The Phone Doesn't Work Properly on Lit and Black? Tips to Solve the Problem in Ten Seconds

By Philip Perez,2012-06-17 04:53
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The Phone Doesn't Work Properly on Lit and Black? Tips to Solve the Problem in Ten Seconds

Do you ever come across a phone that doesn't automatically turn black? Or put down your phone, the screen is always bright, and you need to lock the screen by yourself ?

In fact, most of the time, these aren't problems with mobile hardware.

Maybe it's because you've put a membrane on your phone, or you've changed an inappropriate Mobile phone shell.

In this case, you can solve it this way:

Open the phone's Settings-----Smart assistance

Click - "developer options"

At this point, put your cell phone on a "direct sunlight" level, and then click "distance sensor calibration" on the OK!

But I would recommend correcting it with "gravity sensors and gyroscopes", because some of the bright screens and black screens of some phones use gravity and gyroscopes.

There may be a difference in the calibration of some users' mobile systems, and be patient.

Let's talk about the cause of this phenomenon.

If the sensor is dirty, or is contaminated, it will interfere with light transmission.

Solution: wipe it. However, it is recommended to use a certain alcohol or non-corrosive detergent, and some of these clean liquids can be blocked for a long time.

There is a situation that is the screen film, especially glass film is very thick, or there is a bubble near distance sensor, causing direct occlusion, or bubble although far, but the cause of the distance above the sensor film is not smooth, the refraction of light.

And is possible when you stick a screen film, or through the long time use, press the screen strength is too big, caused the deformation of the screen, small deformation, is no longer a level, with the naked eye is hard to detect the concave and convex. The calibration also works.