success needs passion, the cultivation of passion needs spirit, the glow of spirit needs self-improvement, self-improvement needs strict requirements.

Do not find reasons for failure, to find ways for success.

To be successful, one must first have a clear goal, and secondly, his mission and his idea.Success requires the strongest desire. The biggest difference between the top successful people in the world and the average person is that the former is sure to succeed, while the average unsuccessful person just wants it, and they are easy to compromise with reality.

Success is not the highest measure of the value of life, more important than success is a person to have inner wealth, have their own real interests and true temperament, have their own really like to do things. Only in this way, you will walk in any case will be solid and full.

Those who only pursue external success actually do not really like to do, they really like to do is only fame and fortune, once frustrated in fame and fortune, the inner emptiness is exposed.What is a man of success? The man who is wiser today than yesterday, the man who is more compassionate today than yesterday, the man who is more loving today than yesterday, the man who is more beautiful in life today than yesterday, and the man who is more tolerant today than yesterday.

The secret of "success" in cooking is to put "ambition" in a "hard" pot, simmer it in a "tough" low heat, and use "judgment" as a seasoning.Many people in this world do not succeed not because they lack wisdom, but because they do not have the courage to go on in the face of hardship.

To remember that a success will fail for a lifetime, to remember a setback, to succeed for a life.

Successful people know very well that no one can rise to the occasion, and what really makes them outstanding is their willingness to move forward step by step, no matter how rough the road may be.

Maturity is a bright, undazzling brilliance, a mellow, ungreasy sound, an ease with which one no longer has to look at others, an atmosphere in which one finally ceases to appeal to one's surroundings. A smile that ignores the noise, a indifference that washes away the extremes. A thick, silent, not steep height.

Bitterness, the day does not live up to, lying down, three thousand Yue Ka may swallow Wu aspiring, the matter unexpectedly, broke the boat, hundred two QinGuan finally belongs to Chu.

A person once immersed in the pain, will never make a difference, only those who know how to dissolve the pain, and constantly accumulate strength in the pain, will make life become more plentiful and full.

Life is a difficult voyage for me, but I don't know if the tide will rise even higher without a shroud. But I will go on. Even if Van Gogh shakes and ends, we have every reason to believe that he is the strong man of life, for he lives. The length of life, the story is long and longer.

A structured life requires persistence every day, rather than the occasional whim, so that you have a clear head and a comfortable mood.

Perhaps we learn more from our difficulties than from our successes, and the clap of the thunder makes us more focused and proactive.If you have wisdom, show it; if you lack wisdom, sweat; if you lack wisdom, and do not want to sweat, then leave.

As long as I'm young, what's so scary about the temporary gloom in life? As long as I have dreams, what's so scary about the frequent faltering at the beginning?

The virtue which fortune requires is temperance, and the virtue which is far needed is fortitude, and the latter is more valuable than the former.

And when others despise me, laugh at me, envy me, and crowd me out, I have but one way to respond, and I shall do better.

Pleasure is not necessarily the driving force of life, frustration is not necessarily the fetters of life, dare to face life, settled in indifferent life, is the soul of the most free, the most complete personality.

Every great movement must go through three stages: ridicule, argument, and acceptance.

The man who can "make a splash" must have kept his spirits up while he "keeps his mouth shut"; the man who can "move like a rabbit" must have observed it carefully while he is "quiet"; and the man who can "make a splash" must have rehearsed it before that night.

If you call upon the mountain, and it does not come, then you go to it.

Our passions are actually like the phoenix in the fire, and when the old is burned, the new is immediately born again in its ashes.

Are you tired of life? Then put yourself into some kind of work that you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you thought could never belong to you.What is not simple? It is to do simple things a thousand times, it is not simple; what is not easy? It is to do very seriously what we think is very easy, it is not easy.

Defeat once deepens one's understanding of life; error once adds another level to one's awareness of life; unhappiness once, the understanding of the world matures one level; tribulation once, the meaning of success. In this sense, to be successful and happy, to think of happiness and joy, one must first read failure, misfortune, frustration and pain.

To the world we are but passing by hurriedly, but to ourselves, life is a long journey, one struggle after another, though we can not guarantee victory in every game, but to ourselves, when always maintain the spirit of the Raptors. God is a shrewd businessman, give you a genius, with several times the suffering of genius, Milton, Beethoven, Paganini known as the history of the world's three great strange literary and artistic, incredibly one is blind, one has become deaf, one has become mute.

How far can one go? It is not a question of feet, but of ambition. How high can one climb? It is not a question of hands, but of ambition.

If you are endowed with talent, diligence can do its work: if you are of mediocre intellect, industry can make up for it.

On the surface, many people seem to be in a situation of no achievement, the difference is that someone is ploughing, someone is waiting for nothing, when after a certain amount of time, the ploughing people have a result, the waiting people are still waiting.

It is not necessary to devote every minute to study, but every minute of study must be reaped. Diligence is like the seedling of spring, never growing, never growing; dropout is like the stone of sharpening, never losing, never losing.

If you want to live casually, you can only live plainly, if you want to live brilliantly, you can only live painfully, if you want to live long, you can only live simply live simply live.

Life is to hit a nail, a nail, a long point of insight, an increase in experience, the more things to do, the more nails to touch.

Nail did not touch the people, they must have not done things, but smart people can because of the growth of other people's nails experience, although touch a nail, do not know is a nail, must touch the left and right, touch the body is not perfect, the nail to know.

There is no born strong, a person only stand on the edge of the cliff, will become really strong up. Struggle life trick is to manage their own strengths, operating their own strengths can give you added value in life, operating their shortcomings will inevitably make your life depreciated.

The real meaning of iron rice bowl is not in a place to eat a lifetime, but a lifetime to eat anywhere. The ideal of life is for the ideal of life.

Night gave me black eyes, but I use it to find light.

For a camel walking in the desert, it is not so much the sand in its eyes, but whether there is an oasis in its heart.

My dream, you may feel very tired, my choice can only be realized by myself.

The position we occupy is not important, it is the direction we want to go.

The ideal of life is to live an ideal life, for which every man should shoulder his responsibilities---to live, to have a sense of responsibility for the future.No matter what difficulties and frustrations we meet, we should advance with courage, perseverance, frankness and steadfast.

Without a certain goal, wisdom will be lost, there is a goal, there is no goal.

The pace of life is not to walk fast, but to walk steadily.

A person can not find their own distance is terrible. With the distance also has the height of the pursuit of life, and once the pursuit, the distance is no longer distant.

People who are not interested in small things often have a wrong interest in big things.

The most tiring time in life is not the most bitter time, but in the beginning, do not see the goal. People, need a goal, people would rather the pursuit of nothingness, not the pursuit of nothing.

All day long he holds his ambition in the air, but at the end he makes a crow.

The whole world makes way for him who is bent on advancing toward his goal.

Happiness is a feeling of absolute self; a feeling of peace and harmony from the bottom of one's heart. Whether one is happy or not, whether one is well or not, one has to return to oneself in the end. All are subject to the beat and torture of the heart. As long as you feel that you are happy, you are happy. Conversely, if you do not feel happy, no matter how the scenery in the eyes of others, your heart is still a cold.Life gives to everyone is different, and the meaning of happiness is the same, who readily accepted life to give, who has grasped the happiness of life.

Happiness is never something that can be taken away from us unless we first deprive ourselves of the right to pursue it. We always think that the goal is too high, we always think it is too high and mighty, so we surrender early. In fact, almost every one of your "imaginary reasons" is not as good as your real enemy, always yourself, is the cowardice and weakness of our innermost hearts.

Happiness is simple, it exists in every moment of life. It is not necessarily material, it cannot be quantified. It is not difficult to obtain-you only need to have a heart that appreciates, is full of gratitude, is tranquil. Of course, there are still many disappointments in life, but these disappointments are not enough to change our rest from happinessYes, happiness is an experience, and the satisfaction of every little wish can bring you a good feeling. For example, some people love a kind of happiness, some people share the pain is a kind of happiness; some people are willing to wait for you is a kind of happiness.

When a door of happiness closes, another opens. We often stare too much at the closed door and turn a blind eye to the opened one.

There are three indispensable elements in a happy life: one is to have hope, the other is to have something to do and the other is to be love.

Happiness lies in taste, not in things. Our happiness lies in having what we think is lovely, not in having what others think is lovely.

People have a happy moment, there is no happy life.

To realize the value of a year, ask a student who has failed a course; to understand the value of a month, ask a mother of a premature baby; to understand the value of a week, ask the editor of a weekly; to understand the value of a day, ask the breadwinner with six children at home; to understand the value of an hour, ask a couple waiting to meet; to understand the value of a minute, ask a man who has missed train; to ask the value of an Olympic gold medal.Because of the loss of childhood, we know that we grow up, because of the loss of years, we know that we live, because of the loss, we know to cherish.

The whole learning of life is in dealing with time.

When you feel that your work efficiency is in direct proportion to the operation of time, tense and full, it shows that your life is in its prime.

He that forgets the time is happy, whether busy forgetting the time, playing forgetting the time, or happy forgetting the time.

What kind of life, what kind of time.

All things that have life and the outcome of the contest of time have to fail in the end, some brilliant defeat, some tragic defeat, some beautiful defeat, although the defeat is still winning, some reasonable defeat, some miserable defeat, some dirty defeat.

Time, how cunning you think it is, how cunning it is, you become old is it, you unwittingly wasted life, the ultimate regret is it.

Time will dilute all pain, life will certainly create renewed joy.

How you wish others to treat yourself, how you will treat others, how you will treat others, how others will treat yourself. A bouquet of roses will leave a fragrance. In fact, helping others is helping yourself, even if it is not directly helping yourself, but indirectly helping yourself.

Don't expect to have "many people" like you, it's nice to have "some people" like you.

Talk cautiously with your adversary; talk with others with dignity. Words are easy to export, but never possible to withdraw. Words, such as wills, are less spoken, are less contentious. Pay attention to small talk, and you can handle big things easily.(The secret has a divine feel)Proud not forgetful, frustrated not deformation, the person according to the original.

Do not be afraid to laugh at you silly, to worry about others that you are too smart, not really smart. If you can shake hands, do not shake hands.

To be a respectable person, you have to be sincere, equal, tolerant, respectful and self-disciplined. Just because you do what you have to do, it doesn't mean that life is easy, but it can be wonderful.He who makes good use of his power does not lose his temper; he who makes good use of his thoughts does not forget his deeds.

Each is a world, each world has a unique precious spiritual garden, keep this garden, keep this world.

The dialogue between Han Shan Zen master and Found:

Cold Mountain: Some people in the world slander me, bully me, insult me, laugh at me, light me, how to treat me?

Pick it up: Just bear with him and let him avoid him. Leave him alone. Look at him in a few years!People who experience noise together are not necessarily true friends.