Oh, my God! What a difference between six hours and eight?

By Philip Perez,2017-12-18 23:27:00
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Oh, my God! What a difference between six hours and eight?

Everybody, what time did you sleep last night?

Eleven or one?

Or did you fight till dawn?

Well, Xiao Bian understands everyone, think a few hours less sleep is no big problem, but sleep is a debt, sooner or later is to pay back.

If left unattended,

your mood can become very unstable, very irritable, and your concentration can't be focused on the fact that you're going to be ugly,

your skin is going to be worse,

your body is going to be weak,

you have acne, and you have dark circles in your eyes

Your emotions can become very erratic, very irritable, and your concentration can't focus on the fact that you're still ugly

The skin condition becomes worse, the body becomes empty, the acne, the black eye circle (small make up is the living example!)

Here, let Xiao Bian give you a chestnut

No need to make up that we can also see the left state is better!!

Here, give us another chestnut.

What's even scarier is that it can cause serious damage to your body!!

The girl had been working overtime since October last year and couldn't leave work until after twelve o'clock every day. The manager also asked them to leave work at four o'clock and be punctual at nine o'clock.

Later, the girl fell ill, has been dragged did not have time to go to the big hospital to check, and later after the hospital inspection, confirmed as cancer.This matter caused widespread concern, and caused a discussion But Xiao Bian often Internet inquiries, found that the topic of overworked news is not uncommon, casually a search all over the screen

Random searches abound.

The opinions of netizens about this kind of incident

@ Cho Bubbles: It's silly to give up your health for a job!

@ for25: Sad to see the news about Deloitte's cancer-stricken little girl, and to understand her for a long time. Meow Dad got his high blood pressure cervical spondylosis last week at the age of 25. We didn't take a vacation for two years, we did our own work and had to do other people's work, and they had to do their first thing to squeeze themselves.

@ Chilling sea ice blue: seems to be, it is said that some meeting room will suddenly someone rushed in to cry for a while, and then dry tears to continue to work...

Well, while you don't think it's going to happen to you, what do other people think about the dangers of less sleep?

helpless type

@A super will earn ticket fairy A: sleep is a very important thing, I also want to sleep 8 hours, but in order to make money, the first 6 hours together

@ Troyesivaniii: Our senior high school director said that high school did not boil to 12 o'clock college entrance exam certainly bad

@ experts-Xiao Jie: said as if I do not want to sleep more than 8 hours, but the ideal bone feeling is plump.

@ YiNzAnG _: I a high school student; every night more than 3 o'clock to sleep, sometimes insomnia 4 o'clock to sleep results 56 o'clock to get up, who has my miserable

@ Han Yuxuan small: work life so that I had to go out early

@ Chenchen love orange juice: nurses career reasons can not help


@ Drop pen xiao jie: every day daytime malaise, at night like playing chicken blood as the spirit of the same

@ Milk Mister Vic: Li Changyu sleeps an average of four hours a day, breaking countless cases, and is now 79 years old and still in good health

@ Loriemeng: It's especially effective to stay focused at night. Trying to go to bed early doesn't work.

Kidnapped by cell phone type

@ Pang Jiulian: See this hot search, fear continue to play mobile phone symptoms all have

@ Little baby white ah 6: I just hit the king, sleepy mind, so really good

@ Glutinous 2333: From unbridled late-night mobile gaming to scary mobile gaming

@ Chivalry: Lie back in bed and save your phone from the crush

After reading everyone's comments, Xiao Bian just want to say: sleep is a debt, sooner or later have to pay back

Still at school, do not feel that this matter is far away from you, in order to play boss, watching the play is worth staying up late?

For you think it is meaningful to stay up late writing papers, for the final examination did not hang up until four o'clock in the morning, really worth it?

Everyone at work, any work is not worth our health in exchange for success

How to sleep fast First of all,

relaxation is the natural enemy of insomnia, you can relax their spirit and tight nerves, adjust breathing Second, try to avoid in the afternoon and caffeinated drinks again, sleep, choose a suitable for yourself, feel comfortable sleeping posture.

Hope everyone can have a good quality sleep!!