Do You Need to Turn off Wi-Fi at Night? Five Truths about the Radiation

By Philip Perez,2015-04-17 00:12
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Do You Need to Turn off Wi-Fi at Night? Five Truths about the Radiation

When it comes to the word "radiation", many people feel very scared. Wi-Fi has radiation, the computer has radiation, microwave ovens have radiation, the base station has radiation ... ... Is the earth everywhere is terrible?

There is a proverb: Fear always spring from ignorance. Today, five truths about radiation are revealed, reducing the fear of radiation.

Wireless routers have radiation and turn off the power at night.

If you don't turn off the router, there are a lot of side effects.For example, a lot of people at night insomnia cannot get up in the morning, the head still dizzy ... ...But I think the reason must be: the signal is too good, so you always hold your phone to play the game, can't sleep, and also move very little!

Wi-Fi routers are actually innocent because the radiation generated by Wi-Fi routers is "non-ionizing radiation" and the radiation dose is so low that it is almost negligible. According to the regulation, the safe exposure limit for radiation exposure in different parts of the body is no higher than 1.6 W/kg. The study found that the "radiation value" of Wi-Fi signals on a person's head was just 0.0057 W/kg, which is more than 280 times lower than the limit.

So, routers and insomnia, dizziness, it does not matter.

A bowl of cactus next to the computer can prevent radiation.

Placing a pot of cactus on the table can serve as a decorative function, and it has nothing to do with radiation. Radiation can be divided into two kinds, including "ionizing radiation" and "non-ionizing radiation", which is usually harmful and non-ionizing radiation, is not harmful.

The computer has radiation, but it belongs to "non-ionizing radiation" and does not harm the body, so don't worry about it.

The most common harmful radiation in life is x-rays, such as hospital X-ray machines and CT, which have a small amount of ionizing radiation, but are still under control. If cactus can absorb radiation, the hospital's radiology and CT Chambers may already be full of cactus.

You must wash your face after using the computer-----Remove "radiation"

Anyway, it's no harm to wash your face. The computer is radioactive, but it is not harmful to human beings, so there is no use of "radiation protection" for washing your face.

"Cleaning can prevent radiation," referring to the response to an atomic explosion or other nuclear accident.

Because the fallout from the nuclear fallout on the surface of the skin causes damage to the skin, it is necessary to clean the whole body in order to minimize radioactive damage.

The microwave oven heats food with radiation. You need to leave it for five minutes.

sure, it's too hot. It must be put on for a while. The problem is to keep food for five minutes in the winter, and it gets cold! Actually, if it's not too hot, even if it's only for one minute, you can eat it.

The reason: microwave ovens have "non-ionizing radiation" and "thermal radiation," but there is no ionizing radiation that causes direct damage to humans.

Only radiation can cause contamination, the microwave does not have radiation, so there is no radiation left on the food.

Don't live in a residential area with a communications station

There is no signal without a base station, and if I use a land line every day, I will be crazy.

In fact, there are communication base station cell can live. Because:

The base station has "electromagnetic radiation", but harmless to people.

The state is very strict in the management of electromagnetic radiation from base stations, and the current standards are well below international standards. It's a dozen times lower than other developed world standards, so don't worry about the radiation from the base station.

The more base stations, the smaller the radiation

The radiation intensity of the phone is closely related to the signal strength of the base station. The farther away the phone is from the base station, the weaker the signal will be and the more power it will need to launch. Just like two people talking, the farther you are, the more you want to shout. The closer you are, the more you can whisper. The density of the base station is greater, the better the signal, the phone easy to receive the signal, the radiation has also been reduced accordingly.

If you hear the rumor about radiation later, don't believe it.