Tips:How to Do a Real Leather Wallet?

By Philip Perez,2012-11-25 10:05
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Tips:How to Do a Real Leather Wallet?

Although every day with a wallet, each person has several, I really don't know how to make a leather bag.

I knew a master who was good at making wallets and recorded the process. It has been approved by the master and can be spread on the internet.

Here are the tools for making wallet.

The wallet sheath - Brown Italy produces ostrich skin. With parts is mobile phone holding up the part, dense phobia see scalp pins and needles, but the most expensive ostrich skin is back of the full part of the pores, feel good↓↓↓

The inner leather is made of Italian cowhide↓↓↓

Start hands-on pruning

The ostrich skin and BUTTRO leather together, the ostrich skin is thin but flexible.

Method for making internal card groove.

The wallet is made internally. There are six cards and four places to put money.

Paste inside and ostrich skins, many of the steps didn't take photos.

The whole package is hand-stitched, time-consuming and laborious, but the effect is not bad.

Then the final processing, the wallet is about to complete.

Send a few pictures of wallet, looking at the simple, done almost two or three days.

Master produced wallet is very personal, looking very durable. Do not know where to have a custom wallet...