Mobile Selling Tips

By Philip Perez,2018-02-09 16:34:00
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Mobile Selling Tips

Nokia as an example of mobile phone sales skills

Nokia has been instructing its distributors on the distinctive features of their product offerings. Let's introduce its "Target Users" and "Unique Selling Points" marketing methods so that you can use them flexibly and improve your sales skills.

In marketing each phone, Nokia has always emphasized that its salespeople should first be aware that "Target Users", i.e., potential users of each phone, such as Nokia 3330.

1. People between the ages of 20 and 40, mainly young people between the ages of 20 and 25;

2. Sociable people;

3. Young people mentally and spiritually;

4. Users who enjoy entertainment and self-presentation.

So as long as you clearly know the "target group" structure of Nokia branded mobile phones, you can face a variety of customers at the time of sale, introduce the corresponding sections of mobile phones, and avoid blind marketing. How to determine the "target group"? First of all, you can learn from the promotional materials provided by the manufacturers, but also from the machine before there is a similar series of products to determine the "target group", such as 3330 and 3310 on the actual user group is a summary of the actual target group.

Finding a target is the first step, followed by introducing customers to the phone's "unique selling points." Such as the Nokia 3330 Chinese machine's unique selling points are: Internet services;

2.animation screen protection, and downloadable;

3.the new game "Pinball Table";

4.built-in phone book 100, and can be copied.

The "unique selling points" of each handset can be learned from the package of the handset. In general, the special features of the handset marked on the box are the "unique selling points" of the handset. Once the "unique selling points" have been found, then the sales can be made in the order of " F (features)-A (advantages)-B (advantages)-advantages) to guide the customer to the handset, thus introducing the handset to the advantages of the handset to you in the last step.

For example: Nokia 3330 Chinese-F (features): Built-in phone book-A (advantages): up to 100 entries and built-in phone book, and support for Chinese phone book input and lookup-B (benefits):1, in line with the habits of Chinese people; 2, contact faster; 3, easier to operate, such as Nokia 8310 Chinese-F (features), such as mobile phones can be used to listen to radio, radio, radio, radio, radio and radio features (benefits)

In addition, in the introduction of a new machine, it is best to this machine and the brand before a similar model to make a comparison, so that you can know, and thus better play the "FAB" effect.

Nokia's "target user group" and "unique selling point" and "FAB" sales method, is the Nokia company in its long-term marketing practice summed up the marketing experience, has a good practical guidance effect. I hope that the company employees in their own sales work to use this method when the reflex, with professional sales techniques to create their own most brilliant sales performance!

Precautions when introducing to customers:

1. Look at what people use mobile phones, on the promotion of what functions of mobile phones, such as the elderly, it is recommended to a few less features, buttons, screen word large mobile phone, machine to leather and so on.

2. Ask the customer what features they need.

3. What price.

4.The rest is something you can only experience if you're actually in the job. It's a dynamic job, and you can't apply a pattern to it.

5. For the sake of customers, the function of the phone to say the human, it is not a vernacular, so that users can understand, speed to medium, not too fast, so that you can not explain the eloquence is good, but listen to upset.

6.Customers must be in the customer to go between the use of the machine note to explain again, One is to let customers feel your service is good, there may be brought to the customer. Another is to explain the note, the customer will not say you do not explain when the introduction of mobile phones, and you find after the account, do not give yourself to find things.

The rest is something you can only experience if you're actually in the job. It's a dynamic job, and you can't apply a pattern to it.

Selling Tips for Mobile Phones

Mobile sales skills Case 1: The guests asked if mobile phones can be cheap?

1.the first salesman to use a positive attitude to answer the guests this is the real price, the idea of dispelling the guests to cut prices.

If the answer is: Excuse me, this price is set by the company, is the national unified pricing, please sit down first, take a look at it slowly, will you?

2.The guest is still holding on to the hope of getting a bargain and hesitating.

A. take the initiative to explain to the guests our commitment to service, our advantages.

Such as: take publicity one-way guests to explain, with a positive tone to tell the guests, we sell the phone absolutely 100% of the original licensed goods, tell the guests here to buy the phone 7 days return package, 30 days for replacement, one year free Internet warranty, life-long maintenance, let the guests feel that after-sale protection.

B. if the guests selected a certain phone, we can plug in the card, teach the guests to tune the function, and explain the main features of this machine, as well as let the guests try, this practice, let the guests feel embarrassed not to buy.

Mobile Selling Tips Case 2: It's outrageous to meet a customer who buys a mobile phone and makes a counter-offer (that our goods are expensive)

C.We must not deliberately expose our guest, knowing that he is lying. can quote some other brands of the same price of mobile phones, and explain the shape of a mobile phone, function, quality and other differences between mobile phones. be patient and gentle to explain to the guests: our mobile phone is including the shell, the host, batteries, headphones, etc. are directly produced by a company, and there are quality problems in the implementation of the national policy of three packs, but also the use of case 1 2 A, B points.

Cell Phone Selling Tips Case 3: When the customer is with several people

A. cope with a guest to insist on one-on-one service.

B. two shop assistants should have primary and secondary points, not arbitrary jack.

C.other personnel can only act as assistants to assist in sales. For example: help find accessories, submit boxes and so on.

Mobile sales skills Case 4: Too many guests

Don't only take care of the guests in front of you.B, while greeting other onlookers, such as: a.Nod and smile and say welcome, what can I do for you? b.Please look around, there is also help you c.If you can get a deal done in a short time, get it done first. d.or inform other shop assistants to greet first.

Mobile sales skills Case 5: Out of stock mobile phone color or other products is recommended that guests use other colors of the machine or other models.

B.If the guest insists on the machine being out of stock, we can substitute the same model but with a different color. The premise is:

a. from the warehouse or other stalls to confirm the color of the needs of guests, the next day at the latest available.

b. make it clear that the replacement of the machine can not be spent, there should be a box and a full set of configuration, and not more than the next day, and note the change date and color on the list, to avoid future misunderstanding.

c.Leave the contact number of the guest and let him know as soon as the plane arrives.

d. Ask the guest to leave a deposit and help him with the necessary plane as soon as possible.

Mobile sales skills case 6: sales encountered customer complaints

1.The guest complains, all is in the heart has the gas, we must be gentle, politely invites the guest to the leisure chair to sit, offers the tea, calms his anger. listen carefully to the complaints of guests, understand the problem, as soon as possible to the guests to solve.

3.for the problem that can not be solved, to notify the relevant personnel in retail stores in a timely manner.

Selling tips for mobile phones Case 7: When a customer buys a mobile phone (within the replacement period), he or she comes back thinking that there is a quality problem

A, first understand the situation, after the trial, make a judgment, whether it is the psychological role of customers (such as mobile phone handset sound small), try to persuade guests not to change the machine.

B, if the quality of non-human issues, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company to do so, let the guests leave satisfied.

Cell phone sales skills Case 8: Colleagues should work closely with each other the sales process to know how to play, so that guests get a psychological satisfaction (price). doing sales materials, to cooperate with each other. the guests in indecision, to cooperate, play the role of pushback.

D.In handling complaints, we must cooperate with each other once and for all to solve the problem satisfactorily.

E.when communicating with the guests to no topic, also give yourself a step down in time, for another employee to communicate with the guests.

Mobile Selling Skills Case 9: The guest said tell me your manager's number, and I want to talk to him personally about it.

A.Excuse me, I don't know our manager's phone number!

B. you this problem, we will let you satisfied with the solution, you see if this solution is satisfied...

C.If the resolution of case B is not feasible, contact the immediate supervisor.

Case 10: When customers complain about the quality of the products we sell.

A.any product in the mass production process have a certain rate of defective products, especially mobile phones, this high-tech, highly integrated merchandise is more complicated, which is why many manufacturers to set up repair centers all over the reasons.

B.We apologize for the inconvenience and trouble you have caused. (If necessary, we can send him a gift.)

Selling tips for mobile phones Case 11: When customers just come to visit or ask questions:

A.can not have the feeling of snubbing guests, so that visitors are guests, three kiss into the door, we also have to warm hospitality.

B. take the initiative to introduce to the guests some of the company's superior resources or what promotional activities, marketing our quality services, so that customers do not buy things are the same kind.

C.send some information to the guests, let him help us do advertising. If anything, please dial our hotline, or visit our website.

:: Selling tips for mobile phones Case 12: When meeting some very unreasonable guests:

A. can't quarrel with the customer, remember: the guest is always right!

B. still patient and enthusiastic to explain to the guests, try to communicate with customers a little more.

C.special things, special treatment, in a timely manner up to reflect the issue.

:: Selling tips for mobile phones Case 13: Sending off guests: be more enthusiastic to thank customers for our trust and support. see customers parting.

C.if conditions can also send customers out of the store, waving goodbye.

D.To the hesitant guest, something should be added to boost his confidence. For example: Sir, you have a good eye for this machine!

1. the target consumer group positioning.

It must be clear to which group of people we plan to sell our products to, what consumer characteristics they have and why they buy our products.Only by identifying the target group of consumers can sales promotion be targeted and targeted to avoid blindness and waste.


What are the selling points of competitors?

How do they advertise it? What are the unique selling points of mobile phones? Just find a little to make a strong appeal, the more selling point appeals the less effective.


Do we have an advantage over our competitors in terms of price, what are the reasons why we are higher than our rivals? What are the reasons why our rivals are higher than us? How much of our price is appropriate?

Mobile phone as a newly listed model, in the face of Motorola V998, 8088 continue to reduce prices (the current price between 1350-1500 yuan), Kejian K98 price adjustment (the current price of 1650 yuan, each rebate of about 50-100 yuan), Southern Gaoke 628 listed (the current price between 1400-1500 yuan) and Samsung N288 aquatic products in the prevalence of its brand and the price advantage of 1400 yuan, there is no loyalty between the U. S.


Do channel members have enough profit margins and an advantage over their competitors?

Do they have the incentive to push?

5.Terminal Promotion

The layout of the store and the distribution of publicity materials.

How should the promotion pull to consumers and the promotion pull to salesmen be carried out?

To fully understand and grasp the above issues, the following activities can be done:

For example: advertising in the city newspaper

Emphasize the mobile phone manufacturers scientific and technological strength (short) and the unique selling point of mobile phones. At the same time what holiday, where the purchase of mobile phones during the implementation of lucky day, do not spend a penny, mobile phones take home and other activities.

Where the name of the mobile phone name "XX" in any word, with the identity card to buy ZTE mobile phone discount 100 yuan and other activities.

And other activities.