How to Know the Number of Lobes Without Peel the Orange? Very Simple!

By Philip Perez,2016-09-16 23:14
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How to Know the Number of Lobes Without Peel the Orange? Very Simple!

We must have some tips to show at all kinds of party.

Today we will to teach you a game, you can play anywhere. And prop is a simple orange! (Everyfamily has it!)

A few days ago bored, and a few brothers bet on the number of orange boxing, the results of the guy who can be guessed that the second time, we have doubts, that is impossible, is good to pinch out? The final torture in our torture to know that the original is a skill, and now share with everyone, you can also play the game at the party in the New Year.

Today to teach you, do not peeling the orange peel, you can know the number of orange petals!

Okay! This is a bag of oranges

The point is that every orange has a green stalk child ... ... look down

With this green stalker peeling, it can see its chrysanthemum

(Note that when stripping not too violent, do not destroy the inside of the organization.)

Well, close look like, like a chrysanthemum, so cute a small chrysanthemum!

At this time, the number of chrysanthemum petals! (Do not turn off this article, not finished, not as simple as you think)

Under normal circumstances, there are a few chrysanthemum petals, which there are a few petals, such as this picture should see these ten petals. However, please look carefully at the bottom right corner ... ... that, as if out of a position, not a complete petal ah! (Chrysanthemum is injured?)

At this time, you need to check whether it is stripped of green stems when stripped together, as shown below (this is another orange stem, has chrysanthemum is injured ... ...)

If not you were stripped, it shows that the corresponding location may have a poorly developed orange (small residual orange ... ...), in fact, is a high probability is correct, trust me.

At this time, open the orange, ah, really is ten big and a little orange lobes. (Note: that the lower right corner of that small)

How is it still accurate?

Do not believe? The Method is so simple; we can try to do it. It’s another new skills,do you get it ?