Patchwork shoulder bag diy tutorial

By Philip Perez,2018-02-18 14:10:00
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Patchwork shoulder bag diy tutorial

This single shoulder bag style simple, practical, I think many friends have used a similar bag, handmade process is not complicated. Now let's learn to make such a single shoulder bag.

1, preparation materials: table cloth 42 * 68 cm, spread cotton 42 * 67 cm, cloth 42 * 60 cm, cloth with double-sided adhesive 42 * 67 cm, pocket cloth and pocket cloth 14 * 16 cm, 45 cm or so a long zipper, 20 cm short zipper, backpack belt 210 cm, pressed on the lace of cloth stripe 3 * 210 cm, according to the size of the printed materials and mark can be adjusted.

The finished size of the bag made by the author is: height width 25 cm bottom width 32 cm bottom thickness 8 cm

2, the table cloth, cloth with double-sided adhesive and spread cotton together and pressure line, you can also do without the pressure line (I like the effect of pressure line). Then the double fold is 42 * 39 cm. And from the crease 4 cm and left and right center point of the intersection mark.

3, Place the outer pocket cloth with sewn inner cloth and lace on the mark of the previous step and sew the mark.

4, Fold the cloth strip 2 sides pressed on the strap in the center position and sew on the strap, then sew the 2 ends of the strap together.

5, Place the strap on the watch cloth that sews the strap and press down on the 2 sides of the pocket. The connector of the strap is placed at the center of the bottom of the bag.

6, 2 seams in the strap, pay attention not to sew all the way to the position of the bag mouth, about sewn in 10 centimeters away from the bag mouth can be, as shown in the picture, close look can see even after sewn.

7, Fold the bag in turn and sew 2 sides of the edge seam, press the bottom corner out of a triangle, draw the width of the bottom 4 cm and sew, note: here should be more than a few stitches. Then cut out the extra triangle.

8, sew a good bottom and then turn over the bag, so that the basic shape of the package out.

9,In the same way (step 7) sew the cloth into the semi-finished package of step 8

10, will wrap the edge, and then fold the edge, while the long zipper pressure inside together to sew. (can be a week before the machine seam, so it is easier to seal flat) spell

11, sew another week at the edge of the bale so it works.