You Can Quit Smoking Just by Using the Right Method

By Philip Perez,2016-03-02 10:21
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You Can Quit Smoking Just by Using the Right Method

The essence of smoking is the dependence on nicotine, which has been defined by the World Health Organization as a chronic, recurrent disease.

We all know that smoking is harmful to our health, but some people just can't quit. Is it really difficult to quit smoking? First of all, we must change our ideas, and then use the method, we can completely quit smoking.

1. Not everyone needs to use drugs to quit smoking.

When you want to buy cigarettes, wait! Try to slow down your movements or slow your pace, or slowly read 1 to 10 in your mind, and take a moment to reflect on why you quit smoking. As long as you're able to get through those few minutes, your addiction can be turned back.

You can wash your face or listen to your favorite music, talk to someone and calm yourself down. You can also close your eyes for a few minutes or do some stretching exercises.

No matter how old you are, you can quit smoking. Many studies have shown that smoking benefits at any age, and the longer you give up smoking and the longer it lasts, the greater your health benefits.

At present, there is no sufficient scientific evidence that electronic cigarette smoking can promote long-term smoking cessation, and its safety is still to be studied.

Do not try to smoke again after quitting smoking.

You should tell your family, friends and colleagues within 2 weeks of quitting smoking that you have decided to give up smoking and get their understanding and support.

Throw away all the things that are related to smoking.

Change the behavior that is closely related to smoking. You can use alternatives to ease cravings, such as drinking water and chewing sugarless gum.

Drinking during the period of quitting will reduce the success rate, attend fewer parties and avoid the attraction of cigarettes.

Encourage other smokers to quit smoking at home, and at least ask them not to smoke in front of those who quit smoking.

If you want to stop smoking, try it!