Does the Forced Shutdown Do Much Damage to the Computer?

By Philip Perez,2012-10-21 22:51
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Does the Forced Shutdown Do Much Damage to the Computer?

In our daily work, learning to use computer, we often force the computer to shut down, and today we share the dangers of forcing the computer to shut down.

Does the forced shutdown do much damage to the computer?

Computer is already popular, but many computer users are not doing well, such as forced shutdown.

Dislike one by one closing the program, and pressing the power button directly. When the system is updated, but it's time to get off the clock, to go for a long walk, the cable is turned off by the power button. There are many examples of computers running too many programs; the system is in a state of suspended animation, and no indiscriminate direct shutdown.

It's a bad thing to have to shut down the computer, so let's talk about it today.

The principle of forced shutdown:

Long press the power button, it is a continuous high electrical level to the main board, when the mainboard, upon receiving the signal, the shutdown command will be issued, equivalent to direct power to realize the system shutdown.

If the computer's hard drive is in operation, the CPU is processing the data, there is certain risk produces damage to computer, and then we talk about the disadvantages of mandatory shutdown in detail.

The disadvantages of forced shutdown:

1. Disk crash

When the computer suddenly loses power, the magnetic head of the hard drive is unable to reset, and when it is turned on again, it is necessary to find the track, forcing the shutdown to cause disk damage. When the normal shutdown is done, we will hear "clatter" a reset.

2. Influence system

3. Data loss

Forced shutdown can also lead to the computer running the software part of the loss of data, such as your document, form data and so on, also may lead to some of your software cannot be used.

4. Burn out components

Forced shutdown can sometimes cause a variety of data conflicts, causing the internal components of the chassis to generate high-voltage arc and damage computer parts.

How to avoid forced shutdown:

A lot of people have been forced to shut down because they are too bothered by the normal shutdown process, so the power button is set up to solve the problem.

1. Click on the control panel

2. Click on systems and security

3. Click on the power options

4. Click on the option power

5. Choose to "turn off" the power button

What is the situation that can’t force shutdown?

If there are any special circumstances, such as system suspended animation, no response, the best way is to don't try so hard, for a few minutes on the computer, if have been stuck, you can click the shutdown button, make the system perform complete shutdown process, but try not to forced shutdown by power outages.

Forced shutdown at the time of computer software run may cause damage. But when computer software isn't running, it doesn't hurt to force turn it off, and occasionally don't worry too much about it.