It‘s Said that Digging the Nostrils Will be Life-threatening, Do you Believe It?

By Philip Perez,2012-08-28 00:51
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It‘s Said that Digging the Nostrils Will be Life-threatening, Do you Believe It?

Q: Will the nostrils endanger life?

A: In most cases, no. Picking your nose is indeed bad for your health, but it is possible for many of the conditions to get dead.

Many people like to dig the nostrils, undeniable, with your fingers from the nasal cavity dig something out of what can always bring some sense of satisfaction. But if someone told you "nudging the nostrils, the nail carrying the virus and bacteria remain in the nasal cavity, easily lead to nasal inflammation. Because the nose in the facial risk triangle area, there may be life-threatening." Health advice can be heard, will die do not have to believe.

The nasal cavity is part of our respiratory tract. When the air passes, the particles are carried by the nasal hair, and the mucus is secreted by the nasal cavity mucosa . The mucus near the mouth is swallowed or swallowed out of the throat. Nose to send, fast enough, the amount of large enough to form a nose, as the half of the water evaporate into a massive, that is, booger.

Under normal circumstances, the boogers is difficult to affect breathing, it will naturally fall off, unknowingly be excreted-- If bad luck is might to fall on the newly bought ice cream, so there is no need to manually clear the nostrils.

But people tend to feel bored, and dig the nostrils and biting fingers, pulling hair, often become subconscious way to resolve the pressure, such as football player loew pick his nose in the eyes of people around the world .

What is the risk of digging the nostrils? The most important thing is to increase the likelihood of infection. Our hands are not sterile, for a while not to wash, then there will be hundreds of thousands of micro-organisms in the above, the study also shows that hand is an important part of common cold and flu transmission. Because few people will first disinfect and then dig the nostrils, it is clear that with the fingers to dig the nostril is a very sensible behavior, and nail digging will damage the nasal cavity.

However, the fatal is not so easy, after all, from the nostrils to the success of the invasion of bacteria to infection, from infection to intracranial infection, to the fatal serious infection, and finally to death are the opportunity event, after all, there are not so many powerful pathogenic microorganisms , They are not so easy to breakdown the barrier, digging the badness of the nostrils generally and then do not wash hands before meals, the health conditions are relatively good big city people, not so easy to die.