What is a 3A game?

By Philip Perez,2014-09-28 11:50
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What is a 3A game?

There is always a saying about 3A in the game circle, which is of high quality, high price and high reputation. But it doesn't give a specific definition of what can be considered as "3A". Well, let's discuss it and share it today.

First of all, the game can be marked 3A, the general quality of the game is very high, this should be a consensus of everyone, such as "GTA5", "the end of the United States", "Wizard 3", "Mysterious waters" and so on.

Then the 3A standard, the Americans first used the U.S. rating standard, is from A to F to determine, which represents the minimum F, A represents the highest, then AAA represents the highest level of nature (why not SSS). AAA game is an informal classification, for the development and promotion of the highest budget game level, so 3A is the game circle of common argument, the 3A game development with high economic risk associated with a high level of sales profitability.

For example, the Star Wars: Old Republic development costs $200 million, and the GTA5 development costs $137 million. It can be said that the development costs are scary, and if they don't sell, developers can jump off the building

So, what initials is 3A? It stands for something, and the answer is vague (and not exact).

Even though the 3A in the AAA game doesn't represent any specific acronym, they usually also mean the game needs:

A lot of time (A lot of time)

A large number of resources (A lot of resources)

A lot of money (A lot of money)

Only by doing so can the game be called "3A". Making games takes a lot of time, resources, and money, but if it's not fun, can it be 3A? The answer is yes. It's just a disappointing 3A work.

What about those 3A works like this?

"Whole blockade" the first time is regarded as stunning, the emergence of players queuing to buy the situation. However, after a long time, high repetition of tasks, excessive users of the plug-in is considered the failure of this game. "Homefront 2 revolution" of the game, after a generation of bloomed, the two generation of sudden death, repetitive elements within the game, Bug is too annoying, IGN gives only 5 points.

But in general, the definition of 3A is informal, but the word "3A" stands for high quality work and is certain. And 3A contains these qualities: it costs a lot of production, takes time, has a high quality game, a good picture, a large market coverage, etc..

High input 3A brings high returns, such as "GTA5" became history ranked fourth high game sales (the first three is "Wii movement", "my world""Tetris") estimated earnings of $about two billion.

3A this concept can be said to represent the great production of the game, most of which can be said to be excellent works, but there will be a small number of defective products".